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Official Nikon Hacks, D7000, D7100, D3100, D3200, D5100, V1, V2, J1, D4, D800 and Nikon Tool
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  • I am trying hard not to get overly excited about this, but it is extremely difficult not to be. If we could raise mbps on D7000 with this development, that would make my Christmas.
  • @Bumkicho,

    You're not the only one getting excited. I also hope for a similar or possible greater level of performance as the GH2, but that might be too much to ask for.
  • Guys, no fantasies here.
    This topic is located in development category.
  • @Vitaliy,

    Just got excited by the possibilities. I will try the development category.
  • Hi all.
    Thank you Vitaliy and Simeone for great job!

    I'm new in the sphere of disassembling of camera's sources as for Nikon it didn't make sense before. Now I'm trying to get deeper in this. But I have some issues. I've decrypted D7000_0102.bin file with ntool, I've installed IDA pro 5 and downloaded "FR processor module for IDA Pro" from your site and now I'm looking for IDA 4.9 because as I understand I need it to load db.

    Could some one please describe full process as it is done for Pentax( In pentax page there are only free tools described, of course it makes sense for most people, but if not free tools will be more useful, please describe them also.

    Sorry if my post/question seems stupid/easy but I'm new in this topic. I'm java developer and have experience with assembler only from university.
  • @Alexey

    We work only with IDA Pro Free (previous work with Pentax was at IDA 4.9)
    About FR processor module.
    We need dedicated guy who'll solve few problems with IDA 5.0 Free and also will improve it slightly.
  • @Alexey

    Same as me. I also have programming experience, but I am new to disassembling firmware so not sure how to get started. Would really like to contribute once the right tools like IDA 5.0 with FR process module are available.
  • @dtrashr

    You can install IDA 5 Free, free BCC compiler, get SDK for 5.0, and try to compile FR Module.
    It is not big.
    Ater this I'll tell you that we need to do.
  • @Alexey,

    Whatever you guys can do to help Vitaliy, Simeon and Roos would be greatly appreciated by myself and all of the rest of the Nikon DSLR community.
  • i don't have credit card, i'd like to donate now. moneygram?
  • @Mdagohoy,

    I don't think they want to take donations, atleast not at this time. I think it is because if they did, they would feel like they were obligated to produce a hack for those who donated. Right now, I think anything like a hack is a little premature due to the fact that they are still trying to understand the encrypted firmware coding, which is appears to be very difficult.
  • >due to the fact that they are still trying to understand the encrypted firmware coding, which is appears to be very difficult.

    Your words sounds strange.
    Firmware is fully decrypted, tool is present to put back all changes and flash even.
    SO, now it is disassembly stage and to make it we need to fix few things and make FR Processor model running in IDA 5.0 Free.
  • @Vitaliy,

    I know that the firmware has been decrypted , but I got the impression that Simeon and the others were a long ways off from locating which line or lines of code were associated with such things as could be useful in the D7000 such as increases in bitrates , live histograms and other video centric features. I am more than glad to be mistaken.
  • @Vitaliy,

    I also think that most of the guys working on the decrypting/hack firmware project besides yourself, are do so to more or less improve the photo centric side of the Nikon DSLR cameras not so much for video.
  • anything new going on with hack?
  • so where do we write the wishlist? :) Great to see some initial progress on the D7000 firmware.
  • Maybe when a "hack" is finally developed that can offer different bitrates, as well as others video centric features, the "hack" could be applied to any new Nikon DSLRs.
  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev,

    So which should we be looking at for decompiling, IDA 4.9 Free or 5.0 Free?
    So far I do not have any experience in assembly or machine code (have 5 years programming experience in higher level languages), but I'm willing to put some time into learning what I can if it would help this project.
  • @matt1128
    I suggest you to read few messages back.
    First FR mosule must be properly compiled for IDA 5.0 Free.
  • I hope someone will really get this hack going soon. I tried to dabble at it and realized things in this nature are just over my head.
  • To work on Fujitsu processor module you'll need:

    BCC command line tools

    How to install

    IDA 5.0 SDK
    FInd it yourself

    Also you'll need special ida.lib from libbor.w32
    It is not available publically, you can contact me and talk about this (as it needs few things fixed)

    Also suggest this free tool (as it'll be required to nake some mods to FR module) :
  • sorry but if someone speak french and could tell me if there is the hack for the nikon d7000,
    desole mais est ce que quelqu un peut me dire on sa en est , si on peut rever hacker le d7000
  • NTool updated to v1.3

    Now it can extract all JPEG images located inside firmware
    No new parameters are required, it'll just place them in appropriate folders
  • what the news for the video with the hack of the d7000
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