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Digital Bolex raw camera, no longer made
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  • let's play LEGO than. I would buy one if @Vitaliy_Kiselev were to play.

  • The link doesn't work. Wanna see the prototype ;D

  • @vladnik

    In an interview with the creators they claim the sensor can achieve 12 stops of D.R.

    Phone interview, originally posted on Bloom's blog:

  • im not sure about them ... to much fishy is going on ... first they shot their promo on dbolex then when they got busted they give lame answer .. even their answer about gx2300 doesn't make sense.... why would u modified sensor who is a same as one in your camera ... if u change sensor ( same sensor ?) and then change processing unit what is left... box?

  • It is extremely suspicious.
    This guys do not have people.
    Do not have even prototype hardware. Do not have firmware. And do not have software either.

    The main real thing you could get from this is how many people want real RAW camera.
    Make expert mode with GH3 shooting 4:2:2 RGB RAW and it'll sell like hot cakes.
    Same for Canon adn Sony.

  • i bet on guys from kineraw ... at least they show some prototype and images from them .... and Dan Hudgins who developed software is in industry for some time... + recording directly to cineform RAW ....

  • I really like their philosophy behind it all. I think it'll happen but i can't afford to invest in it. I also like more of this to open up the floodgates of tech. RAW, 4K, etc. Canon would never be frontrunners with this.

  • it's suspicious because it's too good to be true. I really hope it comes out the way they expect it. I think the interview clarifies a lot: they are just people. We shouldn't treat them the same way to treat big companies like canon, trying to find conspiracy... even the fail,maybe some more people can try to help developing something since we saw how many people are ready to invest, take the risk etc.. maybe I'm being too naive. I don't know.

  • I really want it to succeed but I see all this hype and just no prototype and sorry to say some not very nice footage. Look how on such a flat lighting the colors are clipping on the girls hat... and people are saying 10 - 12 stop of DR!!! Sorry for now it is just marketing hype. Just put a named brand like Bolex and add RAW and voila $250 000 in 24 hours. I sincerely hope I am wrong.

  • I'd say the footage is poor looking due to lighting and composition.

  • @danyyyel that kodak sensor that they say to use gives beautiful image its bigger brother of a cam dll sensor.... so all that makes things more suspicious(good sensor bad image?) ....

  • @danyyyel

    I posted a picture of their so-called prototype. Looks like a shoebox.

  • all i see that they use industrial camera without any modification... recode image as anybody else who will buy gx2300.. ... than use that image as commercial for their camera ... and i bet that external design is only thing that they get

  • @vladnik

    This is approach used by many forum "geniuses-scammers" around many forums.
    They are easy to spot, as constantly telling you about some unique debayer algorithms, can't tell much about hardware details.
    I doubt that this guys are pure scam. They just use simple approach - get the money and try to find someone who can make it in time.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev you read my mind....

  • The GX2300 is $5,660- if they're reselling the camera, it's considerably cheaper...

  • yeah ... i know...

  • I can't find any references to Digitalbolex on the Bolex International website. The Digital Bolex website uses the same colours, fonts and trade-mark-able looks as Bolex International, especially in the 1960's. Either they've got agreement or they're about to get sued.


    For me, so far, it's a credibility issue.

  • @Roberto

    In their interview they stated they've developed a good relationship with bolex for the past six months and they partnered up, allowing them to use the name....

  • @Macalincag

    It's just that - from Bolex's side, there doesn't seem to be any evidence of partnering up. A digital Bolex would be a change of direction for the company.

    Since it's not their own camera, it's either a big Xmas present to these cash-strapped developers or else it's Bolex's swan song, implying that the name has become worthless.

  • @Roberto

    Bolex. Rolex. Play-doh. Whatever name it's given, I just hope it amounts to something. If not, I hope this "initiative" triggers others to tend to this market, creating more competition within the price range. Options are always great.

    I know the Apertus project like what they see in regards to d16's Kickstarter campaign's success. It gives them an idea of how their campaign for their APS-C sized sensor project will be received. And if these two get the ball rolling, maybe we'll see more/faster efforts from Kineraw and perhaps others.

  • Have there been any Kickstarter projects that were funded for large sums of money and then never materialized, or came out in some compromised way that people were dissatisfied with? If nothing else, this would be an interesting test case, but it could get really messy.

    As VK said, what this really shows is people want their damn affordable RAW camera.

  • Sound a lot like the 'ol RED promise. They kept slipping deadlines for years, and then came out at 10K plus options. But RED actually had something they would show the public that was working. These guys don't sound like they have ever really developed, manufactured, sold, or supported anything at this level before. Scary...

  • Marc Ueter of Bolex says to me, "Yes, Bolex is involved and we invite you to contact Mr. Joe Rubinstein in Los Angeles for more information about this new Digital Bolex Camera soon and first available on the USA and Canada Markets".