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Wondlan Carbon Stabilizer and mini one
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  • Is there anybody else who has this stabilizer? I would like to buy it but I´m still considering also a glidecam hd 1000..

  • So after month of use I can say I´m really happy with this stabilizer, the built quality is superb, I have balanced my GH17 with panny14-140 after few minutes of playing.. If your budget allows you to buy it , don´t wait and grab it.. I´ve had also chance to play one day with flycam nano (with my gh17 and my friends 7D) and It was horrible.. pain to balance,heavy, and footage wasn´t that good like from wondlan.. I simply love it

    one more tip.. I bought mine from ebay seller jasoncui2 he also accept offers and he has accepted mine (330USD) , he also wrote a price of 60USD on the box so I have paid low tax.. my total cost with the tax was 290€/345USD so I´m really glad .. you can try to make an offer too if you didn´t catched it in the forum deals..

  • @hedrox

    Last time I checked you must also plus shipping. Declaring wrong value is a crime, you can check this asking your customs officiers. As for price, one you indicated will make this guy selling for a minus, btw disclosing offer price is not very good idea. His normal price is quite good, btw.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev don´t know if it canged but last when I checked it was still with free shipping ..

    I know it is crime.. but I don´t care that much.. my country is so beautifull but is so f****d by our government that if you would live here you would enjoy every same "crime" you did .. I would never cheat a person for money , but a tax for my country which is ripping off 90% of our nation for almost 15 years? the taxes are here so high (20%) and is even getting higher due to lending money (which our country doesn´t have so we have to lend from other countries and boost the taxes and set some new taxes -this year 11 new taxes were accepted in our country ) people are going crazy here, I know there are countries that are worse on this than we are.. but I don´t care paying money for our government criminals .. It´s hard to tell if you don´t live here but Slovakia is too much little country to be watched by other (bigger and stronger) countries ..but again.. I´m out of topic :)

    as for the price.. I would buy it even for 360USD if he would decline all my offers.. but I don´t think he would accept my offer if it would be not profitable for him.. there are more sellers accepting offers and I think that it will not just help our forum members to save some money (that´s why I wrote my message) .. but also the ebay seller will maybe sell more of those units .. it is allways better to sell something with (maybe little, but we don´t know that ) profit than sell nothing :)

  • It looks from that ebay link that there are two versions of the Wondlan and this is the mini version with a maximum height of 71cm, maybe someone could verify if @VK's deal was for the longer 120cm version?

    I am hoping VK's deal comes up again as this is on my list :)

  • sorry, my fault , I forgot to say I bought a mini version.. the 120cm can be pricey and probably VK has searched for the 120cm version so that´s maybe why he saw a painment for the shipping.. the mini version is all the time with free shipping

  • @hedrox quick look on ebay it seems the 120cm version is only $50 more than the 71cm. Only 14% more expensive... (these figures include shipping to US)

  • haha sorry jules... I meant "more expensive" not pricey.. as you said.. there is not that much difference.. but the mini was for my needs better, as I don´t use monopods and the load range 1-3kg is enought for me.. I guess I have to use that google translate more often to check my words :) and now I understand the Vitaliys words about the price.. he was talking about the price for the bigger version not the mini.. my bad, I am so happy with this stabilizer that I forgot to say one of the most important thing , which type of unit I have.. sorry VK now I understand about the "minus" thing

  • @hedrox

    You are talking about different stab, not one this topic is about.

    And our deal price for it is slightly more than $330 :-)

  • I´ll be better from now on.. no more talking out of topic! and I´ll start to check my spelling :)

  • Can someone please post some footage? Nothing fancy, just simple stop and go routine? I have some experience with Glidecam HD2000 which is very good stabilizer, and if Wondlan can perform as good as HD2000, I'm getting one.

  • This was my first ever test run with stabiliser of any kind. Nothing great but I see a LOT of potential after some practice.

  • @janis I thought that looked pretty good when you were going in a straight line. At the end I could tell you were moving pretty fast and the camera wasn't bouncing much if at all. What lens were you using?

  • @CrazyPete this was Lumix G Vario 7-14mm. There is no OIS on it.

  • @janis Looked pretty good for a first run.

    Which Wondlan are you using? The regular or short size?

  • @janis thank you for your video. You're right, looks promising. I've ordered one, posting something as soon as I get it

  • @tinyrobot it's the regular one.

  • Ok. So this is what I get with some more practice.

  • @janis Great job with the Wondlan! Can you post a pic of your setup so I can compare and see if I'm getting the best setup properly?

  • @janis love the shot on 0:32! makes me wanna grab mine wondlan and go out for some practice, nice!

  • @SuperSet there actually is no setup to look at :). Only thing that I used for this differently was using weights (only the small ones). For "camera up ballast down" mode the weights are usually not needed. For "camera down ballast up" mode it depends on how low You want the camera side to be. The lower/higher You want one side to be, the more contra weight You have to put or You will get pendulum. While stabilising first thing I do is find the centre of gravity. Then adjust handle so that the lower side is a bit heavier. And only then I start to stabilise front/back and left/right positions. @hedrox the music was a lucky find :)

  • @janis Thx for the additional insight. Did you end up mounting your camera directly onto the plate or did you use rails like they have in the demo version? I'm trying to figure out the quickest way to balance mine and avoid penduluming but haven't gotten it exactly correct yet so looking for other's experience.

  • @SuperSet I mounted camera directly to plate. But I'm looking for good and cheep quick release plate like this: (the price is wrong here) so that I could switch from tripod to stabiliser without loosing balance. It helps to balance it on some mic or light stand. I have this one: . But it's doable holding in hand also, just do it in little increments.

  • @Janis for camera down do you just rotate the image in post?

  • @parkgt I'm not sure, but I think that "Flip vertical" + "Flip Horizontal" allows for faster render than "Rotate 180" on Adobe Premiere.