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GH4 4K Panasonic video camera, User reviews and opinions
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  • Hello,

    I've made a quick test of the GH4 in UHD 25P with RJ Turbo adapter, Tokina 11-16 f/2.8 Canon and the Canon 8-15mm f/4.

    With the Tokina sides are very blurry at 11mm f/2.8 and unusable. With the Canon 8-15mm nothing to say perfect image quality.

  • Hi Finished my first African safari movie. Done with GH4/GH2/Sony HX9v

  • So this KXM video I directed and shot on the GH4 got nominated for Video of the year by Music Enthusiast Magazine. Just wanted to share that with y'all. Thanks to @vicharris for killing it with me on that shoot.

  • Damn that's impressive. Hell of a lineup, too! Those vocals are unmistakeable!

  • Happy New Year from Skycam team :) Estonian snowy landscape. GH4@Olympus 12mm

  • I wish my GH4 could fly like that :) . Nice work.

  • I shooted some video clips in light festival at Helsinki, Finland. There was fire circus in the dark cold night (-12 deg celcius). GH4 has good dynamic range and I was able to get some details in difficult bright fire flames in the show. With my previous cameras the flames was usually just bright white but GH4 can capture lights better. GH4 has so many useful settings to adjust image.

    I used 14-140mm II and other settings was 4k 30P f3.5, ss 1/30s and iso500-iso1000. Natural profile, contrast -5, sharpness -2, NR -5, color 0. Shadow/Highlight +2/0. iDynamic Low and master pedestrial +5. I cant share clips but here is some frames down sampled from 4k to fullhd.

    There is some noise in these frames but when the video is playing the result is quite clean. With GH4 I can shoot with a kit lens at f3.5 in dark places, that is big improvement from GH3.

    1920 x 1080 - 484K
    1920 x 1080 - 394K
    1920 x 1080 - 216K
  • I have wondered why in GH4 the EVF image is sharp when taking photos but when I check the preview the same photo seems soft (EVF, not enlarged). I use RAW+JPG and I adjust photo setting sharpness +4 so that the image in EVF looks sharp and it is easier to confirm focus. When I check this +4 photo it looks softer than during aiming and shooting.

    It would be very handy if there would be a sharpness setting just for EVF and monitor. It would be good for video too because I shoot usually with reduced sharpness and the EVF looks too soft then.

  • Hii, this time i made movie with my wife and sister as z Zombie. Because of night all shots on 25/1.4 lens and cineV settigs I hope you will like it

  • Different! :)

  • @bart_w Looked great!

  • Gh4 VS LX100 Low Light ISO TEST :

  • The LX100 stood up quite well in your test. However, the GH4 could have had the lens at f/2.8 or even used a much faster lens. Then there are the many possibility's with the SpeedBooster adapter to get even more light into the Sensor.

  • Have a crack at moon, I need more heavy duty tripod, 4K is awesome for cropping lol

  • I was worried about it being a bit clinical before I got it, then I was worried about the noise but after blaming the camera I pulled my socks up today and paid proper attention to the exposure and now I FUCKING LOVE THIS CAMERA!

  • Once one does a bit of work testing exposure and ISO settings to determine where the GH4 'sweet spot' is for a variety of scene types, it is a VERY good camera. It is not very forgiving in auto movie modes. In my experience raising the ISO to get proper exposure gives the most noise free results. I also avoid Cine-D as I find it is quite difficult to grade. I do hope a log style is added in a future firmware upgrade.

  • @MikeLinn Nice work. The only thing I missed a little was something more about final products from this recycle.

  • Hurlbut's review of the GH4 has been discussed in multiple threads, but now he is releasing a series of lens tests to try and get 'cinematic imagery'. Fine, fine, and his opinions are his opinions, whatever, but I literally do not understand the stills they upload from the tests, it has happened before.

    First off they are always compressed into oblivion (the stills.) Next, this supposedly shows the lens being good at F2.0 and bad at F1.4. (It's one of the Panasonic Leicas, happens on all three). Very noticeable difference. Except there just isn't any way in hell there is that much of a drop-off in sharpness. It's out of focus, fucked up some other way, but it doesn't go from tack sharp to smeared blury in 1 stop. Weird stuff.



  • @kellar42 It's quite obvious that he enjoys criticizing the Panasonic equipment. Notice the HA, HA! comments when the images are a bit soft when the lenses are wide open. Immature in the extreme to publish such a biased commentary. It is quite common for lenses to be soft with lifted black levels when wide open. I would like to see someone who owns one of these lenses do a test to confirm or deny these results.

  • I really can´t understand how is possible to evaluate that stupid test from images not in full res, less compressed or in a lossless format. And I not see the difference in colors or contrast changes...

  • She does seem to be happier at F1.4 than at F2.

  • A test for teaser with the GH4 and Sigma 18-35, cuts in Premiere, grading with Resolve. Trying to keep 200iso to contain the noise. Noticed, as lots of shooters here, that curves set to +5/-5 is a source of annoying noise. Bokeh is not as smooth as a good RAW, gradient are a bit tricky to manage even in Resolve. My personal view is : set up the best light, no light no shoot, good tonality and contrast are the key, but don't forget that you can crush shadows or blow highlights if your subject is perfectly enlightened.