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Driftwood Cluster X series 3:│moon T7│ЅріzZ T6│Nebula T7│Drewnet T9│
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  • @Jim_Simon Moon T7 has 24p patch and a 23.97fps patch. Do you know if there is a difference in image quality and performance? Witch one you prefer?

  • I prefer the look of real 24 fps to 23.976. However, it's a VERY subjective preference. I've always known which footage was which, and wouldn't bet a nickel on my ability to pick them out in a blind test. It just seems that the 24 fps stuff is missing some high frequency shimmer that we don't ever see with real film shot at exactly 24, but is frequently found with video shot at the faux 23.976.

    Having said that, I have recently switched back to 23.976 only because even the latest version of the Adobe suite has problems with the true 24 fps footage that I just got tired of dealing with.

  • Spizz T5. 24H. ISO @ 640. Improv, grade & external sound sync test 1 & 2. Tried the Moon series & other versions of Spizz. Keep coming back to T5:

  • Here's my experimental short horror film, shot using Moon T7 and a variety of lenses.

  • Moon T7..

  • Moon T7, color graded just in few shots, 90% is straight from camera. Panasonic 14mm f2.5 and Takumar 55mm 1.8.

    Gamvik Kommune Kulturskole Musikkvideo (by Matija Tatomirovic) from Matija Tatomirovic on Vimeo.

  • Moon t7 is really lovely. Vivitar 28mm 1:2.5 + Variable ND Smooth profile

  • Just got my GH2 yesterday , here's my first footage

  • Can anyone give me some help please ? When I select 720p , all my clips are recorded in 50fps and I want 60fps ? Ive tried both PAL & NTSC , please help thanks

  • Are you sure you already select PAL/NTSC video system option? It is in the GH2 setting menu.

  • Flowwwie As yskunto says, if your GH2 been hacked/patched with the following: "Patches for end testers" "Movie related restrictions" PAL<->NTSC Menu (needs to be ticked)

    If this has been done. On your GH2, go to the Setup menu in 'screen 3' Video Out - change this (PAL to NTSC) Turn off your GH2 and back on - that's it done

    You'll still get 24p/Cinema, HBR will be 30p (or 29.97p to be more exact) 1080i will also be 29.97 interlaced and 720p will be 59.94p.

    Bear in mind that although you can mix 24p and PAL on the same SD (and 24p and NTSC) you cannot have NTSC and PAL - you'll need to re-format or a new/blank SD card.

    Do the reverse if/when you want to go back to PAL (25p/50i).

  • @JayUKB @yskunto Many thanks , all sorted. Much appreciated:)

  • Got the 60p working

  • can someone share with me the best export settings for moon T7 and im using Premier Pro CS6 in to youtube and vimeo channel. plz thannks in advance.

  • I know I'm being remarkably stupid, done it a bunch of times before, but I can't download Moon T7. Not had a GH2 for a good while now but promised to put the hack on a friends, I right click on the file image at the front of the thread and get option to download image, which is exactly as it says, an image. Am on Mavericks on mac. D'oh what to do please?

  • But maybe I'm not as get option to save link elsewhere but not here.

  • Oh and now it works again.

  • hi, where i can dowload hacks?

  • Iman, check Hack & Patches Categories in the right Topic Box of this web page. Use suitable preset for your camera. Goodluck!

  • Recently used my GH2 with Moon T7 along with GH3 and GH4 for a 3 camera shoot on a live musical performance. At about 4 minutes the GH2 stopped recording. I was using the Sansisk 32 GB Extreme Pro 95 MB/s class 1 card. Would using a class 3 card help in this matter? Or if I turned the camera off between each performance would this span the recording? Sorry if this has already been answered earlier in the post which I read much in the past but just hoping for a fast answer and solution. Thanks

  • @crowbar For some reason the 32 GB Extreme Pro is not as capable as the 64GB card as it is a SDXC card (not SDHC like the 32GB card). If you want the best card for the hacks use that. The GH2 cannot utilize the UDHC 3 cards capability, it dumbs it down quite a bit. Also you need to do testing as to the reliability of each hack with your setup. Each Mode, lens, hack, setting and image detail combo has different results. There are other hacks for uber reliability (Cake or Sanity for example). Moon is not uber reliable especially when spanning, although some people get it to work for them.

  • @dancerchris Larger storage sizes for flash memory of the same class will always have higher transfer rates. The way a flash NAND writes its data allows for higher bandwidth when there is more storage space available. As for the UHS 3 cards I can definitely confirm, those do not work with the GH2 hacks, though they handle my GH4 200-mbit video just fine. I personally have been using the Drewnet T9 patch and it's very reliable with a good card, spans fine too.

  • @ dancerchris & IVIavericks52: thanks for the valuable information. Dancer, I do have the 64GB card you mentioned which is in my BMPCC so I'll just switch them around! Never would have known that it would perform differently than the 32 GB card....also good to know the UDHC 3 card is not good for the hacks, that will just stay in my GH4 then. And thanks for the the other hack recommendations should I have continue to have problems.

  • Does anyone here do professional video production on the island of O'ahu? Contact me ASAP

  • can some 1 tell me how do you guys view your files on MAC base platform your GH2 files the .mts one's???? when even im looking at my they just play for few seconds before freezing up and that should not happen. I have macbook pro i7 2.6Ghz 8GB-Ram 512GB SSD and it should pull just fine, but it doesn't and im using VLC player to play my videos. However if i import it in to premier pro cs6 it plays just fin???? can some one help me plz.

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