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PTool v3.64d topic
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  • Was wondering with the new PTools 3.64d, ...will there be a new update to either the driftwood 176Mbps or the 244 Mbps mode? I have the Sandisk 95/64GB and would really love to try this out..

  • Driftwood is working on all kinds of new updates for PTool 3.64d. If you want to use old settings, something like Reaquainted or Aquamotion v1 should work with 3.64d and the v1.1 firmware in the same way that 3.63d did with v1.0e.

  • I think even if those old patch had higher bitrate they were not better. A lot of optimization has been done since then.

  • I've used the 244 Mbps experimental settings with the new PTools 3.64d / Firmware v1.1 and everything checks out with no problem except that the average bit rate is only in the 50's... I dont know if thats normal or what, but using the 176 Mbps my average bit rate went into the 150's... and so i was wondering if Driftwood will be optimizing the 244 Mbps or something with extra high bit rate pushing the Sandisk 95/64GB in this near future...

  • 244M has been proved to be unneccsary. It will never reach that height - AVC-I is typically around the 150Mbps max.

  • Driftwood will there be a revised update to the "reAQuainted Intra 176 Mbps" sometime soon using PTool 3.64d and Firm v1.1? or no plans for it any more?

  • I have some crash, forcing to remove battery, with 48 000 setting with gop 6, and "most to detail" settings (audio is set to 320), using class 10 cards. using the 200212 release)

  • @SiNERGi NEW patches up here;-

    You only need to choose between constant style bitrate of Quantum X Orion or adaptive bitrate Quantum X Rocket now. :-) Nick

  • For us who like standard GOP and B-frames: is there any way to turn on B-frames on 1080p25?

    720p50 can be configured to record with B-frames with Encoder Setting 1 720p = 3

    Does anyone know if there is a switch for 1080p25 HBR perchance?


  • @Grunf The default stock setting is 3!!! encoder setting 1 1080i/p = 3 for b frames if youre switching back from another user's setting.

  • The 30 min removal does not work with PTool v.3.64d and Firmware 1.1! Can anybody confirm?

  • @driftwood Thanx! Actually, I was using your Quantum X v2 patch, but with 720p stock GOP, B-frames turned on and bitrate lowered to 35Mbit. I must say I was very pleased with 720p behaviour with all other Quantum settings left as they are. IQ is IMHO quite good, file is playable in camera and my TV and BR is manageable @ 38Mbit.

    Right now I'm trying to achieve same settings with 1080p25: rock steady B-framed file around 38Mbit. I only set "Encoder setting 1 1080i/p = 3", set GOP to stock and BR to 37Mbit. Unfortunately, it doesn't work. Camera stops with usual "Motion recording stopped...". I recon it's something to do with other encoder settings. Any hints on how to tune it in order to recieve good stock-GOP 108+p25 recording at "reasonable" bitrates?


  • I tested my GF2, using Mjpeg 1920x1080 & set Frame rate to 2 FPS, worked great for time lapse! Just used Gh13 time lapser to "fix" the video . This is huge because there is really no other way to do time lapse with GF2! Anyone have luck boosting the FPS to 120? or anything above 60?? @ 1280x720??

  • @Grunf Leave all other encoder settings unchecked for now. Get IQ/Q right (start at 20 default and work upwards - say 22) or AQ =1 first, keep it plain and simple and change only one setting at a time. Things take time, could take many firmware flashes before you get it right... oh, the life of a tester... ;-)

  • I just checked again and the 30 min removal does work in PTool v.3.64d and Firmware 1.1 but NOT with the latest driftwood Quantum setting! Does anybody know why the the driftwood patch interferes with the 30 min removal?

  • I was looking through old threads and wanted to pick up where one of them left off.

    What happened to the '1080i50,00fps->50,00p=Checked' setting? 1080 progressive option, seems for 50i->25p/60i->60p etc.

  • @misterhu which driftwood patch? Did you check the file to see if he included the line for 30min removal? 30min limit removal=Checked

  • It´s the Driftwood Quantum X (v3 Rocket) RC VBR 'Settings' for ptools 3.64d

    Yes the 30 min removal is checked and I also tried to uncheck everything else in the interface section and just left the 30 min removal checked.

    Something must be interfering here with the 30 min removal...

  • @misterhu The only thing changed in ptools recently was the B frames recording from switch on. Maybe you could ask VK see if that has clashed with summit. There are no other ptools encoder settings used in Quantum Rocket or Orion. Can you confirm, you are running version '200212' (it will say that number on top of ptools) updated 2 days after the initial release of ptools (which says 180212 on top of ptools)?

  • @Athiril, the 1080 Progressive setting is the same and it's all there is.

  • @driftwood Yes I run the latest version 200212

  • maybe someone can help me, I loaded ptools 3.64d and tried loading the firmware and it wont see it when i hit load button,. please help

  • unzip it. :-)

  • hahahh i knew that! hahaa thanks so much

  • I loaded ptools 3.64d and tried loading the firmware and it won’t see it

    Unzip it.

    Bah, Nick beat me to it.

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