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The Colors of Fall
  • First of all, I am WELL aware that some of the slider shots are not perfect in this video due to the fact I'm using a piece of junk Optek that I was just testing to see if I could see myself having any use to own a descent slider, turns out I liked the results enough to purchase a slider with ball bearings that I haven't received yet, and am hoping for much better results. Also, some of the shots have had a pinch of post stabilizing added to them and we all know that's not a flawless method. Basically this video was shot mainly to test the whole "slider" thing, a Sigma 30mm, and a Voightlander 25mm (along with some Voightlander 17.5 that I exchanged the 25mm for.) I believe 98% of the shots are done with Flowmotion v2, and 2 clips (time lapse of clouds and the shot after) were shot on a Panasonic AC130. I was also trying to achieve a some what "flat" BMCC color grade by using a combination of 2 MB looks and a few other things in Sony Vegas, which seemed headed in the right direction as far as the grade (let me know what I could do to improve the look). Any feedback would be nice, but like I said already, I'm aware that the slider shots are not flawless, and there are a lot of them....that's the point of testing right? : ) Any other questions just ask.

    I will try and have a vimeo version online by tomorrow.

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  • i really enjoyed it! love the look!

  • Great shots.

  • Thanks for the nice comments