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Nikon D5200 topic
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  • @Mimirsan: you mean the Shuttle does worse quality than Ninja in uncompressed footage??? I researched a lot but didn't see any comparison mong these Ninja and Shuttle

  • Well looks like an external recorder is an essential accessory. The codec can't handle the judder. Reminds me of the GH2 before the hack.

    So no 24p/25p into the Ninja so far, can anyone get 24p into the hyperdeck?

    1727 x 1078 - 332K
  • According to dprewiew: "There's also a bit more control available in movie mode. You have the option of taking full control over all exposure values - aperture, shutter speed and ISO - in M mode, or letting the camera set the latter two for you. The D5200 also offers finer setting of the microphone gain (now in 20 steps), with a stereo sound meter to help you judge the right level."

    Can you confirm that it's possible to change aperture while in live view, and while filming?

    Sorry if this has been answered already

  • @evero When set to manual in video mode (see video settings) then the aperture can not be changed, you have to leave Live View to change the Aperture and then switch back to Live View.

  • @Craftwerk Thanks. I just don't understand what Nikon is thinking. I would probably buy three D5200 for a project if they had solved the aperture issue.

  • @Luantruong87 I found the prores falling apart when grading with shuttle footage and footage from ninja was rock solid. Many have found the Ninja to be just a better product.

    Well got my lens. Im impressed. Blows the 5n out of the water for stills and has video as good as GH2 but with much nicer colours.Arguably not as sharp but can be sharpened in post. Im not a fan of over sharp video anyway. No moire. No alaising from what Ive been shooting that would make the 5n go funky.

    Aperture issue isnt really a issue (it takes a second to flip between and change the aperture anyway) as I tend to use my lenses mostly wide open and use Vari ND filters for video. Shocked at how well the simple 24mb mov footage grades nicely.

    This camera kicks ass and definately what ive been waiting for. Fuck the GH3. What we have here is a great stills/video hybrid at a bargain price.

  • How's the rolling shutter compared to a GH2 or a Canon?

  • @luantruong87 @mimirsan Thanks fot the explanation. I've never used an external recorder and was thinking it would record in the same format the cam itself would record. But as it seems, recording on the cam itself isn't necessary at all anymore as you simply and only record the live view output - wich you afterwards, in the NLE, crop to 16:9 or whatever ratio you want it to be. I could imagine that it's hard to keep the subject always in frame when recording like that...

  • @K01 The footage recorded from d5200 through the Ninja is 16.9. So no need to crop. What you see on the Ninja is what you see on the D5200 minus the graphic overlays. So framing isnt a problem.

    @Squig Rolling shutter is there...not bad. around the same as a GH2 I would say...Ive been using a 35mm and a 50mm so it would be more noticable. Using a wide lens will fix that. Skew is worse on the lcd screen than the actual recorded Reid is right on that one.

  • @Craftwerk Can you tell me what picture settings you use?

  • So Hacked GH2 or Nikon D5200? :)

  • IMO i'm leaning toward the Nikon D5200 over a GH2 or GH3, but it's still up in the air. The reason i'm starting to lean Nikon is due to the DR, ASP-C and Low light. Those are 3 HUGE issues in terms of the look and feel and usage of a camera. Then when you add good detail and clean HDMI out it's a very compelling camera. The only downside for me is the lack of 1080/60p and I love the flexibility of MFT mount.

    Still for less than $1,000.00 you get a big bang for the buck. I rate DR very highly and right about as high as detail and low light. I don't feel like i'm missing out on any of my primary wants from a camera with the D5200. Then you add in price and it's almost a no brainer.

    I looked and there is a cheap Battery Grip and the Nikon Batteries aren't that expensive either.

    You can use just about any existing Nikon lens and there are some great cheap old lenses available. Still need just a little bit more info, but I can actually see myself going in this direction if things keep looking this strong.

  • Are there any panning samples? I want to see if it has the dreaded judder

  • The only big downside is that no one has successfully captured 24p on an external recorder like a Ninja or Hyperdeck, right?

  • I was leaning towards replacing my 5D MKIII with a GH3 but Shian says the cadence looks videoish. No 1080p 60p is a major bummer so I might get a GH3 to supplement the D5200. I'm looking into the possibility of ripping out the nikon mount, hacking up the mirror box, and installing an E mount so I can use all my lenses full frame with a speedbooster. This camera is just begging to be hacked.

    @tinyrobot the ninja does 60i to 24p pulldown automatically so it shouldn't be a drama.

  • @Aria Manual focus Nikon AI-S lenses are not compatible with the D5200's light metering system. In general, you need an F-Mount lens with a "CPU chip" which communicates with the camera much like Lumix lenses talk to the GH2. The CPU chip makes both AF-D and AF-S lenses compatible with the D5200, but only AF-S lenses will autofocus.

  • @LPowell,

    @Aria Manual focus Nikon AI-S lenses are not compatible with the D5200's light metering system. In general, you need an F-Mount lens with a "CPU chip" which communicates with the camera much like Lumix lenses talk to the GH2. The CPU chip makes both AF-D and AF-S lenses compatible with the D5200, but only AF-S lenses will autofocus.

    Thanks for the info. It's a little limiting, but if you like Nikon Glass it shouldn't be too bad a situation. There are always other options like Carl Zeiss, Tokina and Samyang so it's not that bad at all.

  • panning shot in this example of D5200 coolcolj

  • Question: I want to buy an old Nikon lens, the 70-210 F4 from the mid 80's I believe. Not want to use it for photography but video, what's you're opinion? It should be a great lens, I know I have to focus manually (that's always done in video).

  • @Craftwerk With the crop factor of the D5200, that's more like a 112-336mm lens... without image stabilization or a solid tripod (and some luck that there isn't any kind of breeze blowing nearby), you'll probably get a lot of camera shake.

  • This camera has some promise, half the price of a GH3 in the UK....just needs a nice hack :D

  • @QuickHitRecord I surely going to use it on a tripod, but I can buy this lens for only 60 euros, that's a real bargain. I do want to buy the newly announced 70-200 F4 (1200 euro), but may be next year or so. 60 euro is a nice price to do some experiments.

  • @Craftwerk

    I want to buy an old Nikon lens, the 70-210 F4 from the mid 80's

    Vintage lenses lack the CPU chip that the D5200 relies on for proper light metering. Old lenses can be mounted, but you'll have no way of monitoring exposure settings or viewfinder focus. The D5200 has neither a live histogram nor any kind of focus peaking, but does have LCD magnification in Live View mode.

    It's a little ironic considering Nikon's reputation, but I find the D5100 best suited for completely automatic operation in Aperture Priority mode. Even if I had access to the D5200's manual exposure settings in video mode, I'd have no histogram to gauge the proper exposure. With the D5100, I've gotten the most consistent results by relying on the camera's excellent matrix light metering system. Instead of setting ISO and shutter speed manually, I preset minimum shutter speed to 1/60 sec, and use the Exposure Compensation control for fine tuning. The D5x00 cameras have none of the features that make the GH2 ideal for shooting in manual exposure mode. For that, you'd want a D7000, though it's not nearly as well-suited to video as either D5100 or D5200.

  • Nikonrumors expect the D7100 to be announced on Wednesday, chances are it will have the same sensor.