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Destiny of m43 mount cameras, how soon production will stop
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  • I share the same sentiment as Terry Lane and being a heavy m43 user I can only say that the writing is on the wall.

    And something will crystallize in 2019.

  • I however, will be buying and using all the cheap m43 gear that will hit the market as people panic and sell their gear. I almost can't wait!

  • Lens roadmap shows that all people are now transferred to other camp



    687 x 449 - 57K
    687 x 459 - 56K
  • Olympus have such at CP++ to calm down booth staff and visitors


    674 x 412 - 64K
  • Lots of people come to express sincere condolences to m43 ecosystem:


    681 x 455 - 55K
  • The 10-25 f1.7 will be the last lens. :-/

  • Obviously they focus on their new FF for now, so no wonder there's only one lens to be released in 2019- especially since there're dozens of various m43 lenses on the market already. Saying it'll be the last m43 lens ever is pure BS.

  • Olympus proposed ValueAct Capital a seat on the board. This is an unusual act from Olympus and probably a sign that they want to reform their top management structure. This lead speculate that ValueAct might request Olympus to stop their unprofitable camera business.

    Whole company inside is buzzing with people looking for another job. Must be indicator of coming things.

  • All olympus's camera division has to do is follow fujifilm's lead and create a couple of low and midrange kickaxx cameras....let's hope the e-m5mkiii does just this. If they don't, and fumble like the e-m1x, people should support pany's m43's. M43 has a great advantage no matter how cheap ff cameras get.....the glass ....ff glass is big and heavy and expensive. Not to mention how well m43 cameras are adaptable, and how well sensor stabilization works on sensors this size. Olympus, however has always been an ify corporation, once accused of being infiltrated by the yakuza, even though their technology is firstrate. Panasonic might be left holding the flag. That's ok by me too, although prices might climb. Maybe if Olympus folds, Sony would see a window. If they announced the death of m43, I'd go out and buy 3 or 4 bodies immediately. It's even preferable to aps-c, which would be the last fallback against the ff hysteria.

  • @kurth

    FF hysteria comes from the profit margins that top management see.

    Average FF camera brings around 5x more to company (Panasonic S1 and S1L bring exactly 10x profits compared to GH4-GH5 cameras).

    Average FF lens at least 3x more (Panasonic L mount had been designed to provide exactly 10x profits compared to their good m43 lenses).

  • Our local Olympus guys

    Friends, more recently, several Russian-speaking resources, citing foreign sources, came up with loud headlines that supposedly, Olympus is closing the photo business. For our part, we want to say that this information is not true. Currently, Olympus is undergoing a comprehensive transformation program to continue its development as a global medical company. The photo business plays an important role as a technology driver for all Olympus business lines, developing advanced digital and network technologies that are also used in our medical and industrial business. We will continue to improve the technology in photography, paying particular attention to our main advantages: compactness of the system, exceptional image stabilization capabilities and high-quality lenses.

    Things are really bad in Olympus now.

    Expect news within 2-3 months considering their camera business.

  • Dead before the summer? ;-)

  • @EspenB

    I don't think so, more like they try to make some strange moves.

  • What can they do? Apart from some sort of restructuring, going FF or close down.

  • @EspenB

    Dark are the minds Japanese management of :-) Impossible to see the future is.

  • More Olympus stuff

    “The business area of ​​photography plays an important role as a pioneering technology driver for the entire Olympus group, developing and innovating in the field of digital technology and networks that are then applied in our business area of ​​medical and scientific solutions. “, Explains Albert Martí, head of the photographic division for southern Europe.

    According to Martí, “Olympus is currently in a program of integral transformation to continue its development and growth as a global company of medical and optical technology.”

    My present sources tell that probability for consumer imaging being axed is now around 90%. Investors openly told in meeting that they are sick looking at the sales numbers and lack of profits.

    Still, around 30% of people will keep the jobs and will work for profitable medical division providing imaging solutions.

  • Panasonic is committed to develop the GH line…

    My man inside tells that we definitely will see some kind of GH6 camera. But all else now is in hiatus, only finishing old developments.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev Well, I suppose that gives them time to see if the S1/S1R will be successful or not. If they had stopped all ongoing m4/3 production (and the new FF line isn't successful) there would have been nothing left to fall back on.

  • @Energy80s

    Main goal now is same as Sony - reach target profit numbers not looking at sales volume. After this make efficient personnel cuts to get bigger bonuses. Recently maximum time they look ahead dropped to 6-12 months, all else is big unknown. Most probably we will see same fast merger of few departments to hide results (Panasonic is already hiding them for many departments by mixing them).

  • During interview they assure m43 future.

    But they did not even bother to have new G95 m43 cameras present, only S series. And this says much more. m43 is here to be gone into small niche and die in it.

  • I can appreciate the reason for heavily promoting the full frame cameras, because if they aren't successful, it could end up taking the whole Panasonic camera division down with them. At best, I would think that m4/3 will be their "second tier" of cameras, with the FF system being the main earner from now on.

  • @Energy80s

    Market feedback shows that they do something wrong.

  • Olympus is old, really old