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Official Nikon Hacks, D7000, D7100, D3100, D3200, D5100, V1, V2, J1, D4, D800 and Nikon Tool
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  • Judging by VK's comments, it seems there is very little we can realistically expect at this moment. I guess the first question should be if Vitaliy foresees this development going anywhere or not.
  • Main problem right now is that Simeon looks pretty scared.
    Going from "I need money for IDA Pro" to "I won't do anything besides encryption".
  • I think he just doesn't want to have anyone waiting thinking that he owes them anything. That would be my assumption. Have you thought about hacking it Vitaliy or are you busy with the other hacks?
  • Just let's wait now.
    I could help a little.
    But don't have any time now.
    We have few new panasonic projects ahead and new firmware for GH2 also.
  • If you ever get the time to look into it, I'm sure a lot of Nikon users would be happy to donate for the needed hardware etc. Me included. But I understand that you are super busy now.
  • I might just start such a project to create a hacked firmware. Its a long time since i did assembler, but machine code is always machine code and it cant be that much more complicated than coding compilers. A lot of new stuff to learn ofcourse and a lot to relearn too, but this could actually be a such a project that could revitalize my interest in coding.

    Getting the checksums and encryption right to actually enable a modified firmware to be accepted by the camera would be the hard part for me. My skills are old and modern encryption is young in comparison. Tracing the code to figure out what it does and modify it to do slightly different things on the other hand would be much more in line with my former line of work.
  • I agree that discovering the checksum CRC algorithm is the next important thing. Simeon did a little test on his blog where he changed a single text character, and the the update failed so the checksum is clearly used during firmware updates.
  • Hopefully Simeon will reconsider his position and help with firmware the firmware hacking of the Nikon D7000
  • >I agree that discovering the checksum CRC algorithm is the next important thing.

    Just checksum. CRC stands for specific algorithms (usually CRC32 and CRC16).
    It can be done by reversing.

    >Hopefully Simeon will reconsider his position and help with firmware the firmware hacking of the Nikon D7000

    Yep. Also hope for this.
  • I'd want a hack for the D7000 so bad. Maybe someone who's interested and knows what he is doing could start a kickstarter.
  • Someone just loaded a modified firmware. Looks like theres progress after all.
  • D7000 firmware parts use the xmodem algorithm and that the archive doesnt need a checksum at all. After that, changing the words, applying the checksum and crypto before loading it into the camera was pretty straight forward.
  • @toenee

    You can invite them here :-)
  • There is more discussion and information from the people that did the checksum discovery in the comments here:


    Was it you? In that case congratulations!
  • D7000 A and B files use xmodem type CRC16, big endian encoding on the whole file except the checksum itself. The bundled file doesn’t need to be signed, the camera loads it fine anyway. We didn’t do much testing on the D5100 or the D3s files, however we couldn’t make it work with the same algorithm.
    Just confirmed that the B firmware for the D7000 is using the big endian CRC16, but seems the FR CPU is big endian, that implies they copied the little endian code.
    A firmware checksums all workout fine using the above mentioned method, but the B’s don’t… the plot thickens… You’re also correct, it does not work for the D3100 or D5100.

  • Is ntools, the precursor to getting fully involved then VK? Or is @roos picking up from simeon?
  • Yip it was roos and his friend that found the CRC, for all but the D5100 & D3100, which I found overnight, and just posted the code
  • @Simeon

    Thanks, good news.
    I try to make simple GUI tool after weekend.
  • @Vitaliy

    Thanks for any input you can provide.
  • Hi!
    you to a great and importent Job on catching this high Potential, esp. for the GH2!
    (Love this possibilties and your Work)

    I think the D5100 (i own) has the best APS-C Sensor on the Market.
    But poorly horrable limitations in the Video Mode!

    - ISO in Video is not adjustable(!) ..many here don't notice!
    - Shutter Speed in Video is not adjustable.
    (- and the Aperture in Livew. not changing until Livew. off/on)
    - more Bitrate would always be fine..

    I would give a big donate if you can do something on this.
    Best Regarts and good luck
  • @Mika23
    Since it lacks a Live View histogram, I think the Nikon D5100 actually works best in Auto-ISO mode when shooting video. However, it is possible to preset the camera's aperture and shutter speed. Here's a link to a detailed description of the technique I use:
  • Wow. Respect LPowell. YOU got the point exactly.
    Very nice to see that People are thinking and spending time much about Nikon D5100 Video Mode, i didn't know that. (I was very frustrated until today) Thaught that only possibility improving Nikon Video is wait and buy next Models in coming years. :-(

    Yes! Better Results with CPowell's Help in Auto ISO (max. is 200) Aperture Mode works now manually.
    I was reading once the Shutter Speed will not go under 1/30 anyway, iso setting that will be overwrighted!?

    I still think D5100 (& D7000..) and GH2 (and GH3..!) have THE Potential / the BEST compromises on market to do what everybody wants, pointed to the Hardware. (and i don't like canon).

    My wishes:
    Any 60p Mode (720p ok..), kind of metering, bitrate / codec improvements and a quicker Access to the manual Funktions.
    Thank you all
  • @Mika23,

    I hope also for enabling 60fps even if it is in the 720P mode
  • Big Nikonians dream is to have video on D700 (not d7000) like the D3S does...
  • I updated NTool to v1.2

    Now you can change firmware and pack all back.
    It'll recalculate all CRC sums.
    It also checks CRC sums in existing file, just in case.
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