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12-35mm F2.8 Panasonic lens topic
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  • If you happen to be a US owner, here's how to get started reporting the issue:



    PHONE: Product Support and Technical Assistance 1-800-211-PANA (7262) Hours Mon-Fri 9:00 AM - 9:00 PM EST Sat-Sun 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM EST

  • @valpopando well the trick is simple... I'm Italian but I live in Tokyo :) I bought the camera and the lens here, so I actually had no other choice than sending it to Panasonic Japan

  • @Nakame78 are You from Italy ? And how did you send the lens in Japan repair center ? I knew that European customers can relate only with european panasonic center !! this is what is written in the Global site. Anyway from Italy repair center I got three copy of lens already repleaced , and the issue still , so the only hope is about new firmware or Nakame78 Tokio's center developments

  • I contacted Panasonic support and they told me to send the lens in to their repair center in Texas.

  • @valpopando sure I will post some updates as soon as Panasonic calls me back.

    Usually Japanese firms are very sensitive to the reactions from their customers on the Internet, I will check Japanese forums as well to see if this issue is reported there as well.

    btw I'm from Italy too ;)

  • @Nakame78 Thx .

    Let us know the news about your adventure ; ) ! and feel free to share with Panasonic Japan assistence center all our evidence and videos test about it . I would say thanks to all of you and thx to Vitaliy Forum that allows us to disclose our problems

  • Yesterday I took my lens to the Panasonic repair center here in Tokyo (it took me a bit to explain the whole story in Japanese) :) but eventually they said that if this is confirmed (and it is as we know) they might issue a recall for this lens. For the moment they sent it for "repair" and told me to wait a couple of weeks...

  • @tetakpatak I totally agree. If you have the issue, you should report it to Panasonic. I no longer own the lens, but I sent Panasonic two emails.

    Relevant links (for US owners)

  • Guys, whoever has issues- don't hesitate to contact Panasonic service and claim, you have your warranty.

    You've paid lot of money for that lens and it should work flawless. Each claim brings all of us closer to Fw update which may fix all the bugs you have to struggle with now.

  • I've uploaded the videos on Youtube (had some issue with Vimeo):

    [12-35mm OIS OFF - jitter visible]

    [35-100mm OIS OFF - jitter NOT visible]

  • I live in Japan and I bought the GH3 with both 12-35mm and 35-100mm lenses last December (the camera is available here but as you know only Japanese menu). After reading about this issue I've done the same test and.. unfortunately I have the same problem. I am now uploading the videos on Vimeo, will post the links later on, but there is a clearly visible jitter with 12-35mm @35 (same result with OIS ON or OFF), whereas if I use the 35-100mm lens @35mm there is no jitter whatsoever (with OIS ON or OFF). It will be interesting to see what Panasonic is going to do now.. I plan to send my lens to them via one of their assistance centers

  • @jpz Damn you're right about long exposure still shots !! even worse .

    Unfortunately in my case , no need to watch in 400% scale , check this my video test , all shooted on tripod , you can clearly see the jittering also at 1/1 size

    I'm courious to know if is about different market stock lenses ! european ,asian , or U.S.A. if the people who have found that issue can tell where they com from ! I'm from Italy (Europe) Thx

  • Right for pictures.... gotcha!

    Okay makes more sense, i only do videos or normal pictures.

  • I think the problem is for long exposure photography, it means the final picture of a 2 or more seconds will be blurred, not something you would like to have from a 1000euro lens. for video probably you would see something in a perfectly still video, if there is a bit of texture or moiré. I could see the jitter from the E-M5 screen when playing the video on camera. (the reason of the 400% scale is to don't smash your nose on the screen when watching in the small youtube window ;~)

  • Not that I don't believe what is being said in this topic, but are these tests in anyway related to practical filming?

    I use two 12-35 X lenses for wedding films and have yet to see any noticable shake, jitter, wobble, zoom glitches, unnecessary focus breathing or even major distorting at wide and tele.

    This lens is a fantastic triumph, beautifully sharp and extremely versatile for a lot of people.

    Of course what I have said is purely subjective and my own opinion but i would worry that these tests may put some people off the lens.

    Once again, i do not dispute the fact that this lens appears to have some issues when subjected to these tests, i just wonder if these tests represent any real-world scenario. Perhaps I am just naive to the fact that people like to view an image at 400%.

  • I have tested the Panasonic 12-35 on my Olympus E-M5, there is the jitter but at certain point of the video it stops and after the picture is perfectly still. To make the jitter more evident, I have added a pink circle, speed up the video by 800% (the original video is 10'38") and 400% scale, camera have in body stabilization and optical stabilization OFF.

  • Regarding the 12-35 jitter thing -- I should note that the problem does not not appear in every shot. Even at 35mm and 45 degrees angled downward (not the limiting circumstances, but the ones that make the problem easily seen), I encountered the jitter in only about 2/3 of my test shots. It's probably limited to focus distance and other factors. I tested on two lenses, and the first lens was really, really bad. I could see it at 100% every time. The second lens I had and returned was better.

    Probably the quickest way to test -- if you happen to own a GH3 -- is to view the image on your camera's LCD at 10x magnified focus assist while focusing at different close subjects at 35mm.

    I know some people will disagree with me, but I believe that the jitter can cause moiré in some shots.

  • Tried to duplicate I'm not seeing any jittering.

    I used the GH3 w/ the 12-35 at f2.8 @ 35mm, manual focus on my computer screen to get an aliasing moire pattern. It was angled down about 30 degrees. I stayed about 15 feet from the tripod to avoid inducing my own floor vibrations. At the end of the clip (at about 20 seconds), I walked back to the camera inducing the shake to show this wasn't a static clip.

    With IS on, there is a small bump (at about 7 sec), as I might expect. With IS off, it's absolutely steady until I walk back to the camera to turn the video off.

    I repeated with all my lenses (35-100, 14-140, 100-300) and they all look about the same.

    I did a quick edit in Premiere Elements CS6 and put the file on my server here:

  • Damn you, @johnmw! ;) I tried what you said, and now I know my lens has the same problem as you :(. I had my gh3 on a small gorillapod lite (the ones for compacts - it can just hold my GH3) on a table pointing down at an object a couple of meters away at the floor, and then recorded in 1080p24 (.mov) mode for a while. OIS turned off.

    Bringing the footage back up fullscreen with VLC on my 15" rMBP, I could not see any movement, except that some moire pattern on the object wasn't totally static. I then used the desktop zoom to zoom in 400% on the screen so the object almost filled the view, and there it was, clear as day. I'll have to redo the test with a proper tripod and a more suitable object in a better controlled setting before I upload anything though. I'll check the 35-100 @ 35 too, but the problem might only be visible at the 100mm end maybe and then I'd need a totally different test setup...

  • @johnmw Thx mate If panasonic ll fix that , You ll be my Hero ; ))

  • Hey everyone,

    The jitter doesn't show much on level 12-35mm shots. But you will see the issue easily if the lens is point slightly downward.

    SUGGESTION: If you are experiencing the 12-35mm jitter problem and have the time, please consider making a video and posting it to Vimeo or Youtube. We all know how search engines work, so please use a descriptive title, such as:

    Panasonic LUMIX G X 12-35mm F2.8 ASPH problem: shakes on tripod even with image stabilization off (firmware v1.1)

    As @valpopando said, the more the issue gets out there, the greater the chances are that Panasonic will see this problem and address it somehow.

    To recreate the problem so that it is easily visible, simply set your lens at 35mm, place your camera on a tripod angled slightly downward (like 30 degrees) at a subject such as a book, etc and shoot.

    BTW, I hadn't noticed this problem until I was doing some picture profile tests. (I just got my GH3 a few weeks ago, but am a longtime GH2 shooter.) But when I went back to scrub through older footage shot with this lens, once I knew what I was looking for I noticed it everywhere! I would hate to be using what I thought was a "good" lens, only to discover on an interview or product shoot that my footage was jittery.

    Here is another example:

  • @toxotis who know? the problem is that not all 12-35mm doing that , for example check this video (GH2 + 12-35mm almost everyshots on tripod)

    @jhonmw Thank you too mate , because I love and want to keep that lens , so the more we make noise , greater ll be the hope that panasonic reading these posts trying to solve the problem with a new firmware

    Sorry again for my English

  • @valpopando Thanks for contributing. Really helps!

    I exchanged the lens for a new one and still saw the jitter problem. I don't doubt that there are samples of the Panasonic 12-35mm lens that are OK, but personally I've come to the conclusion that this lens is not reliable mounted on a tripod.

    (Best viewed full screen.)

    Hopefully a firmware revision will fix this problem. But for now I am returning the lens and using the 14-140mm as the stabilized zoom in my kit.

  • its not an excuse… why this is not a problem in 35-100mm?

  • @tetakpatak Sure is some kind of data transmission problems between CPU and lens , but I think that is a OIS issue , because the jiggling stopping for some seconds , after you make a slight movement of the camera , just when stabilization starts to operate . A technician of panasonic explained to me that even when the stabilization is turned off there is a magnetic system which holds stuck the inner part of the lens . In fact, if you try to wobble slightly the lens when is not mounted on the camera , You can hear a little noise, as something loose that moves inside the lens . But for a lens of 1200 euros is a shame ! sorry my English