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Digital Bolex raw camera, no longer made
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  • I am the only one surprised that Vitaliy doesn't start his own camera company? The hardware aspect can be outsourced simply enough (still a hard task), but he could head the whole firmware development of the camera. Whenever that day comes I will be investing day 1.

  • @L1N3ARX He could call it "The Big Thing".

  • I don't like her, simple as that.

  • @Rambo

    Is she looking suspicious to you? :-)

  • Well kind of like this, after i bought her 1st drink at the bar and had a quick chat, i would excuse myself and go find someone else more cute with a real story to tell. Just first impressions, couldn't watch the video to completion.

  • after i bought her 1st drink at the bar and had a quick chat

    May be it is all she had been looking for, free drink. You bough it, aren't you?

  • Sometimes you have to spend couple a bucks to "preview" any investment. I lost a drink, seems like some will lose a pub:-)

  • People started pulling out of this, so they threw some new stuff:

    We are adding a Mini-HDMI port to the side of the camera that can output full 1920 x 1080! This makes it possible to use many of the popular Electronic View Finders on the market today!

    Not a small change, really.

    The monitor will no longer swivel up. We needed extra room to add the video electronics for the HD output so we are removing the swivel on the panel and the built in focus assist. Many of our buyers prefer to use an Electronic View Finder like the Zacuto EVF while shooting that already has focus assist and many other features built in. One of our goals with the D16 is to make the camera as accessories compatible as possible, so we think this will make a lot of people happy.

    Soon, monitor will be gone :-)

    We will be changing from CF card to SD, many people complained about the ability to bend pins in CF card readers and Toshiba is doing some exciting things with the SD format, so we decided to make the switch.

    What a surprise. So small change. "We are at the final stages" :-)


    And this is all the boards they could find in the basement :-)

  • ... And do we all come back here with a foot a mouth to apologize if these people deliver more or less what they promise - right, RIGHT !? ....

    i didn't participate in their Kik or perhaps never buy their camera. That said just because she is not satisfying my personal FEELINGS I don't permit myself to discredit her. Let's not forget about the mobs shouting at the top of their longs against the possibilities of RED camera. They called the RED camera a " vaporware ' in cat calls. I have not seen even one apology from anyone for all those name callings. Let's keep all the judgments for after the proof of the crime - if ever committed. Until then, let's wish them the best.

  • @010101

    Your logic is badly wrong.
    RED and this thing have very little in common. It is very easy to look at RED history. ANd compare it to extremely strange interviews and texts here.

    I already offered to people to go to this ienso startup and look at how actual things look.

  • @Vitaliy Do you have a reliable source stating that people are backing out?

  • @brianluce

    It is easy to google it on various blogs and forums and check their page from time to time to see it.

  • Okay thanks. So it looks like the Digital Bolex turned out to be Digital Bullshit.

  • So it looks like the Digital Bolex turned out to be Digital Bullshit.

    No one really know that it is.

  • I put down the day after announcement,

    Backed out less than a week later.

    Several other people followed suit after that.
    On the surface it may seem like another "RED" scare, but this is nothing like what RED did. RED was backed by a billionaire who could access just about anyone they wanted.

    These people are clearly not experienced enough or rich enough to steer a development ship.

  • Hello everyone - This has been an interesting read. I'm actually backing this D16 project, in full knowledge that it could potentially suffer long delays. It may even fail. I certainly hope that it does not.

    I really like the concept. I don't see much of anything about it that isn't do-able. Off the shelf parts, minimal processing power and actually quite a small initial run of approx 100 cameras to put out.

    You've got a standard sensor spitting out frames directly to an SSD, and then a relatively simple circuit offloading those frames to SD cards. The in-camera options are going to be fairly minimalist... Nothing TOO taxing. The HDMI out described today is going to be a monochromatic 1080p straight feed from the sensor. Nothing fancy.

    The comments I've read on these boards, which suggest this could be a scam, are the same few comments I've read on a few other boards. None of these pieces of information really stand up as evidence of a scam. In fact, they are circumstantial and often actually non-sequitur. So, at this point I am far from convinced that this is a scam (obviously, as I am backing the project).

    Suppose it could turn out to be one, but I'm highly doubtful of that.

    For my own part, The concept of the D16 meets my requirements for a relatively simple camera that spits out 2K Raw footage. And, I've seen no defining reason to believe otherwise.

    Many have criticized the footage used in the Kickstarter Campaign... Frankly, I'm surprised it isn't more obvious to people to take the look of that footage with a pinch of salt. The sensor in question is a well known sensor... That the filmmakers behind the footage in question couldn't quite make it shine, says nothing of whether you or I could.

    Anyway, I just wanted to give a few points, from my perspective as a backer. I love the concept. I'm more than willing to take a punt on it... despite potential delays. I think that the signs are pointing to this being a great wee camera that could very well knock people's socks off.

    The Kickstarter Campaign has closed, and my 3500 Dollars are on their way to the guys at Digital Bolex... for good or ill. ;)

    We shall see how things progress.

  • @PaulVTX42

    I hope they pull it off. I am one of the people that think that they can, the hardware seems straight forward. There are a lot of people that want to see them fail for the sole reason to say I told you so, hatters are going to hate.

  • @PaulVTX42

    Thanks for registering to express your opinion. :-)

    my 3500 Dollars are on their way to the guys at Digital Bolex

    Btw, some $2500 slots become pulled out in last hours, so you could spend less.


    I doubt that someone here called it scam.
    Goal of the topic was to understand more factual details about this project that authors did not provide.
    It is also interesting that almost all influental people who advocated project on the start pulled out under different reasons.

  • @VK very true, the makers of the Digital Bolex are making an mistake by not being more open about it. If it was me I would have all my designs open to the public and open source as much as I could. The hardware is going to be the easy part the software will be the harder part IMO.

    But I hate it when people say "hipsters suck". I wonder if they realize that they are acting like the hipsters!

  • The hardware is going to be the easy part the software will be the harder part IMO.

    I have big doubts about it.
    And this guys did not make mistake, they just have nothing to show yet.

  • @PaulVTX42

    None of these pieces of information really stand up as evidence of a scam. In fact, they are circumstantial,,,

    Unlike a court of law, "innocent until proven guilty," the investment choice a person makes depends upon the party being invested in being trustworthy; ie the onus is on that company to substantiate their claims that their project is genuine and viable and is not a scam.

  • and all that off the shelf talk is BS... u need a lot custom parts like fpga , buffer control for ssd ... someone who thinks u can just order pats from net and assembled camera should try to do .... this camera is more complex than ikonoskop ....

  • It's not reasonable to claim it is "BS", Vladnik. The vast majority of parts in the D16 are, in fact, being bought "off the shelf". Obviously, as with any electronic system, there are some parts that will need to be custom built. However, those parts are not purported to be "doing anything spectacular" with the stream of data from the sensor.

  • @PaulVTX42

    Can you list of the shelf parts, and ones that are custom?

  • the most important part of camera is custom fpga not sensor or anything else .... its a camera brain.... red or ikonoskop spend years to develop ... and u need a lot of man power to make it work ....