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Official Nikon Hacks, D7000, D7100, D3100, D3200, D5100, V1, V2, J1, D4, D800 and Nikon Tool
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    I made tool aimed at end users.

    Click here for download.

    It uses full fledged PTool engine and easy to run on Mac and Linux also (using Wine or WineBottler).

    Version history

    v2.55, 14 June 2013

    * Added battery patch for D3200 v1.01.
    * Added support for Nikon J1 v1.30 (only text patch).
    * Added support for Nikon J2 v1.10 (only text patch).
    * Added support for Nikon J3 v1.10 (only text patch).
    * Added support for Nikon V1 v1.30 (only text patch).
    * Added support for Nikon V2 v1.10 (only text patch).
    * Added support for Nikon S1 v1.10 (only text patch).

    v2.50a, 27 May 2013

    * Added support and patches for D7000 v1.04.
    * Added support and patches for D3200 v1.01.
    * Added patches for D3100 v1.01.
    * Added patches for D5100 v1.01.
    * Added support for D600 v1.01 (only text patch).
    * Added support for D800 v1.02 (only text patch).
    * Added support for D800E v1.02 (only text patch).
    * Added support for Nikon J1 v1.20 (only text patch).
    * Added support for Nikon V1 v1.21 (only text patch).


    * Added support for D7000 v1.03 (video limit and text patch).
    * Added support for D3100 v1.01 (video limit and text patch).
    * Added support for D5100 v1.01 (video limit and text patch).
    * Added support for J1 v1.11 (only text patch).
    * Added support for V1 v1.11 (only text patch).

    P.S. Many patches originally made by S. Pilgrim.

    382 x 630 - 49K
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  • It also uses Fujitsu FR LSI that is good known by usage in Pentax and Samsung DSLRs.
    See my previous project :-)

    Looks like it is time to fix few bugs in FR CPU module and make it work on IDA Free.
  • So your thinking of adding Nikon to P-V?
    Or does this help GH2 as well?
  • Hey Vitaliy! What does this mean about Nikon and your future work? :) :)
  • I just recently sold my hacked 2011 model GH1 for a Nikon D7000. I am amazed how much the footage from the d7000 looks likes the footage from the hacked GH1. If someone like Vitaliy could hack the Nikon d7000( which also uses I,P and B frames in its video similar to the GH2) that would be really great!
  • Plan to hack Pentax K-5?
  • I made simple working extractor based on ideas of Simeon.
  • Ok... Got it... mmm.... looks like Nikon wants extra units sold due to the VK hack! :-D

    So D7000 reads UHS-1 cards... AND... has 2 card slots... all we need to know now is if its ture 8bit or 10bit colour and I am shotgunning the Nikon faster than you can say Nikon!

    What Nikon would be your current hit list @VK?

    Good thing I only buy Nikon glass... :D Go for it VITALIY!!!!
  • Vitaliy,

    I just tried your tool on D7000 firmware, but now I have no clue what to do with two bin files and a res file. Maybe it is more than a person like me can handle :) I just hope this development can progress like GH2 hack did.
  • @bumkicho that tool is just the decryptor- those files then need to be feed into an IDE (that translates the machine code into lines of code dependent on the processor used) - correct me if I am wrong VK...
  • does this firmware hack get rid of the On Screen Display when using hdmi?

    As a cinema guy, if i could lose all the extra info and just have a clean video signal, i could use an external digital video recorder to bypass the sd cards and lower-quality h.264 codec.
  • ooh, talking about the D7000, here. Thans for all the hard work, Vitaliy!
  • @cowboycoffee hold your horse's... this has ONLY just been decrypted- now comes the fun part for VK to work out exactly how everything 'likes' to work... (at least with the GH2 he had a 'bit' of an idea because of the GH1)

    Then again, knowing VK- and the fact that he has been a little absent on PV lately - he is probably already adding patches for the D7000 for release in the next PTool. :-D
  • Does this mean we're going to need a new donation button for Nikon support? *wink wink* ;)
  • @alcomposer i understand. just throwing that out there.

    This has to be one of the biggest needs of the pro community, though. Bypass h.264, using a clean hdmi signal to a Atomos or Ki Pro Mini, and you're saving many many filmmakers from having to bump up to a Red Scarlet.

    It would change everything.
  • OMG Finally! I'd love to see stuff for my D7000, I'd gladly donate when something final comes out :D
  • Hmmm, another new interesting development. If Vitaliy's gonna spend time on it, I'll defo develop some patches. The D7000 looks excellent in low light already. :-)
  • @Driftwood,

    That would be really awesome!
  • OMG!! dreamin of some added magic to the d7000. definitely would contribute some money to that. Even if it doesn't mean a new firmware tool for Nikon cameras, great job Vitaliy on the decrypt!
  • I am in for a donation if we can get D7000 video quality increases - don't own the camera yet but I know the sensor is capable of incredible dynamic range and low light quality. It is a monster for stills and Nikon lenses with aperture rings are cheap.

    Best of luck!
  • Awesome! You guys rock, so I just donated and start dreaming about manual control in video mode for the D5100 maybe some day :)
  • yeah, pure awesome. i donated, too
  • This news is the only reason to think about buying Nikon again. I love the lenses and use them on canons and on my GH2 but their lunch has been eaten by Canon for some years now. They,nikon would be smart to help VK but smarts aren't running the companies. But I'm hoping
    thanks VK this is great news
    A potential buyer of Nikon There is many of us.. is there anybody out there NIKON hello
  • considering that the D7000 is UHS-1 compliant- this should mean that VK could leverage at least 50MB/s + out of this camera! Thats the same and higher than Scarlet X... looks like its going to be one hell of an A cam next to the GH2!!!! But remember that considering what Lenses you like to use, (and the mythical Samyang Cine Kit 2012) a Nikon mount is ONLY a Nikon Mount :-( While a m43 is ANYTHING... (unless you decide to carve off the front of your cam... it can be done!)

    What a year 2012 is going to be!
  • My only missing for d7000 is the lack of ability to change aperture during video recording :| why i can't focus at f1.4 to a close subject and then pass to f11 and have the perfect background in focus? If i can i will help developing plugins.
  • Simeon has put up a donate page, saying he'll continue his firmware efforts, if he can raise 500$ for "Ida Pro" (whatever that is). :-)

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