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12-35mm F2.8 Panasonic lens topic
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  • @B3Guy Well, the lens formula is one thing, Panny has invested heavily in certain technologies and I think hence they are not ready to make something manual just because they would face a bunch of new challenges.

    The 35-100 optical formula looks ingenious though. Parfocal, internal zooming.. That would be really interesting to see in manual version.

    If I´m to speculate I think that panny tech will be OK for "cine" use over time in the sense that I count on f.i. remote focus control with the addition of wifi support. Given it works well enough.

  • @RRRR Did you get a new from your supplier with smoother zoom?

  • @oscillian Naah, they confirmed it´s "normal"... (I didn´t push for a replacement though)

    It won´t affect my use of it, but it certainly could have been a more useful lens for more people had the zoom been absolutely smooth and without the aperture "clicks". Oh, well!

    The 35-100 seems to have none of these issues though, and the zoom function is internal.

    The combo of these two is pretty impressive.

  • @RRRR

    I wonder why do you think my comment is strange? Oly 12mm looks bad on the GHx but in opposite way the new 12-35 also looks quite bad on all other MFT bodies but Panasonic's, simply because in-camera-correction does not work anymore so you see its real optical value which is simply not so great anymore without the electronic help. This lens is particulary good only for the Panasonic MFT bodies.

    Is it really the best lens so far for MFT cameras in the FL 12-16mm? Maybe yes, technically, as the features like OIS and AF are ceirtanly great for those who need them. Otherwise one can find in Tokina 11-16 f/2.8 (made for APS-C sensors) great optical performance and nearly negligible barrel distortion from 12-16mm (1,9% until 0,5% respectivelly, against 5,8% until 2,7% respectivelly) for less than half of the price...

    I actually do like old as well as new lenses if the image looks naturally. For example I love Nikkor 24-70 on the FF Nikon cameras, it is really amazing zoom lens. I hoped this new Panasonic 12-35mm will match not only its focal lengths, but also its optical performance. Well, it simply didn't, only its price got nearby. The sharpness of the new 12-35 looks simply artificial to me, also on the footages done with the GH2 (although I normally love sharp lenses). For some strange reason it reminds me rather on the PS3 games than on the world arround the way my eyes see it.

    Well it is just my PV and matter of my own taste, no one needs to agree with me. Or maybe my eyes are just so unsharp LOL

  • @tetakpatak

    Nothing wrong with the 11-16, except you need an adapter to use it on m43. Which means a lot of hassle and a lens that is only semi-functional on a m43 body. It also resolves less than the panny zoom.

    You are of course free to have your own personal-view of things, but the remarks I had was above all about such things which are factual.

    I don´t doubt that f.i. the Nikon zoom looks good on full frame. I´m sure it has more field curvature, or more noticable field curvature I should say (softer edges, sharp center) which again means a certain aesthetic.

    As I said, the 12-35 is pretty clinical / neutral (extremely sharp) and it´s propably not for everyone, especially if you are looking for a certain aesthetic "out of the box". However, as it is a clinical lens it can also be altered in post to look like other lenses / or given a certain aesthetic which can be quite a plus for the wide end of the m43 system (with a limited number of options). Of course, if you cannot take advantage of any in-cam corrections then it´s perhaps not a lens to even consider.

  • @RRRR you like the 35-100, though? I have been almost considering it for use with my Kowa anamorphic, as 35 is the widest that anamorphic can handle.

  • @B3Guy I haven´t tried it yet.. But I will when I have the chance. "On paper" I really like it. Internal zooming, parfocal, no aperture glitches, good ois, lightweight.. optically very decent (as it seems). I´m relishing the 12-35, 35-100 combo for lightweight stuff. (f.i. out in the wild).

    Sticking a Kowa on seems an interesting prospect! I used to use a yashica scope (super-8 anamorphic) on the 14-42 zoom in ex-tele mode with very good results. The only thing I can think of that might be an issue is close focusing.. but I´m guessing you already have a diopter for the Kowa?

  • I got one. Slapped it on and used it. Grossly overpriced though, IMHO.

  • Love that lens

  • Eric updated his review

    I tested the lens for holding focus while doing a slow push. The focus is holding but I see an exposure stutter or flicker. I shot a test to show the flicker below.

    This is disappointing since I do like to do very slow pushes or pulls on static subjects. Not sure what it is. It looks like the electronics are adjusting the exposure to keep the constant iris. This makes servo style shooting not usable but quick focal changes are doable without refocusing. Maybe a firmware update could fix this or it’s just designed that way. Panasonic hasn’t claimed that this lens is a servo or par focal lens so I guess it’s not a non-functioning feature.


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  • @Jean71 LoooooooooooooL : )))

  • Could anyone give it a shot with the LA7200 and report on vignetting, etc?

  • Just got mine and first impressions are quite good, despite of the fact that it has a strange aperture clicking noise when zooming or changing aperture in video mode and not recording. When recording the clicking sound is gone. Strange.

  • So I've been thinking of selling my 7-14mm and getting a 12-35. Any thoughts on this? I know they are two very different lenses in terms of range. Maybe I'm just looking for a little support in possibly selling a lens that I like ;-). Just can't afford to have both and it seems like the 12-35 might be more useful. Thanks, y'all.

  • I've been using a 12-35mm Panny zoom on my GH2.

    It is very sharp and clinical, great for some footage, not ideal for some genres I guess. The Image Stabilization is very good, for handheld work. The autofocus is very quick. For me it seems a good capable all-round lens, especially for hand held run n' gun shooting where OIS and AF may be used in a hurry. For more artistic usage/looks other lenses may be a far better choice.

    Example - Footage from 1:30 onwards has been shot using a a 12-35mm Panny zoom on a GH2 hacked with one of Driftwoods Apocalypse hacks) (Rough edit, not finished, work-in-progress)

  • Today Panasonic released a firmware update for 12-35/f2.8. What do you think, will it only improve autofocus speed on GH3 or will GH2 also benefit of it? I'm afraid of trying it out because I do not have to old firmware and the possibility to return to it.

  • Firmware 1.1 should improve AF speed on the GH3, that's all announced directly by Panasonic. The rumors say it will also allow continuous AF on the E-M5....

  • I've heard that the 12-35 has flicker issues when zooming on the GH2 but not the GH3. Is that true? Potentially doing a news story overseas next month and it seems like the perfect lens for keeping my setup light.

  • OK, I did the lens update (ver. 1.1) and it works without problems on my GH2. I have the feeling that the flicker issue is much softer now when filming. Without filming it makes this well known noise while zooming, but when I'm filming video the lens is silent and brightness jumps are only hardly noticable now. So this update gets a go from me.

  • @5thwall Maybe it's good to go now!

  • @vicharris Hoping. Know of any places local to rent the lens? Just out of my budget range.