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PTool v3.64d topic
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  • Any hardcore GF2 Videos??

  • Driftwood, how are you? I have a question that is appropriate to this topic. All of the past Patches, constructed under PTool 36.2, 36.3 to latest.... are they now dead or can they be adapted? There are some excellent patches that work in some very extreme situations.. So, dead or alive. By the way, what is a Macalincag, generates some interesting answers. Thanks Gentlemen... its Magicial

  • @Mark_the_Harp 7:42AM ""Pardon this really stupid question but why does anyone use 720 instead of 1080? Surely it's not full HD?""

    Another reason is much less jello when shooting in 720 compared to 1080 for us event shooters who can't always use tripods and fancy rigs.

  • @Mark_the_Harp 720p can also be used when anamorphic is burned to a Blu-Ray and letterboxed so that you can't use all 1080 lines anyway.

    @Lpowell Will there be a GH2 Anamorphic Max Latitude Patch 720p/25?

  • @Roberto - Sorry, there's no way to set anamorphic frame sizes in AVCHD 720p25, nor in any AVCHD mode. Likewise, there's no way to record in anamorphic MJPEG modes at 25p. If you're interested in anamorphic MJPEG modes on the GH2, check out this topic:

  • @driftwood STOCK GOP patch is stable on my GF2, using a Sandisk Ultra card (Class 6). The average bit rates are pretty low, I guess that's due to the use of inter frames.

  • @Driftwood Thank you for your work, i just loaded your "Driftwood Stock Long GOP 66M/35M settings enjoying 720p B frames and HBR" but seems to not work, my cam GH2 japan, firm ver 1.1, switched in pal mode 1080i, manual movie mode and FSH, sandisk extreme 32Gb class 10, record non stop for 1h48 but bitrate around 10000 Kb/s... any suggestions?

  • Sorry, I don´t get it: Are there already High Quality/High bitrate patches for 25P available? Or are they related to 50i settings?

    EDIT: Flashed unhacked V1.1 Firmware. Looked for 25P settings. Found none. Searched the net. So PANASONIC called 25P "HBR" ? Are they crazy? Why does any f... corporate I$%&/§ loves to invent new names for common terms? Took another hour of my lifetime to figure this out! Panasonic, you owe me a sushi meal! O.K, so any "HBR" patches yet? Or do I have to look for existing 50i patches?

    If not, maybe a new patch vault for GH2 V1.1 would be sensible...

    EDIT2: So the first patch released is the "100Mbps Flow Motion v1.1 Update with HBR 25p"?

  • I got a reply from Panasonic regarding the bulb mode..

    Thank you for your enquiry regarding the DMC-GH2 bulb mode.

    In response to your email the bulb mode maximum time is around 2 minutes. This can't be altered in any firmware as it is to do with the hardware of the camera.

    I will pass on your comments to the relevant departments

    maybe vitality can fix this?? we hope..

  • I use SANITY v3.1 (720P) with the new ptool, and everything seems to work flawlessly :)

  • Me too... sometimes low to 10mbs

  • @driftwood , hello, applied yr Stock Gop settings to GF2, both 1080i and 720p film without error BUT 720p shots won't play back in camera.. gets" read error please check the card" its Sandisk extreme 30mbps class 10... other weird thing was using the 19-02-12 pTools and recommended bitrate settings ( bit over stonebats recs ) the Time available in the window was 1hr42mins ( 16gb sd ), everything was aok in that patch. BUT in this 20-02-12 pTools the time available has gone back to the old 30mins routine of old, 30 min limit was removed both times.. I noticed that whilst filming in 720 the remaining time was ticking off very slowly ( ie: 1 sec every 4 or 5 secs ) as opposed to more natural ticking off in 1080. does the 720 quantizer table 1 have to be "3" to get the B frames?? yrs, matt

  • Done some fiddling of Quantum 9b, 24p clips record in ~140mbps, same thing/subject/motion recorded with HBR/25p + fiddling was a bit under ~90mbps.

    Will do more fiddling when home to see if I can get comparable rates out of HBR.

  • I cant go back to firmware 1.1 unless I increment it beyond the last hack increment. For instance, my hack was GH2_12.bin. When I tried to reload GH2_11.bin, nothing happened. When I renamed GH2_11.bin to GH2_13.bin, it worked. Is this something to do with PTools or has Panasonic changed something?

  • @kent Redownload firmware v1.1 from Panny and use that as your Load firmware in ptools - it sounds like you may have accidentally saved over the original with a 'toyed with' firmware ie saved it as the same name ie GH2_11.bin. By unchecking everything in ptools and saving the firmware with any name above takes you back to stock panny settings anyway!

  • @stockhausen Read the post - yes. Encoder Setting 1 720 = 3 will give you B frames. Uncheck it (or = 2) to put it back to original (P frames)

  • @driftwood hi there, thanks for reply.. ignore the anomaly about available time display , most likely I was switched to Mjpeg as I have been fiddling with the 2 fps mode ON GF2 and it works splendidly with Timelapsers prog ( not so useful until we get full manual control over exposure maybe? ) BUT I must ask, with the B frames switched on should the GF2 still be able to play back 720 'in camera' ? I guess you haven't got yr GF2 yet and there is no earthly reason why it should display same behaviour as GH2.. meantime any suggestions as to why no B frame 720 playback??

  • @driftwood

    1. Why when you turn on 720p in B-frame, B-frame = P-frame. They should be different?

    2. Why is the firmware "66M-35M Stock GOP all with B frames v1" or "Driftwood Quantum X v1" bitrate does not rise above 30-40 Mbps? I put the maximum 110 Mbps, and when shooting trees - 30 Mbps in 50p

    Here is my firmware, it the real maximum bitrate - 53 Mbps in 50p. In your - 30-40 Mbps. Why?

    Thank you
  • @driftwood My card supports up to 55 Mbps, Silicon Power 10 But I'll try it.

    And the first question? B-frame = P-frame. Is this normal?

  • Okay @driftwood Here is my firmware, it works cool on SH and H. But the bug in the HBR. Please, if you have time, tell me what you need to fix that HBR was good?
  • I'm with @Frame here. So the new Ptools Hack is released. I want to use a patch that would be best suited for 25p.

    Which patch do I go for?

  • @producer

    Any reason to replace PTool 3.63d with 3.64d for GH1?

    Yes. For one, the ISO Limit Removal option now works properly for the GH1.

  • Hi there, some weeks ago I made the upgrade from GH1 to GH2. Now I'm about to install the 3.64d hack. I wonder if I can change the HBR 25fps to a decent driftwood setting AND at the same time continue with one panasonic standard setting for long play e.g. for a entire football match. So a solid and stable hack for high class filming on the one hand and a the high compressesed standard panasonic on the other. Does that work? Can anyone help a newby? Thanks for your fantastic work! Dan

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