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Driftwood Cluster X series 3:│moon T7│ЅріzZ T6│Nebula T7│Drewnet T9│
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  • @rhayokely that's my kind of place, had a biologist friend working in Madagascar for 2 years and she loved it =)

    @donniewagner nice! If I may say, most people are missing a piece... but we don't even know/acknowledged it ,-)

    As "promised" the last 3 chapters of the Nebula T8 odissey, it's been a ride, oh yeahhh!!!

    Chapter V - Punish the Atoms


    Chapter VI - Alfaminete Forest

    And finally Chapter VII - The Lost Teeth
    where I finally dropped the crop // there are 1 or 2 bkmcwd's GOLGOP3-13-MAX_BETA11 shots mixed, think the moon one.


    From this terminal te mando un abrazo hermano @driftwood


    1920 x 1051 - 242K
    1920 x 1063 - 385K
  • Another one with 'DREWnet' T9 and Lumix GF3. I think 40Mbps is enough for this camera, i dont see any quality improvement with higher bitrates.

  • @felixgarbe You dont understand. DREWnet was designed for insane 12 GOP performance in HIGH detail scenes such as trees surrounding running water for the GH2. 40Mbps is enough for in tight, mid shots but artifacts in high detail scenes. Im not going to go on about why it was designed, there's plenty of tests in the past showing what it does. Its the most complete 12 GOP ever done. Quantisation in mainly 4x4 macroblocks is insanely good.

  • Hi guiys, as I said times ago, I would like a patch that could improve dinamic range to GH2. People said that it was impossible. So, how can Panasonic created a payed patch for GH4 that improve two f-stops of DR? (from 10 to 12). May this patche works in GH2? Or may the developers here create a similar patch to GH2? I know that we can make something using low-contrast filter and in post, but a patch would be a jump! Thanks.

  • @Paulo As I understand it, the GH4 works by adding a log color profile. The GH2 is hackable because the encoding uses a writable lookup table, but color profiles are not part of that encoding and are 'baked in' and not changeable (in more ways than one unfortunately!).

    To state the extra ability of log encoding as additional dynamic range is a bit much IMO; you only get to use it in post and its not an intrinsic feature of the sensor. However, Panasonic are not alone in this; I believe Sony use this marketing trick too.

    I own a backmagic that does log (BMPCC), and can say that there is a long learning curve in being able to use log encoded footage properly. It takes a while to figure out how to shoot it and how to get the best out of it. Its certainly not a magic button, and its certainly not something you would use if you want the sort of quick workflow you get from baked-in rec709, which is what the GH2 seems to excel at.

  • New music video, Moon t7, Takumar 55mm f1.8, Panasonic 14mm f2.5, chinese speed booster, Fotga variable ND filter, and DIY motorized 100cm slider.

  • Hello, GH2, lumix 20mm + optex 1,33 with drawnet t9 and i'm making a documentary movie. Just today I found 2 mts that are not playable. All the shooting is at 24L, is there a way to fix or repair damaged mts?

    thanks in advance aga

  • @agarastar I think some people on this site can help you, hopefully they'll chime in soon. In the meantime, if you still have the SD card you used with those 2 damaged clips, don't use it at all. (Try doing a search on this site - I remember people speaking about rescuing data that was lost or damaged. Good luck.)

  • Sorry but I could not find where to download Driftwood Cluster X - Moon T7 at 24p complete with instructions for making the hack. I am inexperienced and I would try to do on my lìhack GH2.

    thank you.

  • Go to page 1 in this thread for downloads. You can find a nice video on youtube searching for: how to hack gh2.

  • @antonio Also look at this site's FAQ section. It has instructions on how to apply the settings (aka "hacks")

  • thank you very much

  • @antonio here's a helpful link with a guide and tutorial video.

  • Hello, I present you a short film we managed to pull out in less than 5 days (PreProd/Prod/PostProd). It was done for a small event called "Fais un Film Putain" which is basically a short film battle. The theme of this month was the world "end".

    GH2, 14-140 F.4-5.6, Moon T7 @24p

    I wish we could have had more time to shoot it, 50% of the script is missing because we had only one night to shoot. Grading and VFX would have also benefited but it's part of the game.

  • Hi Guys. I did not use my GH2 for several months and the battery was out. When I turned it on, my custom settings were gone. And now my bit rate is really low. Is it possible that the camera reset itself and in doing so deleted my Moon T7? Thanks

  • 0.71x metabones speedbooster + sigma 18-35 1.8

  • very nice! :]

  • Very delicate. Which kind of gimbal did you use (if any) ? GH2 still shines…

  • Nice vidz with the Moon t7 :).

    So now i have the courage to downloaded all the patches and tools to hack my Gh2 for the first time. i have a new SanDisk Extrem pro card, 64GB, 95 MB/s. When i wanted to put the GH_12.bin file to my new card, it says card is write protected. I checked the lock switch but it was not set on. any ideas how to solve this? (ps. I put the card back into my GH2 and i can still shoot vidz and stills). Thanks! Lounusa

    (edited: I'm using windows 7 and have a port on my Lenovo X240laptop for SD cards)

  • @Lounusa You can solve that with SD Formatter, sometimes what you´re saying, happens.

  • Does anyone know if this hack removes the battery indicator? I don't see the battery level that is normally in the top right corner and I don't know if it is just a setting or if the hack removes it.

    Edit: gah nevermind, turns out 3rd party batteries don't show level sometimes. whoops.

  • Ok, I'm sure this was asked before but I couldn't find anything in the search results: is there a way to tell which hack is installed on my GH2?

    TIA for answers!

  • @johanndoe, No there isn't a way to tell which patch is installed. I just keep a notes when I install a new patch.

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