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Digital Bolex raw camera, no longer made
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  • @ thesecretof

    it is precisely because of those ideals you outline that a lot of people here are being critical of the digital Bolex project. if cheats and scammers get to take advantage of a platform like Kickstarter it will make it harder in the long run for the real innovators to get the funding and backing they need.

    people are sharing their knowledge here to point out serious problems with this project. being critical is not necessarily just negative.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev What about something like a Tauri-HD 02150 SDI 2/3 ccd camera 1920x1080 30 fps with a Kodak KAI02150 Sensor, Its available in either a C or PL mount lens option. You could record SDI out into a Blackmagic SDI Hyperdeck. Control it with rs485 or 232 using a tablet or a smart phone via usb conversion running Windows and theirs Tauri camera control software. You can view the image with an EVF or LCD monitor from the Blackmagic Hyperdeck.

  • I agree with Vitaly. One man show, the rest is hypegenerators and pseudo distribution. Ponzi Scheme, wait and see.

    The other possibility, is that some guys want to make money on the "BOLEX" brand, and put some lipstick on the pig.


  • @trayloader

    Btw, good idea. Whole thing can be just operation to make sale price better by showing good future license payments :-)

  • @rigs

    Looks like another machine vision camera. Must be pricey.

  • The more I think about it the more it falls into place and starts to make sense. Take a worn out, super cheap badge, still filled with yearning and romantic memories.

    negotiate a good price from whoever owns it at the moment- the other option collaborate with them Probably young Patent Lawyers with some connections to "cool friends" a.k.a multiplicators.

    Then You begin to pump up the baloon....

    Classical Ponzi

  • Okay I just have one question then. Despite some comments here, The Bolex brand is still iconic. Why would they give the brand to hacks and quacks to ponzi it out? Hard to believe Bolex would sign on to some pump and dump scheme and destroy the brand.

  • Good point, Brian, since there is still a small group of engineers mounting repairing cameras from old stock, called Bolex International, S. A. It was the result of a a management buy-out after Eumig went bankrupt. They should be able to sell the brand better than that. But who knows?

  • Why would they give the brand to hacks and quacks to ponzi it out?

    Generally, meaning is different.
    If they want to sell brand you can use this scheme, sell it for more money claiming big licensing income, after this Digital Bolex team return money with excuses and everyone is happy. :-) Except new Bolex owners.

  • I think smartest thing is to find some member who'll go to

    20 Mural Street, Richmond Hill, ON, Canada

    And make photos and ask this guys (who are IENSO and who own all of this pseudo companies, or actual owner seems to be Stelio Derventzis for ALL of them ).

  • More research about this guys

    Enter address above, and you'll see sign showing (in 2009) that they had been in units 6-9 (may be 6-8).
    Now they are in unit 7 only. Not a good sign.

    If you look at the bio of this guys, you'll see Photonami mentioned for all except one. My short and inomplete research show that this had been company located in nearby building on same street.
    Looks like failed startup. They tried to make optical switches (and according to patents database this could be where they made some research actually)

    Proof (status of trademark):

    Exactly since 2006 we see acivity with IENSO registration that almost faded away in 2010 and transferred to new "companies".

    It also looks like someone did not learned the lesson:

    "I'm concerned that they've put a lot of energy into developing so many of their own components," says Maria Zeppetella, VP of network infrastructure at Probe Research Inc. "That sometimes doesn't work out for startups."

    This was about Photonami :-)

  • hahaha which brings us to theory numero 3: someone failed bigtime, has to cover massive amounts of losses, and begins to think creative, since he has nothing to loose. Talk about clutching at the last straw...

    This is definitive some sort of scam.

  • type in the address

    at least they exist at least company sign.

  • @trayloader

    I always suggest to read first, post second.
    On your link is just site showing Google photo.

    In my post you'll find more details about this (as this photo helps due to fact that it is very old)

  • maybe not scam but sure does sound like swan song .... they probably try to make some kind of camera ... but they need to cut some thing to keep price down ... there is no need for internal ssd buffer just use sata and record on standard 2.5 ... simple design ... at the best they get some kind of industrial camera with olpf and direct to ssd record...

  • You can't deduce anything from changing units. For all we know the unit they moved to had 4x the floor space. Not saying they're legit, but you can't assume worst case scenario on every fact.

  • @brianluce do you buy this company stocks? any company in in good condition do business much more seriously than this...

  • @rigs

    That cam is $6,850.

  • @vladnik I'm just saying that if you move from one commercial space to another, that you can't deduce anything from that. What if the new space is bigger? Or perhaps the new space has Netflix.

  • I am sitting on the fence for this one. All the dark data and pessimistic POV add up and for sure we might be looking at the best case scenario a very long delivery and multiple update/upgrades to get it wright eventually. On the other hand there are many start up companies with legit products. In fact for a venture like this I would trust an entrepreneur that has gone down crash and burn and learned ( if such thing ever happened to him ) rather than somebody full of fresh ideas and barely out of crib. Let's not forget an interesting venture started off someones' " parents " garage, They had to sell a family car to finance the start up and the whole thing. Did that make them less than trust worthy !? I'm not sure.

    One thing for sure I wont by the companies shares the same way I didn't but Microsoft or APPLE Inc. and I didn't dare to go for saving of $800 by buying early, but for sure if they deliver i WILL buy a GigitalBolex smiling all the home.

  • people on this forum are not one with expensive gear and we don't need to protect our investment . nether are we some elitist who try to protect trade against " bunch of amateurs" . this site and few others are frontier of indie movie making . so any argument that some of as are against dbolex as a concept does not hold water . cheap s16 raw camera is god gift for many of as. is it going to be dbolex i don't no it but doesn't look good (for now) . maybe kineraw or Elphel. nevertheless who ever get first is going to sell many camera and make many poor filmmakers happy .

  • Interview of Elle Schneider

    Only two interesting things (except that she really talks about things she does not understand).
    First, she refers to someone who are, in fact, their chief (and we know that guy is head of this Canadian startup).
    Second, now they want to use standard parts, widely available. Looking at the specs and previous words it is almost complete contradiction with them.

  • USC Film school strikes again!

    This chick looks like she's in over her head. She looks like she's about to go KONY on us like that poor guy down in San Diego of Invisible Children.

    A couple of other observations: 1) She's "Thinking" of going to NAB? What? How could she NOT go to NAB? Does she want to be a player or not? And 2) Like with the Gini Cage video, why do these people that want to be a brand in filmmaking keep putting out crap content? There is such a thing as editing, lighting, and proper audio, not to mention some disembodied voice off camera asking questions. Very sloppy effort that in my mind at least, reflects poorly on the product they're trying to convince us to invest in.

  • @brianluce The shitty interview is their :, not digitalbolex's.

  • working prototype ? :) and off the shelf parts? like custom fpga?