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Destiny of m43 mount cameras, how soon production will stop
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  • @LongJohnSilver

    Why the hell a company/camera famous for its video capabilities doesn't have an app which permit to me to see a video preview on my phone? Is it a question of processor power?

    Let me open small hole for you to look inside all this mess.

    Panasonic manager usually have no idea how app must look, that features it must have and how to check it. But instead they can spend 80% of work time on various reports, training, meetings and talks and looking (barely) at competitors products.

    This people order other people - usually some new young guys to make tech specification and arrange contract with some Indian sweet shop, preferable cheapest, as the cheaper - the more will go into management bonuses.

    Sweet shop get specifications, usually very vague, and bunch of old bad code made by previous same companies, and lot of code also that comes from inside of Panasonic (API, commands and so on). Frequently Panasonic will have only Japanese documentations, if any. Also they can refuse to provide any real cameras, at all.

    Normally code and interface are done by people who have no idea how app will be used, who are not photo or video guys and they are just unfortunate young guys who are very tired. Only thing sweet shop care - make stuff as cheap and as fast as possible while keeping match to formal specification.

    Such approach is actually around 3-5x more expensive compared to good older experienced developers making it all inside and having real feedback. But in Japan it is very hard to do. And it also means that management will be living much more humble life - this is not an option as they prefer to destroy all company but not to give up on income.

    Both Japan and China try to hide developers and engineers as far as possible, as management is afraid that it can undermine their authority. And workers are trained to abide, no matter that.

  • So you mean that this is a Panasonic only problem? Humm

    Canon Camera Connect and Nikon Snapbridge are light years ahead and they are both japanese companies- GoPro quick app is the best out there and they are american.

  • @LongJohnSilver

    No, it is common problem, not much Panasonic specific here.

    Actually apps can be made even in one Indian company.

    GoPro app is better not because of management, but because it is too dangerous for them to offload to sweatshop. And also they have much more strong feedback. As around 1000x more people use it.

  • I mainly shot underwater video and on my camera housing I even have the wi-fi button. No way to preview my clips on the boat on the phone while is a perfectly normal thing on a Gopro. Unbelievable

  • @LongJohnSilver

    Just compare number of camera users to GoPro users that really use smartphone apps.

    Gopro literally demands you to use one. Especially older cameras.

  • @LongJohnSilver

    Recall that certain features of functionality between camera and app is patented by Contour IP Holdings.

    Thus the latest version of the GoPro app does not have live video preview during recording and no adjustable ProTune settings in the app.

  • Nope. I have an old GoPro5 Black and the latest android app named Quick. I have live preview during recording and preview of recorded clips.

  • Dreams, more dreams.

  • In reference to the comment about the video preview on the phone (or tablet), when I got the Z Cam S6, pretty much the first thing I realized was how insanely stupid it is not to be able to use a tablet or phone to control all the functions and see a preview.

  • Matti Sulanto is no longer a Lumix ambassador.

  • I would not be an "ambassador" for a camera company. It's a euphemism for shill.
    Be independent; then say you are independent.

  • Panasonic might exit consumer camera business in october:

    Panasonic will carry out a “organizational reorganization” in October. “Panasonic Entertainment & Communication”, which is in charge of TVs and digital cameras, has been removed from Panasonic Corporation, which is in charge of home appliances and electrical materials. Being removed from the mainstream maintenance “Great Panasonic” is almost as if it was branded as a non-core business.

    Panasonic’s camera market share is currently around 4.4%, and the number of cameras is around 390,000, which makes it lacking in presence. Competitors with similar shares are all in the red, and Panasonic’s digital camera business is also likely to be suffering from low profits.

  • Quick Info for the Sony IMX492LQJ Sensor FPS (Sensors): 24.17 fps

    Manufacturer: Sony

    Pixel Size (Sensors): 2.315µm

    Resolution (Sensors): 47.08M

    Scan/Series: Pregius

    Shutter (Sensors): Rolling

    Signal (Sensors): RGB