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Wondlan Carbon Stabilizer and mini one
  • We have it on the deals from time to time, check the sticky topics or PM me.

    Hope to get reviews from our members soon also.

    But here is review from other guys:


    Few samples:


    Available at our deals.
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  • Looks nice. Looking forward to the reviews.
  • I have this model... will post review soon... however just a note that it can be upgraded with the Wondlan vest and arm to be a complete steadicam solution. (Don't overuse as your arm right arm will over develop!)
  • the stand is a great idea, esp for solo shooters
  • looking into buying one, what's the average price that this is going for?
  • Deal price is usually $419 (total)
  • @VK I don't know one could top Lj Lee's review... very well done... and clear...
  • The ability to go monopod is really nice. I have always been wary of the stabilizer rigs as the early ones were very chintzy. I hope that I check back when its a 24 hr deal.
  • We have it on weekend deal :-)
  • @ALL... I do like the monopod conversion of the stabilizer in theory and in a tight situation, but it isn't going to take over what a 'dedicated' monopod will achieve. Received the E-image monopod from one of the deals a week ago-- and have to say that a nice solid dedicated monopod with a fluid head is great for getting quick shots, (run and gun with panning and stability in mind)
  • Any reports on the Wondlan and it's use with the GH2? Balancing? Arm growth/strain?
    Saw this in the deals the other day and was tempted... but have spotted it for slightly less.

    It would be good to hear any views, thanks.
  • @matthere
    It is not in stock, and price do not include any shipping (deals price include very fast DHL shipping, and all are in stock), so it is not less, it is much more.
  • Thanks for putting me straight.. I am awaiting a few reports to come in on the Wondlan..
    I will keep an eye on the deals :)

    Hope you are recovering and feeling better! :o)
  • The Stabilizer is amazing @matthere.

    Also it can be upgraded to the vest and arm easily- so you don't loose your investment...

  • I'd like to buy one now but it looks like it's not available yet?
  • You can always buy direct from ebay... a bit more but still totally worth it!
  • >I'd like to buy one now but it looks like it's not available yet?

    Do you badly need one?
    We can talk about listing them on deals.
  • Are any US distributors carrying them now? If not, what was the shipping time from the Phillipines?
  • I wish someone would put a review up - preferably someone who has experience with other types stabilizers. Particularly interested how it does against a Glidcam HD1000/HD2000 Stabilizer System.
  • I ended up ordering one from Gadget Infinity so will post some sample video when it arrives here in the US.
  • I received the unit and have started to setup and balance it. I ran into a problem so maybe you guys could help. My step-up ring is bumping into the top plate. I noticed in the video that the guys have some short of riser to mitigate the issue. Does anyone know what this is? NM - found the answer. Those are 8 inch CPM rods.

  • If anyone is interested, I just used this system over the weekend for the first time and it worked great! I'm a hobbyist so have little experience with stabilization systems. Luckily, I have a buddy who does Steadicam for a living and he helped me balance the system. I don't have the technique down yet but it's a good start. This is not a professional shoot so forgive the amateurishness :)

  • @SuuperSet, you actually did well. This's next on my list to get, saving money for it.

  • Much appreciate the comment! Just FYI, from the time I ordered it from Gadget Infinity to my doorstep in California, it took around 4 business days. Pretty quick shipping.

  • This deal recently finished but I'd like to hear more reviews from people who picked up this stabilizer. I was close to purchasing this for the GH2, but still waiting to hear more comments on arm fatigue and such. Can anyone comment?

  • This thing is incredibly easy to balance!! I was fully balancing it well within one hour of getting it and playing with it. (never used a glidecam/steadycam before) For most lenses on a GH2, you will not need the weights at the bottom because the GH2 is not heavy enough. There's hand fatigue, but what do you expect? You're carrying 3-4 pounds on one hand in a non flexible position moving around slowly. Good tool though, I know I will be using mine, a lot!!