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Driftwood Cluster X series 3:│moon T7│ЅріzZ T6│Nebula T7│Drewnet T9│
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  • @Celullo, thanks for the recommendations, my friend. I just bought the GH2 and I am still getting used with this camera, since I use Nikon/Canon for years. As told before, I found this patch called Canis Majoris (Night), from Driftwood, and was thinking that would be a good choice to deal with High ISO noise. I am using prime lens with high aperture to deal with this. What I found is that with ISO above 800, we do need to apply noise reduction software if we want a clean image. So far, details, contrast and definition is preserved, at least with ISO 1600. Yesterday, I did a quick test using a CCTV Lens, called Michael Lens 35 1.6 HD Movie Lens. By the way, this dirty cheap lens is fantastic.

  • Has anyone tried Transcend sdxc card 64gb 300x premium with moon t7? Or Sandisk Ultra 64gb? Is it worth, does it span or fail? I try to find any info but no luck.

  • @Arti_G

    Hi, in reply of your question: Sandisc Ultra 64 GB (90 mb/s) works fine with Moon Trial 7 even in 24h mode. I use that SDXC card all the time for longer recording times. However i don't know about Transcend cards, never used those before.

  • Yes. Look at my post a page or two back. I've used 600x and 300x Transcend with Moon T7. But 64 GB versions. Both work fine.

  • @Arti_G

    I recently tested the Transend 128 GB U3 card that is supposed to work with the GH4's 200 Mb/s mode. Forget spanning, the recording stopped on my GH2 within mere seconds, even on the 50 Mb/s 24L mode. I'm not sure how folks are getting this card to work on the GH4.

    I returned it for the SanDisk Extreme 128 GB card, which works beautifully at 24H with Moon T7. Spans fine, too.

  • @driftwood Is T8 Cancelled? I been checking in everyday for months. If it is I would like to know so i can relax and just accept the fact its cancelled. I know you posted it was supposed to be released along time ago and since then it's been silence. Thanks!

  • @Arti_G the speed of Transcend sdxc card 64gb 600x is not enough with moon t7. I have tried.

  • @Jim_Simon I guess the U3 cards use a different writing standard that the GH2 can't properly utilize. I have a 64GB Transcend U3 for my GH4 and it's never given me a single issue in any mode (200 Mb intra, C4K, and VFR all work perfectly).

    @TATZU I'm guessing he's been pretty busy, and I'm personally hoping that he's getting the chance to fiddle with the GH4 to share some insight with us. I'd like to think the GH2 hacks would last forever, but I think we have reached the summit for the best patches it will have. Cluster X is pretty darn great.

  • @IVIaverick52, I agree completely with the hope that Driftwood will share some of his GH4 insight with us! Furthermore, I don't know if it's possible in the least, but as I go back and forth between Moon T7 footage and GH4 footage, I can't help but ponder the AMAZING possibilities of a GH4 hack... :)

    Currently I think I prefer the Moon T7 24L output over the GH4's 1080 all-I output, and I THINK I prefer the GH4s C4K over the Moon T7. The Moon T7 24H footage definitely seems to tax cards and my computer more than the GH4's 4K, which surprises me, and that is a plus for the GH4. But WOW, the Moon T7 image is so nice, even if slightly less detailed than the 4K. :)

  • @IVIaverick52 Do you have any data on that? I'm not finding any difference in the literature from the SD Association other than the minimum write speeds. You'd think the higher rated card would work fine, but it just didn't.

  • hi there! just wondering if there is a recommended film mode to go with whilst using moon t5 (t7 respectively)? many seem to be using smooth -2-2 0 -2, is that the one final solution? will be shooting indoors with controlled lighting, maybe that's helpful to know.

    also, is the sandisk 64 gb 45mb/s sure to span with t7?

    thanks for your answers,


  • GH2@ M42 Helios & Jupiter lenses. Driftwood moon T7. Smooth -2-2 -2 -2

  • Moon T7 color/contour test of my FilmVision Pro. GH2 + FD 50mm f1.4 + LowCon + Ultra LowCon filters.

  • To be more safe I bought Sandisk Extreme 45MB/s 64GB (gold) and I must say it works flawlessly with moon t7 24h. It never stopped. I've even recorded grass, trees, fabric (everything I had with detail) for 1h in one take (it's full capacity). It's not worth getting anything faster like Extreme Pro or U3. Probably S. Ultra or Transcend 300x/600x would work, but difference in price wasn't so high so I took Extreme and I'm very happy with it.

  • hi, a tutorial to install this, beautiful, hack? :)

  • @FabP Installing this patch: Use the same procedure that you used for other patches. Otherwise enter 'Ptool' into search field. Top right on all pages & hit 'Go'

  • For quite a while, I used Quantum X v4B Orion and Cluster v1, both of which used the "Orion" matrix. I later switched to Sedna A Q20 and Cluster v6 DREWnet, which used the "Sedna" matrix.

    I came to especially love the reliability of Cluster v6 DREWnet, and the quality I got for reasonable file sizes.

    Now, I'm shooting with my GH2 and trying to match it to other cameras, and I'm finding the Orion matrix a closer match. The midtones and highlights seem to be stretched up a bit higher along the scale.

    I worry that I'm giving up some good innovations by using Cluster v1 rather than v6, however. So what I'd like to know is, what settings in ptool are specifically the matrix? The tooltips don't make it clear to me. I'd like to make a setting with just the Orion matrix, that I can load over top of Cluster v6's Sedna matrix... is that even a good idea, or could there be unintended consequences?

  • @producer, wasn't that FilmVision Pro footage posted earlier in the thread? Is this plugin supposed to ever be released?

  • @anthonyw: Yes, the same plug-in with some new experimental features. Still a lot of work needed and always not enough time for that. I can spend just an hour or two per 15 days for that. That's why I still don't release my work. Some persons attacked me here about the same matter, but that's what I can do for now. For example, more than 30 weekends gone since Nick Driftwood wrote that Moon T8 will be released "this weekend", so he has his reasons, I have mine too.

  • @producer I think you'll find it has only been 9 weeks since Nick mentioned T8, It is unfortunate about your plugin not being available.. I have been following Filmvision Pro's progress (or not) for the last 3 years... Is it not worth getting others involved with getting it finished? I say this only because I am interested!

  • For those waiting for Moon T8, and checking on this topic/thread, it's been released for testing/reporting. It has it's own topic/thread. You can find it here:

  • Thank you matt_gh2! :)

  • Shot with Moon T7, password is "dj"

  • Can anyone tell me where I can fine the moon T5 hack? thanks

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