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Panasonic moved all force to Full Frame bodies, 8K HDR will be announced in March
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  • For some reason the design of the S1s does not look that appealing to me. And the top LCD look dated compared to newer "ink type" displays.

  • Internal rumors are that at February 1st we'll see only 2nd act of this drama, with prices, most features, but.. not all of features.

  • Im wonder why its start from UK£ prices if they most likely will be effected by brexit :)

  • @konjow

    I think because some retailers want preorder very much. :-)

    As for prices - with Panasonic margins (they are huge, especially for all lenses and S1R) they can allow adjustment.

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    Panasonic managers think large interest is success, it is not. All this people just want to check expensive offering, not to by it.

    793 x 585 - 60K
    794 x 598 - 79K