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Panasonic moved all force to Full Frame bodies, 8K HDR will be announced in March
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  • So, 43rumors empire still catching slowly (compare to my August post)

    L-rumors reports that both cameras should be able to output RAW video. Moreover the S1R should have a High Resolution mode of 168MP.

  • Ignore me - Im out of date on this!

  • @DanPV

    This video is present, just not remember if in this topic

  • makes sense, this cartel mentality is a last ditch measure by Japanese firms to stay competitive against China. Just like the Japanese LCD industry is basically just one company trying to fend off Samsung/LG.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev Re: "I have small theory.

    I thing we see here biggest cartel agreement in camera history..."

    Totally agree, with everything going in opposite direction of competitive free-market.

    Everything is done to inflate MSRP so as to artificially support more FF players at lower volume apiece... that way, they all can play and share volume, but not at the cost of taking other companies gross operating profit

  • @Energy80s

    You better notice sudden move to XQD cards at the time of cheap fast SD widely available for cheap.

    I can even tell you an answer why this shit is happening.

    Japanese companies hope to keep proprietary XQD from Chinese manufacturers.

    In 2019 it is expected huge fight over SSD and SD cards territory with prices expected to go down as much as 2-3 times during price war Chinese new manufacturers will try to run.

  • Yes, I thought the use of XQD cards was a bit odd as it isn't a 6K or 8K video camera, sure even the Sony FS5 only uses SD cards, with XQD reserved for its bigger brother the FS7.

  • I have small theory.

    I thing we see here biggest cartel agreement in camera history.

    All firms using same sensors with tiny adaptation differences (Canon is different, but for how long...).

    Sensor manufacturer has time advantage and always will have best new sensor first.

    Firms properly divide customers using their different mounts.

    Another part of agreement is usage of XQD cards, and A7IIIs will be also using it.

    Usage of XQD slots is very profitable as manufacturers will be getting special payments for it from cartel of such cards manufacturers.

  • Looking at the press conference, it appears that these 2 new cameras are really just aimed at photographers. Note the use of 2 photo journalists to promote it, no mention of video capabilities - other than a slide that says it might equal a GH5 in spec, and no real commitment on 8K video.

  • Panasonic did clarify that despite the Lumix S1 being the more photo/video-hybrid model of the two S series cameras, it is still more photo-centric than the GH5/GH5S cameras. We don't yet know the full specifics of the S1R and S1's video capabilities, but nevertheless, the S series cameras are aimed more at still photographers.

    As had been told.

  • @eatstoomuchjam

    It won't. It it'll buy slightly more time.

  • Nice! Maybe this will be the one that finally fixes AF. lol

  • @eatstoomuchjam

    Firmware 2.4 for GH5 will be released in late october and feature improved tracking performance. Yet again.

    1203 x 839 - 274K
  • There's no reason that they can't develop for both simultaneously. At some point, there's only so much logic that would be specific to a given sensor. It's very likely that Panasonic's first-generation mirrorless uses mostly GH5 chips.

  • Will Pana put their new developments on GH camera or GH line is EOL?

  • @brudney

    For last years it had been multiple meetings on how to mostly kill m43.

    Leave only GH like models priced >2K.

    They also do not want to make cheap lenses.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev if that's true then it's the end of m43 for Panny. Nobody's gonna pay 2k for a small sensor camera when they can get FF for the same price and APSC for much less.

    I find it hard to believe they even consider getting out of m43 - it makes no sense considering how mature and developed the system is and how much money they invested into it.

    Instead they should regroup and focus on ~1k capable cameras for amateurs and less wealthy enthusiasts (aka G80 and GX8) and keep highend FF stuff for pros and dentists.

  • New cameras topics

    So to conclude - only part where PV missed is presence of upscaled 8K mode.

    I think this will be main thing for announcement on spring Photokina, same way they delayed info about 6K modes for previous GH cameras.

  • It sounds like 8k won't be a thing, at least not for launch. They just made some vague reference to 8k coming soon. No biggie.

    If the autofocus works on the new camera, it's pretty much a winner in many ways. :)

    Also, there was no reference to newer firmware for the GH5. Too bad.

  • Watching the event live stream: ROTFL ROTFL ROTFL

    All the photo journalists paid by pana advocating M43 cameras in run&gun situations for their weight, size and blah blah blah now they are swearing how is beautiful working in FF.


  • I've been keeping an eye on the live stream - the rumors were mostly right. It looks a lot like the GH5's capabilities, but with a full-frame camera. They'll only have 3 lenses at launch (50/1.4, 24-105/4, and 70-200 f/?). They are planning 7 more by 2020. You also have the option, if you're extremely wealthy, to use the 8 Leica lenses with it.

    It looks like a pretty solid system and finally a worthy competitor to Sony for full-frame mirrorless specs/video - worth keeping an eye on it when there are more native lenses available.

  • GH5S is very specialized camera, they are dumb if they expect it to sell it in great number..

    BMPCC4K is gonna rule the M43 video market for sure..

  • I hope GH5 price will drop soon