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Driftwood Quantum X Settings, Series 4: Cluster v2, Mysteron, Sedna, Orion...etc...
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  • thepalalias. I vote for 50p

  • Okay, so the way I see it the possible GOP>1 options to test are Sanity 4.1, Cake 2.1, golGOP and Flowmotion. Am I missing any other one that people are curious about?

  • Okay, that's 1 for 60P (or two if we count Zaven13's vote before I framed the question). :)

  • I vote 60P

  • And are people more interested in 50P or 60P? I have to-format the cards each time I switch.

  • Okay, so the long GOP vs GOP1 test seems to be a big question for people. That is now at the top of the list.

    So GolGOP and Cake vs Sedna and SpanMyBUv2? Or do people have 4 other patches they would prefer?

  • @jfro You may want to mention your lens, picture profile and ISO settings to get a more thorough response. :)

  • @thepalalias. I would vote for GOP1 vs longer GOPs specially when it comes to 720p60, 1080i60 and HBR.

  • For those who say they use Driftwoods 24H Sedna or Mysteron on Sandisk 30 and 45 Mb/s cards, I'd like to hear what your shooting.

    On dashboard of car driving 30-35 mph, I can get a full 4 GB file about 75% of the time. On steadicam walking amongst flowers, trees and bushes, I get about 1 1/2 minutes or so before write error. Have 2 camera and 3 cards from B&H and Adorama, so they are authentic. Format often so not sure what else I can do.

  • @thepalalias I'd like to see more gop1 vs gop 3 comparison testing.

  • @onionbrain That's an outstanding video. I love the theme of it as well as the images. Reminds me of my pretty derelict house which I currently own, awaiting some work (that house was someone else's dream from long ago...)

  • @onionbrain Great shots and keep looking at Mysteron. I'm following your tests pretty closely. I've decided I just can't live with the short clips from burst but I'm liking Mysteron more all the time.

  • @onionbrain Not nonsense, cool footage, or cool information. Nice movements. I have been working with Mysteron but seem to be having problems with Premiere Pro. Shooting on the street, Stop light, Sodium Vapor, Halide Lamps, incandescent etc... The color shifts are incredible. The overall ambiance is...... interesting. Trying to get something clean onto Vimeo, but the resulting encoding is shit at best and losing to much detail. suggestions before I make and attempt at posting

  • thepalalias please include cake 2.1 in test. popular patch with lower bitrate to compare with best

  • @JPB1138 I was using GOP3ZILLA for a while, but was not happy with the HBR (25fps), the reason I tried it. I am happy with Mysteron, but using it with 24p. I have given up on HBR and now just convert to 25. : ( Of course that's not a fair test for Mysteron. I owe it to bkmcwds to try the patch at 24p.

    @itimjim I would love to to do a quantum scan of just the one pixel. Maybe next time I am at CERN we can get pixels from Mysteron, GOP3ZILLA, the Sedna A matrix into the Hadron Collider and smash them with protons (or lead nuclei) and then analyze the possibility of supersymmetry in the various patches.

  • Okay that makes two for low to large GOP vs Intra. :)

  • LOL @tak ! That's not pixel peeping mate, that's sub-quanta-peeping...yer big freak! :-D

  • @thepalalias I'd second JPB1138s call to shoot @bkmcwds GOLGOP setting against the GOP1s, either the stock matrix version or the current version with the Sedna A matrix

  • I've been using Mysteron on a Class 10 card and it has been perfect. No problems. Camera settings are -2-2-1-1 Please dont call me a pixel peeper, but just have a look at the details when really zooming in. black and white was from Da Vinci, the color is from the camera.

    Screen shot 2012-04-05 at 20.40.25.png
    407 x 268 - 11K
    Screen shot 2012-04-05 at 20.40.17.png
    184 x 139 - 7K
  • @thepalalias Best GOP3 patches vs driftwoods GOP1 to see the differences, if any discernible in actual images. And post grabs unlabeled and see if people can tell. Really like some of the GOPzilla Stuff or the new GOLGOP. I think it would be a good test.

  • Here's some nonsense from yesterday using Mysteron...

    I did primitive curves adjustments in Magic Bullet Looks (not shown in the video) and it held up well. No unexpected issues in "grading."

    The "timelapse" at the end was done in ExTele mode -- and it spanned.

    This could be imaginary -- but I feel like I'm seeing less "fake" detail in Mysteron than in Sedna Wide. Again, this could be imaginary -- so ignore it if the comment is especially stupid.

    Overall I like the look of Mysteron -- but -- at this point we're seriously pixel peeping. Sedna is outstanding, and Mysteron may also be outstanding.

    Also, a few days back I filmed a nearly dark room at ISO 3200 with that Panasonic 20mm f/1.7 using Mysteron. I raised the midtones and shadows with a levels adjustment, and then applied Neat Video. The footage was stunning -- entirely usable. My thought is that the results from Neat Video are superior on these files because they're less compressed -- and because of the higher native detail of the GH2. Meaning, AVCHD anything is so very, very compressed that it creates issues with Neat Video, and other cameras like the 5Dm2 or HVX200 have such weak resolution that noise reduction software softens soft images -- resulting in "mud."

  • Just as heads up, while I will be happy to test Sedna vs other patches, I am really burnt out on AQ1 VS q20 testing (the night before they were released I did hundreds of tests and I have done many more since). I will do either Q20 or AQ1 but not both. :)

  • @kingmixer they span until my 64gigs runs out. I don't think this is unusual.

    @thpalalias I personally like the HQ tests because usually when I am recording at lower bitrates I just don't care about image quality as much as the file size. The high bit rate tests are nice because all the newest patches are so good. I tend to think of everything in terms of what is best for specific situation, but i am still learning what is best for what. Its hard to know. Conclusions I have come to are In low light AQ1 is choice. In medium light outdoors with good color i like q20, and beyond that I have no idea. Mysterion looks nice but just hasn't given me motivation to switch yet.

  • Okay, so we have one vote for a sub 100mbps spanning test and one vote for Driftwood vs other comparison test. Keeping track. :)

  • @thepalalias Hard decision.. The third: Various non Driftwood patches vs select Driftwood patches Thanks for your offering! It´s good to have any more "scientific" comparison..

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