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ColorGHear TOOLKIT- color grading SYSTEM for AE
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  • Little test grade from a local rap video shoot. Working with semi-poopy 60d footage. CGT; so powerful.image

    Screen shot 2012-05-29 at 9.39.59 PM.png
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  • Simple grade with CGT :)

  • @psywhisper That's awesome! Great work!

  • @shian Oh, thank you :)

  • Hi all and to you Shian! Here is a simple grading with CGT. In addition, there is another problem... Unable to login on site. I try safari,ff,chrome...When I click on login,nothing happens. I would like to watch a film school... Does anyone else have this problem?

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  • @Draganche you have to use the menu link at the top of the page


    Screen Shot 2012-06-07 at 2.07.54 AM.png
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  • @BadTripProject Try taking down the exposure a bunch like this. Maybe more like the second one actually...

    Nice Horse Man.jpg
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  • Ok. I try to login from tutorial-film school. Now works. Thanks @shian

  • Newest paid gig that you've been oh so helpful on, @shian . Thanks!

  • @Shian This may be a little off topic but it's worth a try. Is there a way in Color Ghear to ugly someone up like this?

  • @peternap This looks like local contrast on speed. Hiper speed. Probably some HDR like filter being applied. You can always post on the vimeo video and ask for instructions.

  • colored in part with color ghear... :)

  • Shian and others.. I have kind of Film School related question..

    I need a set of film lights (for indoors/outdoors shooting) but I´m not sure what to get... Money is not a big issue.. I have couple of thousand USD to spent on this.. What would you get to get the basic (yeah, I won´t be lighting whole buildings or whatever..) lighting (indoors/outdoors) done? Are there any good light sets?

    Thanks for any kind of a help!

  • Hey guy's! New simple colorgraid in CGT. Moscow, 2012 june, model Zap Zap.

  • MarkV what do you want to do?

  • @psywhisper, very nice! When you say glasses to make the flares, what do you mean exactly? Drinking glasses, eye glasses? Glass filter of some kind?

  • @psywhisper @RRRR great videos!! Tag them with ColorGHear and I'll add them to the channel.

    @MarkV the Arri kit is a good start,

    I'd add either one of these to the order -

    get some C-stands,

    sand bags,

    and a basic half flag and scrim kit.

    I will be showing you how to build your own flags and diffusion frames for next to nothing on the Film School series, but these half scrims and silks are really a must buy item, I don't yet have a good DIY solution for those yet. (The ones that have no support frame on one side that way you don't get a hard shadow edge off it.)

    The problem you run into, is that to really be any use outdoors in daylight you need at least a 1K because as soon as you add a gel to correct the color to sunlight, you lose nearly 2 stops of light. I don't know if Pyramid Films will ship to you, but I get used stuff from the Studios through them at ridiculously low prices. I bought four 2k B&M fresnels with double rise combo stands that Disney was offloading, for $600 TOTAL!!! The problem is, you never know when they're gonna have stock. AND everything they sell over 2K will blow the breakers on household power (a 20AMP circuit can only handle 2200 watts of load). You need a generator to run the bigger lights, which is why they have so many 4k and 5K lights left over.

  • @peternap I did something like that years ago, but it was really complicated, lots of layers, and masking... I don't have a simple solution for that kind of look yet.

  • @RRRR Mostly documentary style projects (buying a RED and set of PL cine lenses and probably that insane 50mm F0.95 Leica lens too.. for a big project that is now in preparation, so I'm calculating a budget right now..). I just need a good, solid set of lights to use here and there... inside/outside...

    @Shian Thanks! I'll go with that Arri set + 1000w (maybe two..) Arri and also I'd like to take some small adjustable LED light (Do you have any tips on a good LED lights?).. I won't go for the 2K ones, as I do not want to get a generator at this moment..

  • @shian sorry, I don't own the vimeo channel but I'll see what I can do. :)

    @MarkV make sure to plan for lighter (portable, quick to set up) use, not only full rigs – it also makes sense for the docu style, in other words - get some good led panels in different sizes. I really like Kino flo's for ambient light..

  • @Oedipax thank u. ^_^ i put an empty parfum bottle in front of the lens. @shian ok :)

  • @MarkV I didn't know it was for docu stuff. Check out the Dedo portable stuff. They have a full interview set that will fit in a backpack, and run on batteries or AC. They are super powerful, dimable, very small, light, and easy to use, and have foldable softlight options. The whole kit literally was designed so that you could take a studio setup like up into the Himalayas and do interviews in tents and hovels. I LOVE Dedo's

    I use Dedo's whenever I can because they use almost no power, setup so quickly, and can be mounted on almost anything. I used them almost exclusively on "What Lies Between Us" (Shot with GH2 [Quantum v2] and we never went above ISO800. Most everything was shot at 200)

  • @shian That's pretty amazing kit! I feel that this will be perfect for the docu-style work... - probably taking this one...

  • Can't sleep so just messing around using ColorGhear. Thanks again as always @shain . I never used to mess around grading for fun until ColorGhear, ha

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