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Destiny of m43 mount cameras, how soon production will stop
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    Stay tuned for our text interview at Photokina later.

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  • It's not April 1st ;)

  • @tosvus

    It's not April 1st ;)

    Exactly, it is not April 1st, it makes it all much worse.

  • Team too tired, so wait a little more until text will be finished.

  • Just seen announcement of 10-25m 1.7 M43 lens - surely not the sign of a dying format? M43 seems very popular with video people (I don't know about photography) - what makes you believe its dying?

  • We need to transcribe around 30 minutes of interview (not so easy with Japanese speakers), so, please understand.

  • Ok cool - I wait to read the transcription, thanks

  • @tubefingers

    Recording quality sucks, as we had been asked to turn off and not use proper microphone.

  • Japanese English communicating with Russian English should be enlightening... Who are the people in the pic anyway? Both Olympus and Panasonic has clearly reaffirmed their commitment to m43.

  • Yeah, not sure why the sudden doom and gloom, but let's see the interview.

  • Guy at the center is Uematsu Michiharu, he is like farther of m43 stuff in Panasonic.

    technical adviser with actually bigger role.

  • @brudney

    It is clickbait title :-)

    Do not worry so much, despite my sources tell that we will have trouble with good new m43 cameras they assured that both cameras and lenses will be developed and released.

  • I was hoping clickbait titles would be limited to YouTubers ;)

  • Vitaliy in the inside likes clickbate and yellow news

  • Logically, though… the full frame cameras and lenses are enormous. IMHO there will be a lot of M43 users who don't want to "upgrade" to that format. Yes, I know they all want the big margins, but in business a buck is a buck, so you take what you can get.

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  • As how you can be sure in the company that makes such booth?



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  • Personally, I think it is just a matter of time before the M/43 format goes away. Although I am mainly into photography it still doesn't change the fact that you get better lowlight performance and image quality with FF or APSC sized sensors. There is only so much you can squeeze out of a lemon and they squeezed this particular lemon M/43 to the max IMO. People can say full frame is so much bigger etc and while this may be true it does have some benefits as well e.g not carrying around a bunch of lighting gear so they kinda offset each other to a certain degree.

    The real problem that I see is people don't like the idea that they have invested money into a system that will eventually just fade away. Well this is progress and just like the Nikon F mount the Canon EOS mount etc everything eventually changes with progress so you just have to eat it and except it.

    I have a bad habit of buying new cars every 3 or 4 years was there something wrong with my older cars? No technology improved and I wanted the latest and greatest so I bought it. This is the same thing with camera gear it's just happening a lot faster. I still have my Nikon F mount gear but only because I did not see anything that makes me want to jump ship yet. Having said that the L=Mount looks really good and if I am going to jump ship into mirrorless I will eventually need new lenses anyways so the Panasonic FF Mirrorless with L-Mount looks like something I might want to get into. Progress people nothing stays the same ;-)

  • Azo, why do you think everyone need more low light performance, or a bigger sensor just for the heck of it? Obviously any format will die at some point but I'm damn tired of hearing know-it-alls predicting the end of m43, as they have been wrong every year since it came out.

  • Predicting the future is a fool's game. Lot's of it going on at personal-view! Clickbait topic titles also don't inspire confidence in this "personal view".

  • For many, the argument of less size and more important, less weight, is more important than better low light and better bokeh. No matter how good a camera is, if you do not take it with you because it is too heavy, it is a waste of money.

    APS-C has long survived besides FF in the Canon world. And APS-C is much closer to FF in size and weight than M43 it to FF. So from my perspective, M43 and FF together from one company makes much more sense than APS-C and FF. Because with M43 and FF you can serve really different needs of the customers. With APS-C snd FF not so much.

    Just my 2 cents.

  • @tosvus Whoah take it easy.

    1. I never stated that EVERYONE needs a bigger sensor.
    2. I also never stated that everyone needs more lowlight performance.

    Basically, I stated the facts in regards to sensor size and image quality and my opinion on the future of M/43 format. Now having said that if you are happy with the M/43 sensor and image quality good for you but don’t get your panties in a bunch just becuase I stated the facts about sensor size and image quality. I like Panasonic cameras but the M/43 sensor is a little to small for my needs. Having said that I will probably buy the full frame Panasonic camera when it comes out.

    We don’t need to agree on everything but please be civil so that I can respond in a similar manner.

  • +1 AKED, makes a lot of sense for Panny to keep developing both formats, just like Canikons keep developing FF and APSC (which as you said are quite similar).

    And yeah, unless everyone starts needing paper thin dof and shooting in the dark, m43 is more than enough (well, maybe not for huge prints). People usually switch to FF because they think having a bigger sensor will make them better photographers or because of greed (euphemistically called GAS).

  • I shoot with EVA now but still have a GH4 and love the compact size of the M43 kit, would be a shame if they faded it out