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PTool v3.63d topic
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  • Can I install v1.1 even if my firmware is updated to 3.63d?

  • Anyone using successfully GH1 with the ISO patch?

  • yes you have to import first always

  • You maybe right, my 166x , class 10 card just came, I'm gonna try that, and see if my FCPX will recognize the clips. Do i need to import from the card to the drive then to FCPX, would there be any difference?

  • @clarkpnoy

    FCPX -- just import from the card, if you're using any Driftwood patches it will be fine.

    Looking at your previous posts it could be that you have a slow card.

  • I don't have any issues editing my 5Dmk2 clips. I also don't have a problem editing Sony AVCHD camcorder (500V).

  • /exilenorth What is your work flow, I am having problems processing my clips, it comes out jerky like side to side movement. I can edit on Vegas 11, FCPEXPRESS, FCPX, AND PPROCS5.5. I also tried to convert my M2ts file to mov but it is still jerky, what am I doing wrong? help!

  • The latest PTool 3.63d have produced some very impressive breakthroughs and with that I continue to push the firmware to some very extreme limits only to find stability and quality. Like some, we may be waiting for awhile for the next generation of Ptool, but it will come. I have posted a new piece with using Driftwoods 244 as the foundation coupled with 3.63d. It is ....... brilliant.

  • I succesfully hacked to 3.63, amazing HD footage. I changed the setting to 24L and it doesn't lock up anymore, I am still recording at 1080p. Thanks for the info.
  • @clarkpnoy what hack did you use? Yeah, if it locks up you usually remove battery, then on again. Typically most cards work with between 40-70mb hacks. More than that you need cards that can do constant writes above 15mb as tested by this:

    If your write speed is below 10 MByte/s you need to lower the hack or buy faster cards.
  • Hi Vitaliy,
    motion recording was cancelled and screen locked, what do i do now, remove battery and turn on again?
  • Ok, thanks Vitaliy
  • @clarkpnoy

    Try to click FAQ on top. I mean site menu.
  • Well I clicked on this, got ptool3.exe. opened it and when I pressed load firmware, it was looking for the firmware, and it wasn't on the zip file, where do I look for that?

  • Thanks Tomaso, been very impressed with GH2, I still have my 5D mkii as my main camera using manual lenses. Auto focus on GH2 will help me a lot on my Steadicam Stabilizer. I just need to get a setup on GH2 that will match my 35mm Rokinon on my 5D. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  • Thanks lenuisible!
  • Just klick on the third link directly under heading "Firmware manipulation tool"!!
    Well I guess you get misslead by the screenshot saying 3.40d but it still points to 3.63d as far as I can see. There is no later official version than 3.63 yet.

  • I already tried successfully hacked my GH2 to 42mbps, after some trial and error. The secret for me was adding .bin to the hacked firmware. I just cannot follow the instruction on how to get Ptool V3.63d, from that website. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  • Yes, this is where you get the main info. Before using ptool I suggest that you read some of the threads here on personal-view to get more understanding. Remember to only use ptool with fully charged original bateries and NOT with poweradepter. This is the most important to remember.
  • Look at top of this thread !
  • Where can I download PTool v3.63d ?
  • Hack addicts. ;)
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