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PTool v3.63d topic
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  • With this site I am like a crack addict who ordered his crack in the mail and has to check it repeatedly everyday to see if it came yet. Godspeed Vitaliy cure me of this cruel addiction with the glory of the new Ptool.
  • @vit You did check that box that says "Don't brick my camera", right?

    ...only kidding!

  • We have Faq (look at the top menu).
    But it had been started not long ago.
    Plus read beginners topic. It'll help.
  • hi, maybe its a not good qustion but im new in this topics, how can i confirm that the PTool v3.63d is working property in my gh2 camera?? i did all the procedure but i really don't see much difference apparently.

    please help!! don't you have a dummies tutorial??
  • anyone can test I believe, I don't know how to get 2fps mode but I know it's here somewhere
  • I also would like to test, I'm interested in the 2 fps MJPEG mode. please let me know how can i get it?
  • "It's done, when it's done."

    Referring to Doom 3, Quoted in John Carmack Biography

  • @Vitaliy
    Any idea about date of new ptool?
  • @Oedipax

    I meant 50i vs 60i, whether I should check the box (PAL<->NTSC) or not for 50i. etc etc. If it depends on the firmware supplied, or if my PAL camera is always PAL unless I check that box and it makes it NTSC. Does it stay NTSC, or does every hacked firmware updated change the 'base' setting of the camera when you check that.

    IE: Stock camera is PAL, tick PAL<->NTSC, update, is now NTSC camera, next update tick PAL<->NTSC and is now PAL again?
  • geehtwo I'm pretty sure this is a weak troll attempt. What is the point?
  • @jeffryalan's in the works.
  • what to do with the new firmware for the GH2 just out?

    How to use please with ptools?
  • @longjohn

    Simple as that: you want them to spend some time on sorting, or on developing...
    Just try to keep up, it 's worth it.
  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev Would there be any chance of providing AVCHD FPS setting for 1080i enabling to remove frame 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, etc... ? I would use this for the INTRA setting 1080i. Sortof test I wouldnt mind doing you see.
  • LOL @ "that topic is well known and has been covered extensively"

    yes, quite typical. It is important to note that many of the people in the NnD are using that space not just for those who "know the current state of the hack", but are using it to IMPROVE the hack. This is where these people work, do their research, consult each other. The above answer is given because they are not concerned with already covered topics, but with improving the hack. They're on the frontier, and letters from back home seem quaint.


    kindly cease and desist discussion of this subject on this, the "3.63" thread, lest the wrath of Vitaliy descend and move your comments, or worse . . . delete them. In fact, IDK why I posted this here . . . I'm really only making things worse at this point. maybe I like to get in @Vitaliy_Kiselev 's hair. :-)
  • You nailed it, jeffryalan. And in doing so, you've put in specific relief how GOOD this forum really is. Well said!
  • The problem lies in people asking questions where they oughtn't. Not questions they oughtn't, just in places they shouldn't. This floods threads with irrelevant dialogue exchanges (like this one, btw) effectively making it harder to read the thread and get what it is about and how it has progressed. I say it makes it harder, not impossible. I joined several months back, and that was only after a LOT of reading. I asked questions only after trying to find an answer in the threads (I never use the search, I have read enough to know which threads might touch on particular subjects), and I only asked a question on a thread if it fit with the CURRENT discussion ongoing, otherwise, I pm'ed.

    Basically what I've got to say is, no offense, but learn to read forums. Don't go asking a forum to be something it is not, that isn't fair. Reading forums is different from other practices of gathering information. You have to learn the clues that indicate it is time to skim, and time to really read.

    Since I see that nobody has axed this off topic discussion here yet, there is now a thread for this to be discussed further (which I was about to create myself but was smart enough to LOOK FOR MYSELF FIRST in the "off topic" category). Someone else created it already, but didn't reroute this discussion that direction.
  • It isnt elitist. Ask decent questions and you get answers. Ask me any questions using PM about my patches. No problem.
  • I noted the same things weeks ago and... I was nearly crucified :)

    Today I suggested for a more standard way to describe patches and... again. It seems that the forum became a little harsh lately.

    The traffic and post here grew up a lot and now information are buried under tons of post and the embedded search engine became useless so right now Google is your best friend but also google cannot perform searches per thread (at least I don't know how to do).

    Anyway there are two options: I'm a lame or there should be a bit of truth if some users are saying the same thing (slaves riot) :)

    I think that who spend a lot of time here testing and developing patches don't realize how it became difficult to orient oneself here now.

    Maybe I was wrong, but at the beginning, this wonderful project (I started with a GF1 on dvixuser) wasn't meant to be so elitist.

    Good night
  • @Brian_Siano don't twist my words. I basically said there is usually a thread or disclaimer that says READ FIRST, ask second. I don't support spoon feeding you the information. If you want the faq so bad why don't you volunteer to help.

    The rest of us want to spend our time to test and develop patches and ptool. For end user If you simply open ptools you can see what it does and there are plenty of hints in it to help you and lots of info on this site. Please don't quote me again if you are going to twist my words like that or mention me in your statements. thanks.
  • This is great news. We just need someone to agree to run the wiki and everything should run more smoothly. This will also help Vitaliy save time on answering the same questions over and over.

    A question I have not seen before however is if we will be able to use the current version of ptools on the updated firmware that should be coming any day now.
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