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PTool v3.64d topic
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  • Thanks for the quick reply Mr_Moore but what about the Bulb mode time limit? could anything be done with that? I want to do astrophotography starfield blurs and special effect night portraits but i need exposure times of 10 to 20 mins atleast but it only has the crappy 2min 10sec

  • Will definitely buy a GF2 next week. Thanx Vitaly and others....

  • I'll download the newest ptools and try that again, although mine is already dated 180212.

    This means that it is not newest. Proper PTool has 190212 :-)

  • @RickD the bulb mode for stills can be avoided if you purchase a cheap remote such as this..

    It would be great to have this in camera, but it is a good work around and offers other solutions to creative problems you didn't know you had yet :)

  • I can't get auto ISO to work in still mode, shutter priority, Nokton 25mm. It always stays at 160. I use the hacked v1.1 with only time limit removal, iso limit, pal/ntsc and slightly raised bitrates and AQ set to 3.

    This used to work in previous versions.

    Anyone with the same problem?

    EDIT I figured it out, it only works with native m43 lenses, to many variables at once, I guess :)

  • It works in A and P mode, though.

  • Where is the new version? When I click on the link at top of the first page under PTool V3.64 it pulls up the site for the PTool V3.0 for the G1?

  • The gh2 came back stronger than a powered up pacman...

  • @islanders66: That's the correct file... I'm not sure why VK named it that way, but if you run it, you'll see it's version 3.64d.

  • I used the cbrandin's 66M AQ2, because I only have a Transcend Class 10.

    I have noticed a huge improvement. Not only with the ISO setting in dim light but also the playback on Windows Media Player playing straight from the card.

    Any other suggestions for this card? Can you change the settings? There was one screen that popped up when shift clicking seta and had a few settings?

  • Does someone get the GF2 to record in FullHD-mode at 44mbps? Any hacked GF2 videos?

  • what parameter in new ptool do i have to change , just to have bigger bitrate in my PAL GH2 in 25 p?

  • @islanders66

    I also have a Transcend Class 10 card, and so far what i have tested driftwoods Quantum X v1 has worked fine. But i have tested only 25p hbr mode.

  • Hats off Vitaly - you should get commission on GH2 sales - 4 mates just ran out and bought one after this update :)

    Super work - many thanks

  • @otcx.. thanks.. is that the 50 or 100? My first test with Quantum100 is working fine on same card at highest settings on 24H and 720p, and high bit rate mode, although there is no record quality for high bit rate mode. Also haven't tested to see if it spans.

    This is my first AVCHD and these patches are really helping a lot! With the original firmware I could only watch it after exporting it to a H264 file.

    Please let me know if your's also spans!

  • I'm not sure if it's recording at a high bit rate. I recorded for 20 minutes at the high bit rate setting and it only used 2gb on the card? It should have used 1/3 - 1/2 of the card. I'll download the other software tools to see what's going on.

    When installing I shift clicked on the set I had for the driftwood Q100, then saved it. Was I supposed to change anything?

  • It is this one **** New ***** Driftwood Quantum X v1 (Incorporating 'The Driftwood Matrix') For v1.1 firmware. (ptools 3.64D required)

  • I am using PTool dated 190212 on GH2 with simple settings as bellow. Only applying bit rates 24h and 24L 42/35 mbits and FSH/FH 42/35 mbits plus iso limit and audio settings. All bitrates ends up being between 17 to 21 mbits, HBR 21 mbits. What am I doing wrong? Driftwoods Quantum 100 v3b works OK, HBR 87 mbits.

  • Are you filming moving or still subject?

  • @Kihlian Still subjects, but I'm panning medium fast!

  • Ok, got Quantum100 working on the Transsend Class 10.. works in all modes at highest setting.. still haven't tried to span.. fingers crossed

    File: E:\Media Panasonic GH2\Test Quantum100\00000.MTS Size = 3,638,704,128 Bytes (18,951,584 Packets) Stream: TS Max Speed = 106,611,800 bps Mode = 1080/24p Average PCR Timing Interval = 0.092 seconds Clip Duration = 0:00:09.93 (Quick Test) PCR Duration = 0:00:10.04 Average Total Bitrate = 97,569,493 Average Video Bitrate = 94,171,343 Average Audio Bitrate = 235,605 Average Other Bitrate = 3,162,544 Max GOP Size = 503,616 Bytes (4,028,928 bits) Video Frame Count (All-I/P/B) = 238 - 237 / 0 / 0 Video Frame Size (Min/Ave/Max) = 170,688 / 499,294 / 503,616 I Frame Size (Min/Ave/Max) = 170,688 / 501,401 / 503,616 P Frame Size (Min/Ave/Max) = 0 / 0 / 0 B Frame Size (Min/Ave/Max) = 0 / 0 / 0

    Edit: the card ins't fast enough on 14-140 lens. boo!

  • Any reason to replace PTool 3.63d with 3.64d for GH1?

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev As mentioned above simple bitrates settings seams not to work. @cbrandin old settings 44/32 with addition of iso and audio settings work fine in all modes and Quantum 100 v3b works OK, HBR 87 mbits..

  • @Vitaliy - If 25p settings are shared with 1080i settings why is 25p encoded at 24Mbps and 1080i encoded at 17Mbps?

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