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Panasonic moved all force to Full Frame bodies, 8K HDR will be announced in March
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  • Rumors are that leading Japanese companies will use approach similar to Nvidia - their LSI will have special memory chip with trained neural network and big samples database (up to 16-32Gb of NAND). This will be used to make upscaled 8K video. Same tech is now being tested in 8K TVs.

  • That's pretty interesting - I'm going to guess it won't be in the size of a standard mirrorless body. I can't even imagine how they'd cool the LSI/sensor for recording 8k in something so small.

    If the Panasonic is doing 8K with the A7S III sensor, whatever it might be, that would imply some pretty serious upscaling unless Sony goes crazy and makes the A7s III a 32 megapixel monster camera. If they can somehow do so without sacrificing low-light performance (seems like magical thinking), I would be the first in line to buy one.

    Anyway, it'll be cool to see the pricing/lens mount for this potential new Panasonic mega-camera.

  • Ha! He smelled capitalism. Excellent.

  • One guy worded it such to me:

    "Full frame premium cameras - this is where all margin lives now, so all manufacturers are like lemmings, do not see anything if they smell record margins".

  • Some internal leaks

    • 8K possible (rescaled as people tell)
    • 2160p50/p60 and full 4K cinema p50 and p60
    • 90% it'll use Sony A7S III sensor, but with some changes
    • 10bit internal and HDR for certain
    • Focus on dynamic range
    • Still Depth of Defocus as main push for AF, camera will badly compare to canon FF new offer
    • Internal raw can be special expensive (up to $399 I had been told) license option
    • Engineers tell managers that implementing raw (compressed!) with new LSI they will use is no problem
  • @zsound

    Thanks, I added some citation.