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Panasonic moved all force to Full Frame bodies, 8K HDR will be announced in March
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  • makes sense, this cartel mentality is a last ditch measure by Japanese firms to stay competitive against China. Just like the Japanese LCD industry is basically just one company trying to fend off Samsung/LG.

  • @DanPV

    This video is present, just not remember if in this topic

  • Ignore me - Im out of date on this!

  • So, 43rumors empire still catching slowly (compare to my August post)

    L-rumors reports that both cameras should be able to output RAW video. Moreover the S1R should have a High Resolution mode of 168MP.

  • Moreover the S1R should have a High Resolution mode of 168MP.

    168 Mega Pixels? I read that the S1R has a 47MP sensor?

  • @alcomposer

    He means here pixel shift mode.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev gosh, I must have been out of the game (new tech) for a while now that a super new, 'pixel shift mode' was introduced! :-)

    I really dislike the whole retro styling of cameras. Form should follow function. If not- bring out a pink version as well, (oh, and blue- gold etc).

  • @alcomposer

    As soon as we will go out of retro styling - Japanese companies start to have huge issues. As it is their main advantage - being able to make something with lot of complex small parts.

    They are not strong in innovations or in software.

  • Some more little bullshit specs from 43rumors

    • Live Streaming capability
    • Variable ND Adaptor that will work with Panasonic Sigma and Leica lenses
    • Stronger and more robust fully articulating touchscreen
    • Internal 4K Raw in 24/25
  • @VK, straight calling them out! Taking no prisoner lol

  • there is not even enough flange distance for a VND adapter to work with native lenses, an electronic VND perhaps but it still reuqires a larger chassis to accomodat it

  • Stills camera with internal 4K Raw recording and Live streaming with Integrated Apps for photo and video sharing to platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc….

    The internal Raw recording will be in 4K but the video sharing will be a 4K compressed codec with different 8bit and 10bit 4:2:2 recording options also available. One of the apps designed for the camera will allow limited video and photo editing before sharing (similar to an iPhone)

    These camera/s will have IBIS and AF / face tracking similar to Canons Dual Pixel AF, and contain inbuilt ND’s. The cameras will also have large articulating touchscreen with a built in audio adaptor.

    Rumors becoming worse and worse in quality.

  • Unless the RAW recording it can at least overcrank 60fps into 24fps/25fps... it will still be a mostly useless gimmick feature.

  • Exactly. With amazing sub 1.5k APSC (XT3) and raw recording MFT (P4K) cameras, there's no way anyone could justify another GH model to cost as much as it does now. Especially since 2k FF crowd is getting bigger every day and Sony is rumored to launch something new for even less.

    X-T3 and BMPCC4K are targeting slightly different market niches though.

    I think Panasonic can still keep on pushing out GH series which are priced at $2K ish, so long as they keep on pushing harder on specs than the competition and keep up their polished implementation of it (not have flaws like overheating or poor battery life or weird bugs/limitations like Sony/Canon do)

    For example if a GH6 was priced similar but had an IBIS GH5S sensor with 10bit 4K 60fps internal and 120fps 4K 8bit, with even better audio/monitoring/TC then it would be another hit.

    I'd love for Panny MFT to get back to its GH1/2 roots - small, cheapish and high HQ cameras. Slightly improved GH6 for ~$1000 would be nice and made sense, anything more expensive wouldn't.

    I'd love to see GH return to the old prices too of the GH1/GH2 generations.

    But I suspect the Gxx series has replaced that price niche.

    Unfortunately that means the G series has gone up market in price too, and is not as cheap as it used to be (the G9 being the worst example!!).

    Hope for a future Gxxx series which is priced dirt dirt cheap at launch, but I highly doubt that will happen.

    So long as Panasonic doesn't do mad crazy $3K level pricing like Olympus!!

  • They also do not want to make cheap lenses.

    Wish there was a series of f/2 $99 AF MFT prime lenses, I'd snap them all up! Or some cheap f4 zooms.

    Yes, I thought the use of XQD cards was a bit odd as it isn't a 6K or 8K video camera, sure even the Sony FS5 only uses SD cards, with XQD reserved for its bigger brother the FS7.

    FS5 doesn't do heavyweight 4K 60fps files, the FS7 does.

    These camera/s will have IBIS and AF / face tracking similar to Canons Dual Pixel AF, and contain inbuilt ND’s. The cameras will also have large articulating touchscreen with a built in audio adaptor.

    Built in NDs? VERY KEEN to see this!

    Wonder what they mean by a built n audio adaptor?

  • Sankei reported that the Panasonic S1R price could be around 500,000 yen which is close to $4,500.

    Read initial PV predictions :-)

    More video oriented S1 can be actually even MORE expensive, not less.

    But both cameras will be most expensive among all pack.

  • New interview

    Since the announcement of the alliance, have you been approached by any other companies interested in licensing the L mount?

    Leica: Not yet. But it’s only been a short time since we made the announcement. Leica has been collaborating with Panasonic since 2001, and three years ago we met with Yamaki-san [of Sigma], and since then we’ve been [developing our partnership].

    How will you make this work? Three different companies, three different backgrounds…

    Leica: We are going to have regular meetings in order to keep the standard up to date, and to ensure that all products work smoothly and seamlessly with each other. We share a long history of collaboration with Panasonic, and we have had very close connections on a development level for many years. This is not new for us.

  • Panasonic’s first goal is to give current MFT users a possibility to step up into Full Frame.

    *There are some physical limitations with MFT that Panasonic wants to overcome with Full Frame. Panasonic has no doubt that they would arrive in full format one day or another, because technically speaking the 8K on Micro 4/3 is complicated, if not impossible.

    Panasonic will keep the promise and announce an 8K Full Frame camera by 2020

    The full format will not meet the expectations and needs of a lot of users who will choose to turn to Lumix, if only because of size and price. So, of course, again, we will continue to release Micro 4/3 lenses and cameras, and our 10-25mm f / 1.7 under development is a good example of this.

    Already 8 years ago Panasonic was thinking about going Full Frame

  • I think we need to get those cameras into our engineers’ hands and analyze them and see what they’re all about and make determinations from there. I think that we’re keenly looking at all these different mounts and I think it’s an important part of the market today. I’m not involved in the talks over in Japan, but I would assume there is definitely a strong interest in these.

    Well, this is that Tamron said, same that in our interview.

  • Panasonic’s CES conference on January 7 at 10am Las Vegas time. Will they unveil some new S1-S1R info?


  • @zsound

    I sent them request, let you know for sure if it'll be anything camera related.