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Wondlan Carbon Stabilizer and mini one
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  • Very happy with the build quality on the Wondlan, Pretty light with the gh2, easy to set-up, very nice piece of kit! :)

    Thanks Vitaliy for the deal!

  • Which model would work best with GH2, 20mm lens and LED light on top? Approx weight equals 1.1kg.

    I like the size of the MINI stabliser but wonder if by buying the carbon version i could fly all cameras that I have from it.

    Any hands on experience with the Carbon or Mini stabiliser would be greatly appreciated.

  • My first impressions about the stabilizer are very positive, I think I just need some extra weight on top of camera.

  • I'd like to get some tips that how to balance this optimally. These are some of my assumptions, correct me if I'm wrong:

    1. The higher the handle is in the rod, the better
    2. The heavier the camera is, the better
    3. Point 2 leads to that counterbalance at bottom needs to be reasonable heavy?

    If my assumptions 2 and 3 are true, do you have idea how to mount weight on the camera itself?

  • @Tonalt I have been using a glidecam HD 2000 with the GH2 for quite some time and my configuration is very light. Your Setup does not have to be heavy. It all depends on how much Top-bottom balance you need for your shot. My light setup works just like my much heavier Wondlan Leopard II (which includes the carbon Srabilizer) setup. Thus, I think the weight of your camera doesn't matter much. For eye-level shots, I got the gimbal closer to the center of the stabilizer, to raise the cam. Then I balance accordingly and everything works just as fine. If I use the GH2 on the Leopard, I have quite some extras mounted to gain weight on top - that is true, but only cuz of the heavy monitor and the v-mount on the bottom.

    Great book about using steadycams in general:

    Helped me understanding the different types of balance.

    Hope this helps.

  • Having now worked with both these handheld stabilizers i thought i would take the opportunity to give a fairly brief summary of the two and how they compare. Both these stabilizers have been used with both the GH2 + GH3 with a variety of lenses plus light when required.

    FLYCAM NANO - £85

    Initial setup for the Nano took around 3-4 hours, and was not a plesant experience. This would have been exaggerated by my lack of experience at the time with stabilisers but i had researched the concept and watched numerous videos on how to tune one and yet i was amazed at how difficult it was. Having spent nearly 6 months with the Nano, i found myself never truly able to get a perfectly tuned setup. It would work sometimes and then it would be placed on a table ready for the next shot and when picked up again it was out of balance. This would take some 2-3 minutes to sort out and sometimes I missed vital shots and had to abandon and go for the monopod. I must admit that laterally i ended up resorting to a rather crude method of balancing it, due to frustration, and this consisted of banging it until it was back in balance. I realise that this method ultimately knackered the whole unit but i was initially very patient with it.

    • PROS - Lightweight & Cheap
    • CONS - Difficult to adjust, not well built, weights at the bottom over complicate things (combined with little movement in the main shaft available)


    Of course, this lead to me purchasing a new stabiliser which after reading a lot of good things about Wondlan led me to purchase their Mini Stabiliser for just over £200. Being cheaper than the carbon model and smaller i thought this would be ideal for the GH3 + 12-35 lens. I am not joking when I say this, but from open box to flying... less than 5 minutes. I was amazed at how easily the unit could be adjusted and yet how stiff everything felt on it. I can literally run as fast as I can with this thing, place it down, pick it up and nothing changes. I have combined it with a Calumnet quick mount adaptor (manfrotto copy) and this works a treat at allowing me to jump from monopod to stabilizer and at the very most I have to do about 10-15 seconds of tweaks to get it perfect. The knobs at the side allow micro millimeter precision and with the scale at the side does not lead to subjective changes. What a fantastic bit of kit and it has re-ignited my enthusiasm for stabiliser shots once again!

    • PROS - Super easy to adjust, well made, looks fantastic (more professional IMO), massive amount of adjustment in both gimbal, shaft height and plate
    • CONS - Twice the price, bag is not padded (i'm scraping the barrel here)

    I hope this helps with someone looking to take the leap into the world of stabilizers and not sure where to start.

  • the "review from other guys" at the beginning of the post is actually the official video on the wondlan site. It's not an independant review it's more like an advertisement.

  • I hope you're not talking about the videos @janis posted because those are what sold me!

  • I'm assuming he's talking about the video VK posted in the first post by LJ Films not the ones that janis posted.

  • If anyone knows how to fix the sled screw turning endlessly that would help me cause I'm in a pickle mid shoot right now!!? It doesn't tighten now and the top sled is loose.

  • @Sph1nxster

    Can you make photos? Do you mean top plate?

  • Will make video tonight

  • The reason why: the small part on the left of the shot is like a brake for the top plate. When tightened it clamps the plate into position. The threads on mine are knackered and the screw is able to slip right through it. Any suggestions on how to fix? I think I will get wondlan to send me new part hopefully as it is very small and easy to replace.

  • @Sph1nxster

    I remember similar issue. It seems like materials used in this part are wrong.

  • I've contacted Wondlan and shown them the videos. Waiting on a response but it should be a simple fix.

  • Wondlan support was fantastic. Very prompt response and spare parts in the post. Ordered some spares as well but hopefully won't happen again.