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Driftwood Settings, Series 5: Cluster v6 ULTRA RELIABLE, Mysteron, Crossfire, Quantum 9B, Sedna...
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  • HDR Timelapse Test, Mysteron Burst

  • @driftwood - Tried out Crossfire Skin Tone on a shoot yesterday, and I must say that it performed quite admirably. Not that I'd expect anything else!

    Screen shot 2012-06-19 at 12.00.52 PM (2).png
    1920 x 1200 - 2M
  • Playing at home with Cluster V4 3Gop Q20, Dynamic BW, 50 mm Nikon 1.4, ISO 400. When I play the files out of ClipWrap on QT, it looked strange on the out of focus areas (like heavy noise), but after FCX looks good to me, anyone detecting any problem?

  • @joeDirt3 hai how did mysteron burst spanned for u??? it works in 24p?? how many seconds did u get it well??? it never spanned for me more than 10 or maximum 20 sec it would record. some shots do some shots wont. did u changed something???

  • @driftwood When using a possibly slower memory card, in the GH2, does that limit the transfer rate and quality? ...and is that why incam playback works with these 'slower' cards?

    With Cluster v4 12/15 GOP.

    1.) Using a Sandisk Extreme Pro 32GB (95MB/s) card, incam playback only worked for a few seconds then quit. I was in 24L mode. All video was recorded to memory card ...had to view it on my desktop computer as you stated before.

    2.) In 24H mode ...Incam playback of video on GH2 display was "successful" with Lexar Platinum II 32GB Class 10 (Max read speed: 15 MB/s, MIn write speed: 10 MB/s). The playback on GH2 displayed every entire clip. Link to Lexar card descriptor:

  • I have the 16gb sandisc 95mbs extreme card. Im mostly interested in the Sedna AQ1, & Driftwood Cluster V4 12/15GOP Variation.

    Was wondering what you guys think i should use?

  • *** NEW *** CROSSFIRE Variation 3: VY Canis Majoris 'Night matrix setting' + Cluster 24p/HBR 30p/25p GOP1 meets Cluster v4 GOP12/15 720p modes with adjusted I scaling tables. Perfect looking buffers. Another great crossbreed setting. Recommend to use Standard, Smooth or Vibrant picture profile.

    See page 1 for link.

  • @Driftwood, you are killing me with all these settings, decision decision decision, Thank you for your hard work as always =)

    @joeDirt03 nice shot of the Jackie Robinson highway, I always hated that merge during rush hour haha

  • @driftwood. Nick, you have out done yourself again. This latest Crossfire variation 3 is gorgeous. 24p is outstanding. The best HBR yet at 70-80 mb/s. with a Panny 14-140mm AFC, OIS it only experiences write errors/lock ups when you fully zoom to 140mm. 720p60 very good. SH Starts with low bitrates of 30+ but will pick up bitrates as detail increases up to 60mb/s. The only issue is 1080i60 FSH/FH. It records with bitrates of 70-80 mbs for both FSH and FH (which is interesting). It write errors rather quickly even using 64gb 95mbs card. I would have expected FH to come in lower bitrate where we could live with it. Any idea why and whether that could be corrected? I really like this setting...

  • I tried out cluster v4 today, not 100% sure but I think it was the 6gop variation.. (I can check if you have any interest from this information).. Recording choked on a 64gb 95mbps sandisk once and I had multiple "cannot record, file number exceeded" errors, I had to format the card once to get it to record again but most of the time it was solvable with battery-pulls and file / folder resets. These problems normally occured after longer (succesfully spanned) recordings.

    I recorded in 24p H, ntsc mode.. Pretty detailed images with mostly highlights in them. I think I'll try out the new crossfire settings to see if that works better.

    From an IQ POV it looks very much like previous recordings I did with canis majoris night (from the same scene).

  • @driftwood You're losing me Nick.

    Is CROSSFIRE Variation 3: VY Canis Majoris 'Night matrix setting' + Cluster 24p/HBR 30p/25p GOP1 meets Cluster v4 GOP12/15 720p modes with adjusted I scaling tables. Just night settings or is it adjusted for a 24 hour setting?

    I love CM night but not in daylight.

  • @apix, i used to live on Metropolitan ave right off the Jackie. Every weekend there's a accident on that bitch!!! just two lanes, twists and turns aint no joke..

  • @rajamalik That looked great. I love the sharp, low-contrast, low-saturation, lightly colorized look. Worked great for this. Hate zoos, though.

  • Are image flicker and shadow pulsing hack related or is it just some camera glitch like ISO bug? It's just so random and I can't replicate the problem. I also can't see it on camera, it only becomes visible on the computer, so it's a big problem for me due to some extreme cases making shots unusable.

  • @peternap Its quite simple really. Its Canis Majoris Night setting (all modes Intra) except 720p is utilising Cluster V4's 12/15 GOP and mjpeg mode is now setup for 2k.

  • Which setting should i try lower first to achieve spanning in 25p? in quantum 9b for example?

  • @driftwood Nick, I tested your latest setting on my motion deathchart on ISO1600, 250s and F/8

    24H... no problems on Transcend 32GB 20mb/s, Sandisk 8GB 30mb/s and Sandisk 64GB 95mb/s Spans on 95mb/s card, spanned files not playable in camera

    HBR... same as above

    SH... records up to 40 seconds depending on the card but always freezes without a card write error... just stops at i.e. 22 seconds and the battery has to be pulled. I already lowered the ISO to 800, shutter speed to 100 and F/5.6 but that doesn't improve the symptoms at all. Looks like camera memory issues, not card write issues.

    How can we 'tame' the 720p setting? I don't expect it to be as good as 24H, that's impossible but I would like it to be safe without freezes. I did the same test for Cake 2.3 and the 720p setting in that setting works flawlessly, even at the ISO1600,250s,F/8 extreme torture test.

    Keep up the good work!

  • I have read through all of these pages and cannot find the answer to my question.

    I have the v4 12/15 GOP settings loaded onto my GH2 with the transcend 32gb card. When I try to shoot in 720 60p (ideal framerate for purpose), i get the write speed limitations error.

    Ptools says these settings should work with cards 30Mb/s or less, so I'm wondering if maybe it is user error. Unless my card simply isn't fast enough.

  • Are you shooting in 60/30 shutter on 720p60?

  • Here's a music video we did way back in March with Sedna! Can you spot the 60D footage?

  • I was shooting with the exposure mode on Program AE.

  • Can anyone tell me what the Sedna Q20 SetA 24L Recorded Bitrate is? Can't find any info on that in the thread. Thanks.

  • @kholi. Sedna A Q20 24L=77,000,000. 24H=154,000,000

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