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GH4 4K Panasonic video camera, User reviews and opinions
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  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev I work for a marketing agency, and I can tell you some large companies don't see the "Value" in marketing. They just don't get it.

  • I work for a marketing agency, and I can tell you some large companies don't see the "Value" in marketing. They just don't get it.

    They do not get many things, not marketing only :-)

  • A trusted source told me that he heard the V-LOG firmware update for the GH4 will not come for free. Panasonic will let you pay for it.


  • Graded with Film convert

  • @aaronchicago, I think that looks great! Are you keeping the image size small to help compress the (potentially reduced quality 96fps) image down into a better look? Kind of like compressing the 4K output down onto 1080?

  • @Tjabo thanks! I'm not sure what you mean by keeping the image size small. I rendered it at 1080. I believe it's streaming in 720 on Vimeo.

  • A different version that adds some grit. Kodak 5205 Fuji 3510 (by Adobe) LUT on top at 50%.

  • Disregard my comment please! :) I'm not sure why, but your video was playing with a black border around it for me as if it was 720 format in the middle of a 1080 screen... Now it's filling the screen normally.

  • A few weeks ago my Gh4 broke. While making some snapshots during holidays, instead of a decent 'click' the camera made a strange loud noise: "kavloom!". After that I could smell burned plastic. Looks like a short circuit.

    Camera is now in repair but takes a long time because special parts need to be ordered at Techrepair. Could not get a new camera because I ordered this GH4 in China via this forum and I live in Amsterdam :(

  • @Gerondo I had the same thing happen 3 times last November. I called one of the lead techs in the U.S. and he said that it was likely a faulty sensor switch, which is supposed to disable the flash when it’s closed. He said that even thought I could smell plastic burning, nothing was really being damaged, and it probably would never happen again, but if it did to send it in. I have used it most days since then, and it has never reoccurred. It was very cold and dry where I was when it did happen - I wonder if static electricity could have played a role.

  • The compact Micro Four Thirds kit and sensor are exactly what I want – not masses of batteries and massive lenses. Sensor image stabilisation is now a make-or-break feature for news shooters, and whichever manufacturer gets that right for video will undoubtedly benefit. Sony have made advances; can Olympus finally sort their video quality combined with impressive five axis image stabilisation in a future EM1 Micro Four Thirds?

  • @h2otara Thanks for your reassuring comment. The camera did work fine with electronic shutter on and filming was not a problem. But the smell of plastic burning did ring an alarm bell. I did make a photo two times and two times there was this noise and smell so i did not dare to use the camera again. Camera is insured so I 'll wait for parts and repair. I will let you know what their (Tech repair) analysis is of the fault.

  • Hi all! Here is our new music video, shot on GH4 in 2015 february. Unfortunately without the V-Log yet.

  • This was shot in using a Panasonic GH4 camera, set at 1080p 60fps and recording at 200mbps. Lenses used were the Panasonic 14-45, 45-175, and Olympus 60mm macro as well as 75-300.

  • Santa is coming soon and got a couple of lenses to choose from...just wondred peoples thoughts..

    for about the same money I can either get the lumix 12-35 2.8 or the XL Speedbooster and the Sigma 24-70 OS lens....

    Bother would offer me image stabilzation and same kind of focal length. Sigma would be a bit wider and a stop faster, but the Lumix would offer autofocus...

    any ideas?

  • @lmackreath from metabones site "Auto focus on Panasonic Micro Four Thirds cameras"...

  • Even if metabones comes out with an AF adapter for other lens for MFT, they will not work as well as the native Lumix on a GH4 because only native lens can PreFocus.

    "The new GH4 utilizes Panasonic's fast contrast-detect AF combined with a new technology call "Depth From Defocus" (DFD), which uses the lens information (when using Lumix lenses) to calculate the subject distance using the out-of-focus areas of the two pictures (one near and one far). This data is then combined with contrast AF for final fine-tuning, all within 0.07 seconds for very high-speed AF performance, helping not only with sheer AF speed, but also with increased AF tracking performance and continuous AF burst shooting."

  • The Sigma would be longer... 32-91mm equivalent. The Panny is 24-70 equiv. The Sigma and booster will also be much larger and heavier.

  • I documented with video yesterday a christmas play with GH4 and 20mm f1.7. Lightning conditions was very variable. Some moments was so dim that I could not see actors face even with naked eyes and suddenly very bright angel lights. I used iso 400- iso 6400 and shutter speeds 1/100s - 1/5s. Auto and manual exposure. Focusing was difficult too with f1.7. It was still quite handy to use back button focusing to aid manual focusing (AF-lock setting to AF-ON).

    GH4 was not making the task easy. I was not clever enough to find right combinations of settings in seconds. If I must use shutter speed below 1/30s (4k 30P) I must go to full manual exposure and change focus to manual. If the camera is in automatic S exposure I cant use super slow shutter speeds. If I use auto iso to optimise noise the camera wants to go to iso 6400 and make bright noisy mess of dark scenes. Lightning changed so quickly that auto was an obvious choice.

    Some easy FW corrections would make life easier:

    -Auto iso upper limit for video.

    -Ability to use slower shutter speeds than 1/30s with S-mode (with warning).

    -Auto iso in M with EV adjust.

  • @Vesku Yes! I've wanted auto ISO in M with EV adjust since the day I got my GH4!
    I spoke with a Panasonic sales rep last week to ask what he'd heard about the GH5. According to his information, although there are a lot of rumors out there, there are no official specs for a successor to the GH4 at this time. My wish list includes: 4K at 60fps or higher 1080 at 120fps or higher (and full quality, not whatever we're getting out of VFR mode) 4K raw in camera...

  • Auto iso in M with EV adjust.


  • Commercial for KM Novosibirsk. In this project I was DOP and the operator in some shots :). It was fun. Shot with the gh4, DJI Ronin, set of cine lenses Samyang and nikkor 50 1.2 ais, benro tripod, crane, 3x Dedolight Felloni. Сuts in Premiere.

  • @Rerbreg

    Very professional looking and perfect work. Good story and actors too.

  • @Rerbreg

    Nice work, and ... loved the story, especially the end. Back in the mid 60's, as a 7th grade student in an inner-town school 7th-9th grades, with a lot of fights, I was tall for my age, pudgy, and scared of fighting. Also as we now know, I'm well onto the Aspergers spectrum. So my social skills weren't great, all my attempts to 'blend-in' with the normal early teen teasing either ticked people off or caused them to howl in laughter at me.

    So ... I became the instant favorite of all the bullies who wanted to shove someone around ... safely. Without really risking a real fight, you know. My dad had been much the same at that age other than short & skinny back in the late '20's in the upper US plains. And a bully target. He'd learned to be a street-fighter to the point of looking for fights, and became a TALL skinny kid who could take anybody for the thrill of it.

    So ... he taught me to think street-fighting, to invoke an adrenaline rush and use it to enable a quickness I could not do otherwise, and to think totally cold ... maximum damage for minimum time using anything to hand, causing MAJOR pain at the least ... and to drop the opponent to the ground as fast as possible & get out before his friends could gather. In a few months, I found no one interested in bothering me anymore. It was way too painful and embarrassing.

    Watching this brought back memories of a couple situations ... and yea, taught to be a nasty street-fighter, he had those kids right where he wanted them ... in close in a confined space with no witnesses, all within easy arm/foot reach for him, and if he surprised them at point of attack, they're in trouble. Easy to cause enough pain they won't follow for a bit, and scamper away.

    We're too sissy to teach anything like that in the US these days. A very sad situation.