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Nikon D5200 topic
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  • And the fourth one.

  • I can't upload anymore vids to Vimeo so I have another one on Youtube. It's a street scene, also done with the 18-200mm Nikon lens. This camera delivers incredible crisp and colorful footage! The color depth and clarity makes this camera a no brainer! Just look at this clip, it looks just as good as if shot with a prime lens!

  • One more on Youtube.

  • Playing with the last boat footage, you can see that you have a lot of detail in the shadows and most of the highlight can be brought down. With an external recorder you could dig even more.

  • @ Craftwerk Thanks for sharing the clips. This camera looks great. Is it confirmed that the HDMI output is uncompressed and clean and is it 422 or 420, 8bit or 10. Thanks

  • It is 8 bit 4:2:2...same as D800. Unlike the D800 the HDMI out of the D5200 also sends audio. Works perfectly with my Ninja 2.

    I have informed Atomos of this and it will be on their data base of compatible cameras very soon.

  • @GH2UW Wow that is very very good then. Do you have any sample you could share. I would settled for frame grabs because of the file size of some rapidly moving subject. Can be flowing water, leaves in the wind etc. Or even some contrasty image that we can see how much we can dig into the shadows etc. The last thing, is it possible to record the card and the hdmi at the same time.

  • I just recorded some footage with Atomos Ninja 1, then I saw the difference was better details . I recorded with 60i and I saw that the alias from the ninja footage was better than the one recorded from camera. Seem likes nothing else special to mention. However, I will do some test with portrait shots tomorrow to have a whole picture about benefits from 4:2:2 8 bits from HDMI capture footage

  • @danyyyel: you can do both at the same time but you can't get the same view in both two footages

  • Can magnified focus assist be used when an external recorder/monitor is plugged in?

  • Anybody seen this video: "Nikon D5200: Daylight Video Samples - FenchelJanisch2FenchelJanisch2" ? There is so much aliasing and moire in this video that I find it hard to believe that this is real footage from the D5200, because in my video's I haven't seen any of that! Looks more like it was shot with the D5100.

  • @adentsam Seen that one too, very good sample to show the quality when shooting at High ISO.

  • I have a technical question: Does the quality of the video has to do with the type of SD card you're using? I am using a Sandisk Ultra 16 GB.

  • @Craftwerk The type of SD card doesnt have an effect on the quality of video.

    Looking at the daylight youtube vid with the alaising...Im guessing two things. One he shot woth 720p (which does have alaising according to users) then upscaled.

    Two he did something wrong in his NLE (like a field order is wrong)

    Three of course could be that its not a d5200.

    Ive downloaded many sample (and all of craftwerks) and not one clip ive noticed any alaising and moire.

    Should get mine at the weekend. will report back.

  • @GH2UW yeees ! Is it possible to select HDMI out mode ? like 720P60 or 1080P24 ? or is it only 1080i ?

  • @Craftwerk FenchelJanisch2 posts fake camera footage. He posts footage and labels it as shot with an upcoming (unreleased) camera to get hits. He's been doing it for years.

  • @Quickhitrecord: you can magnified but all your action will be recorded into enternal recorder, because all u see in the lioe view except information will be recorded. @lolodigital: yes,you can then the recorder (i use ninja) will recognize the input mode and recordas the same mode. @Craftwerk: sd card doesnt affecf the quality but it does affect if the record is corrupted or not because of writing speed of the sd card. I will figure it out that how long does it take to make d5200 get too hot to record. I also some footages compare to nex-7 and recognize the best flat picture adjustment on nex-7 flatter than d5200 , and after i use the custom flaat profile from d800 that i downloaded from , the contrast is improved in d5200 but still cant catch up with nex-7 and the interlace mode in d5200 likes does alias and is not clear as nex-7, when u use the antialias or change to the right field order in post edit , the aliasis solved but the sharpness decreases. When u use ninja to record, no alias , very sharp and detail. One more thing is the iso performence is not really good as nex-7 in still picture but beat it in video mode and d5200 can use up to iso 25600 which is limited as 3200 in nex-7 . The color produced from d5200 is vibrance and real, is not yellow tone as sony, the white balance in d5200 is exceptional. However, when u shhot in fluorence lighting, the high speed shutter will create some browse/ orange vertical pattern in the clip. Thats all i notes when i test it yesterday

  • @luantruong87

    I agree with what you say.

  • Again this FenchelJanisch2 guy is just a fraud. He just gets hits as he always post form not release or just release camera. So everybody look at his video and think that the quality is not good and never look back again. Some people even use it for reference.

  • @danyyyel He also has a nighttime video "so called" shot with the D5200, with lots of noise and aliasing. To do a test with Neatvideo I downloaded this video (bad quality due to Youtube compression) and denoised it and uploaded it back. But I wanted to do a good test with the real video footage so I posted a message with the question to put their high quality version on Vimeo for download.... gues what, they never gave me an answer and am still waiting for the video to see in original high quality. (should be full of aliasing and moire!)

  • @luantruong87 Not much point using interlaced modes anyway if they give you progressive? The d5200 does 24p and 25p? Thanks for the info with the Ninja :-)

  • @Craftwerk the guy is just a fraud. But most don't see that. When you see a video between d5200 and canon t2i or 650 you will look at what he is doing. That low light test had more than 50 000 views when I watched it.

  • @adventsam: I mean the ISO performance , maybe the Nex-7 does a lot of NS (even when I set it as the lowest setting) . The sharpness from Nex-7 is better D5200 however , the image quality from D5200 is look more real than Nex-7 , not look like photo painting like Nex-7 . I tried sigma 18-250 Macro on D5200 and see that this lens is really bad , therefore I returned this lens. shoot it with Rokinon 24mm 1.4 is really good ., However, because this lens doesn't support peaking therefore I have to practice with "zoom in and focus" technique using live view . Viewfinder is useless in use with this lens or some others because you don't know when the objects is in focus.