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GH4 4K Panasonic video camera, User reviews and opinions
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  • @Rerbreg, great work. Love the lighting!
    With the lack of decent lighting due to a certain see in the dark camera- (no names sony) it's actually refreshing to see something that has been lit well and that the lighting enhances the story.

    Can you share your thoughts on the wide samyang? Which did you go with? Did you use speedbooster?

    Thanks for sharing vid!

  • Thanks all for your feedback! Yes, we decided to use less light, it creates the desired effect.

    I like samyang with its price, I have a set of 10 to 80 mm nikon mount. In this video I used the adapters Fotga, they are very good quality. But have the problem with focusing at close distances 10 mm. I did not use speedbooster. I think with speedbooster these lenses are much more interesting, like Nokton but sharp at wide open the aperture.

    The camera in the dark quite noisy, but I like that it is possible to image a lot of things to do, removing noise DaVinci excellent! :) I consider that Gh4, excellent small, almost :), a movie camera.

  • Shot on Gh4 - Voigtlander 25mm lens, no additional lighting...

  • Very impressive. What f stop did you use on the Voigtlander?

    My bowling alley must be darker as the GH4 + SpeedBooster and f/2.8 Nikkor is not bright enough.

  • Thank you, i should think it was wide open all night f0.95...GH4 colour-profile was left on 'natural'....pretty much no grading bar nudging the exposure a bit on the darker scenes.....

  • Here's my first gig with the GH4, after some tests I decided to go with CineV -5,0,-5,-5 Curves 0 and MasterP +15

    Used 2 Lumahawk 144 Led lights to light the scene, one had a strong green cast even if set at same temperature. Graded to get a cozy yet vibrant look.

    Sigma 18-35 f1.8, Speedbooster 0.71x at ISO 400.

  • not mine, just sharing. natural -5,-5,-5,-2,0 12-35mm f2.8

  • Some of snowy scenes from Estonia. GH4@Lumix14-140

  • After almost a month with the GH4 here are my thoughts on skin color.

    I felt like GH3 had reds that were too bright. Now the GH4 as the same "problem" (not really a problem since it's a matter of taste) but with the yellow to green part of the color scheme, shooting uder tungsten lightning it felt like I was too hot by 200-300K so I started shooting with 200K lower WB settings than on my gh3 but still felt like the skin was too orange-yellow-green so I made a LUT correcting the problematic skin hue toward a more blue-purple-red.

    Now it's all perfect.

    I'm I the only one who thinks the skin is too yellow?

  • Here is the result of a test LUT I made, I wanted my GH4 to "mimic" BlackMagic Design URSA color.

    • HUE Shifts
    • A bit of contrast in the mids
    • Less brightness in the "Orange-Yellow-Green" HUE (Fixes Yellow Skin) and WB
    • More Blue in the Shadows
    • More Red in the Highlights
    • More Green in the Mids.
    • Shadow Boosted a little

    Here is the LUT applied on a graded CineD 0,-5,-5,-5,0 Clip. It's usually the other way around LUT before and grade after but to showcase the changes it's better this way.

    3840 x 2160 - 2M
    3840 x 2160 - 2M
  • @yak

    Very nice color. Would love to have that skill to adjust my GH4 color. Any chance you can share your LUT?

    I usually use Natural color profile but recently used Noam Kroll's LUT (with GH4 settings similar to yours) but I must be doing something wrong because results are less than perfect.

  • GH4 project for fun.

  • More GH4 footage.

  • My GH4 viewfinder has lost coatings. It happened in skiing trip with some very humid days (not much raining). The coating peels away itself. No scratches. Image is foggy now.


    1500 x 1078 - 649K
  • Had the same problem. The image in viewfinder was always foggy and blury. Took rise paper and lens cleaner fluid and started rubbing like crazy so that eventualy I obtained back ability to see clearly through it?!?!?

    Go figure....i am still confused how did that worked.. Not to mentioned my dissappontmet when I realized that evf is plastic "glass".

    Before you do anything, make sure the dioptry weel is not messed up...

  • @Brig

    I actually fixed it with plastic polishing paste (Novus2). The result was like new. I think you can also fix your EVF with that stuff. It makes miracles. I also fixed my scratched sun glasses with it. Look this: Here is an image after polishing:


    1500 x 1106 - 366K
  • Great!!! Thank you so much for spreading the good news and happy new EVF!!! :)

  • I wonder why GH4 HDMI output is always 16-235 even when recording 0-255 levels. It is a bit annoying when playing recordings with TV/HDMI cable. The blacks are crushed and the whites blown away in TV.

    Also the NEXT/PREVIOUS buttons are not working when watching video slideshow with HDMI cable. I must always watch all videos from start when using video slideshow. NEXT/PREVIOUS buttons are working when watching in camera monitor. I must use camera/cable many times when showing my videos.

    Update: NEXT/PREVIOUS buttons are actually working with HDMI video slideshow if I first use pause button. Weird.

  • Some snapshots with the GH4 a week ago

  • Hi everyone, this is a compilation of our last travel in the south of Madagascar. Filmed with GH4, Samyang 12mm 2.2, Nokton voigtlander 25mm, Panasonic 100-300mm, edited with FCPX and color grading with Color finale.

  • Hi everyone, this is a compilation of our last travel in the south of Madagascar. Filmed with GH4, Samyang 12mm 2.2, Nokton voigtlander 25mm, Panasonic 100-300mm, edited with FCPX and color grading with Color finale.