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Panasonic GM1 official topic
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  • Im thinking to get GM1 but can't test if plate would fit somehow. Also it is small but maybe mount is same strong enough to hold that heavy lens?

    You need to mount lens on tripod (via ring mount or such) and after this attach camera :-)

  • @grisnjam DO you happy with your tripod riser ? @Vitaliy_Kiselev trying to avoided. Also can't find cheap tripod mount adapter with aperture ring:)

  • Yeah I am happy with the riser but not sure I would mount a Sigma 18-35 on the GM1 on a tripod though ;)

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    The Panasonic Lumix DMC-GM1 squeezes excellent image-quality comparable to modern mirrorless digital cameras and fast performance into a compact camera-size body. This alone justifies this digital camera as a compelling offer.

    800 x 574 - 61K
  • I ended up selling my GH3 which I normally fly on my steady cam as well as use with my Rode VideoMic Pro so when I need to run my steady cam and camera audio I rigged this up with the GM1 and Olympus f2.0 12mm and the Zoom H4N. It worked out pretty well but the lack of a tilting screen did mean more crouching then usual.

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    900 x 1200 - 372K
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  • What do you guys think of the Blue one? Looks better than I thought it would. Overpriced though.

  • I bought mine (the orange one) used and body only on ebay for less than half this price. Oh God, this thing is so tiny! Smaller than my already little BMPCC! I´m loving the image quality and portability. The automatic features are fast, but the touch commands takes some time to get used to. Still fighting with the manual mode to work things my way... a manual lens helped me a lot on that ;o)

  • Note that Russia now is best place to get GM1 kits :-) So, if you have friends, get them.

  • In Sweden you get, the black GM1 + Summilux 15mm /f1,7 + 16gb memorycard + extra battery, new in box, price 5990 sek (Swedish Crown). It is the same price as if you buy only the lens. I could not resist, I bought one box yesterday.

  • I don't know if it is legal in the forum to put the link here?

    Just remove this message if I do wrong and I tell you I am sorry!

  • Are there any plan for further hack developing on GM1?

  • @badyard

    No plans for now.

  • Do you guys know if the GM1 can manually control SS in Video Mode using legacy lenses? Also, i know that using legacy lenses it force you taking stills by using Electronic Shutter. Now in term of quality, do you guys think is worth using it only with electronic shutter and legacy lenses?


  • @ badyard

    Yes you can control the SS no matter the lenses mounted, including on lens at all! Not sure why you won't not be able to, the shutter is in the camera body ...

    Where did you hear you can only used the electric shutter with legacy lenses?

  • @badyard

    if the camera is in silent mode then it will use electronic shutter

    depends what mode your in some setting will be canceled out. make sure camera is in movie mode for the shutter issue

  • Thanks all for your help. The fact is that I've read some topics around the web, explaining that when using vintage lenses on GM1, due to the lack of electronic interaction with the curtain of the sensor, you can just use electronic shutter (silent mode), unless you're using the flash. Now, thats pretty weird, i'm just wondering if someone that own this camera can confirm it.

  • Doh! Much to my surprise as soon as I removed my lens the GM1 did in fact switch to its electronic shutter. Mounting a c-mount lens via a dumb adapter still only allowed use of the e shutter.

    I stand corrected, sorry for this misinformation.

    I did confirm both the GX7 and GH4 don't do this. The gx7 might be a good choice. Still pretty compact.

    I find the rolling shutter and interaction with lights causing strobing pretty limiting with the e shutter in general.

  • Thanks, so do you think that e-shutter on GM1 is that bad in terms of rolling shutter and strobing lights, or it's still usable, i've read that for most of the people it didn't cause almost any of the related problems, unless in extreme situations..

  • It is certainly useable, especially in good light with a fast shutter speed, but florescent lighting gives it fits.

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    GM1 sits on top of other Panasonic cameras.

    625 x 861 - 69K
  • This is my love! A chic, beautiful camera for travelers.