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Destiny of m43 mount cameras, how soon production will stop
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  • Micro Four thirds mount, is here for awhile to come. Panasonic.. they aren't going under anytime soon. They just released a MFT cube, and seem intent on releasing the GH6K soon.

  • Panasonic must have very important meeting during March where they can decide destiny of all m43.

    Now development of new cameras and lenses is almost stopped, only one group keep working. As far as leaks go - Panasonic have only one upcoming LSI for m43 cameras that they still can't make.

    Situation with lenses is better despite all best engineers now work only on premium L mount lenses.

    Is it possible that m43 won't get new cameras from Panasonic? Yes, they will still release 3 cameras that are in development, but after this it can be same as Samsung - total silence and nothing new.

  • IMHO there should be an * in front of everyone of these videos that is a complete confabulation.
    At the bottom of the page
    *nothing new, I don't know, really
    At least make it a GH7 at this point.

  • @MikeLinn

    The "Marketing Manager" in the video is no longer with the company.

  • huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge
    but micro

  • I really think that Panasonic missed a huge trick many years ago with the Micro 4/3 system.


    The BGH1 is the first step in the right direction. Blackmagic tried to make the system fit the small budget event filming market but the lack of decent lenses made it a non starter.

    I think the system does have a future, but decent video centric servo zoom lenses are key to cracking that market.

  • @Sph1nxter What company does make affordable "proper" servo zoom lenses? By proper, we mean at least parfocal. Sony has two for full frame, minimum cost is $2500. No Canon except for one over $10,000, and it is not full frame. None for Nikon. None for Olympus or Fuji.

    It is odd, given that the camera offerings are increasingly videocentric.

    You may be right that one company offering "real" servo zoom lenses for its system that are not so costly may do well, but none of the other companies seem to agree.

  • Funny videos. I remember starting with a GF2 back in the day. Not because it was MFT, but because it was all I could afford.

  • m43 production will stop, definitely now

    With much of Panasonic's recent efforts focused on full-frame camera systems, what does the future of Micro Four Thirds look like?

    We will strengthen our product lineup in both full-frame and Micro Four Thirds in order to support all shooting opportunities for creators. We have full-frame for creators who want more power to capture images and videos with a shallow depth of field, and M43 for creators who want compactness, light weight, mobility, and an adequate depth of field. The product group consists of two systems with different characteristics, which supports various shooting scenes and demonstrates the creator's imagination.

    Many creators have high expectations for new M43 products [and] we will continue to strengthen the lineup from this year onwards.

    Last year, we introduced the Lumix DC-S5, which has a compact and lightweight body and high performance in both still images and videos. On the other hand, in M43, in addition to the GH5, GH5S, and G9 we introduced the Lumix DC-G100, which is highly portable and allows you to enjoy vlogging, and the box-style camera the Lumix DC-BGH1, which increases flexibility in video production and has excellent video performance and customizability. M43 has a wide range of uses, and many creators have high expectations for new M43 products. We will continue to strengthen the lineup from this year onwards.

    Very, very familiar words. You remember Samsung, Olympus and Pentax having similar interviews before stopping any further developments?

  • "What are the main features and improvements that your customers are asking for from your video products?

    We cannot answer in detail, but we believe that our GH series and S1H have been highly rated for their functions / performance, such as unlimited video recording time and various shooting assist functions."


    They cannot answer in detail cause they are disconnected from their customers. A proper PDAF system was requested by the wast majority of their users for many years now, but Panasonic stubbornly insists in not listening.

  • @Eno

    A proper PDAF system was requested by the wast majority of their users for many years now, but Panasonic stubbornly insists in not listening.

    It is not the case, as far as I understand it is part of their agreements with Sony. And Sony properly fragments market that uses their sensors by either not allowing some models, delaying other models or not allowing certain features.

  • Both Panasonic and Olympus shared their thoughts about the future of the system.


    • We've tried designing an f/1.0 lens, but it's hard to deal with the autofocus system.
    • We are developing a new kind of product family
    • There will be a product something worth the wait
    • PEN-F didn't sell well...but a successor isn't excluded yet
    • We will not go into the Full Frame market
    • We will not join the L-mount system


    • We are developing both MFT cameras and lenses
    • Lenses with 800+ focal length are being discussed internally
  • Little strange announcement of new site

    OM Digital Solutions Corporation1 and Panasonic Corporation2 co- released the Micro Four Thirds System standard in 2008, and promoted its adoption throughout the camera industry. The Four Thirds System Forum Secretarial Office3, which operates and manages this standard, proudly announced today that the official Micro Four Thirds website ( has been redesigned to coincide with Four Thirds Day, April 3, 2021. The redesigned site uses the latest technology to enhance the overall user experience. It is equipped with a search function for Micro Four Thirds products, making the website easier for customers to use, and offers mobile-friendly compatibility for responsive viewing of images and content that render beautifully, across all popular devices, such as PCs, tablets and smartphones.

    As a shared standard, Micro Four Thirds has facilitated the development of a diverse range of lineups and systems that transcend the boundaries of manufacturers, expanding the potential for enjoyment and application of images, and is currently supported by 56 companies, including companies focusing on BtoB operations. Offering high image quality, our compact, lightweight systems have won support from many customers, and in 2020 became the best-selling4 lens by mount in the Japanese interchangeable lens camera market. Through this website, we will provide content such as product information and convey the merits of Micro Four Thirds to more customers, continuing to promote the Micro Four Thirds System standard.

    Major points of update

    1. Easy-to-view appearance compatible with a variety of devicesA responsive web design has been adopted. This optimizes the display of content in response to the screen size of the device used, such as smartphones or tablets, resulting in design that is easy to view and use.
    2. Search function for Micro Four Thirds products addedA search function has been added that allows users to find equipment that meets their needs from among a wide range of products from participating companies, without being constrained by the limits of any particular manufacturer. This function also features direct links to the websites of each company so that users can obtain more detailed information with ease.
  • every time I use the panasonic mobile app i hope the m43 system goes extinct

  • @LongJohnSilver

    Just imagine of it will be really caring people who will make such software.

    Instead companies like Panasonic just outsource development to random Indian sweet farm. And you get that you get.

  • Compared to the Fujifilm app, the Panasonic one looks a masterpiece. Nobody makes the Fuji one works - in my case, the app even locks my X-S10 to the state that I have to remove the camera battery.

  • I keep asking myself: why a GoPro user has a nearly perfect app and a Pana/Fuji user must have this crap. I don't even know where to start. If moneys are too tight to mention [cit.] just make a free API so peoples out there can develop an APP worth his salt. Panasonic App is an insult to programming.

    Every time I launch the Panny app, a UX designer dies, somewhere in the world.

    There are countless examples of free API that created huge communities of enthusiasts and developers. After all, that's what this place was born for. My butcher is better than Panasonic marketing dept. manager.

    Why the hell a company/camera famous for its video capabilities doesn't have an app which permit to me to see a video preview on my phone? Is it a question of processor power? (rhetoric question). A 100$ GoPro5 is capable of video streaming on my phone and a 1500$ GH5 is not. My experience is miserable. I don't know if a S5 SH* is capable but I don't think so.