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Driftwood Cluster X series 3:│moon T7│ЅріzZ T6│Nebula T7│Drewnet T9│
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  • Hi everybody, I found that my gh2 is able to record a continuous HBR(pal) video around 15min only. I am using DREWnetT9 with a Transcend 64GB SDXC Ultimate Class 10 UHS-1 Memory Card. Is it normal? Thanks a lot.

  • @darkraymond, sorry I can't actually help with your specific question, but I can definitely offer you an unsolicited suggestion, Lol, "Stop wasting your camera and your time on DREWnet T9!" Moon T7 is sooooooo much better, even 24L, which is nice and reliable for the most part.

  • @darkraymond Anything less than a SanDisc Extreme Pro 64GB card will often cause problems with continuous recording. If you want long recording with cheap card I suggest Sanity 5.

  • I've had problems with HBR (NTSC) with hacks - not very reliable when spanning: you may loose footage after 13-15 minutes. 720p is much more reliable for longer recordings.

  • @Tjabo, thank you and I have tried it. It's really good but I need to compromise with lower bitrate and quality for long recording. @dancerchris, thank you. I will try it. Do you think the patchs by Driftwood is not suitable for long recording? Or my card problem only? Or there is a limit of writing speed on GH2?

  • @darkraymond It depends, generally speaking the best card for recording (and generally spanning correctly) is the Sandisk Extreme Pro 64GB. The Driftwood patches push the limits of even that card but some have reported continuous recording with no problems using that best card. However you can get away with some things in a static shot verses something with a lot of motion (variable bit rates). So you aren't guaranteed anything, you need to test based on the combination card/patch/motion/(camera).

  • AnnasArmy

    Moon T7 here, but made tons of mistakes while filming like not enough light, some exposure and high iso issues, but neat video helped a ton.

  • @donniewagner Nice shoots. Very good stuff.

    Love Moon T7 quality but I have to change to T5 for more stable performance in wedding videography. I receive a lot of cards errors even with the SanDisc 64G 95mbs. The most common error was that sometimes after 18min of recording I tried to shoot another clip and din't let me because it said that the card was already full even with 40min left o recording. Sorry for my bad english.

  • @donniewagner I really love the lighting. Excellent.

  • @agoltz, thanks. it was all windows and skylights. had a few shots where it was just too dark, and ended up shooting at ISO 3200 in some shots, which was a mistake. but it came out ok.

  • @donniewagner Looks very nice. Cool video too.

  • @matt_gh2 Thanks, appreciate it

  • @donniewagner It came out better than OK. Looks fantastic. Neat Video is a bloody life saver that's for sure. Best plugin ever

  • @Driftwood I have been very happy with the results given by Moon T7, but I have a question. In my research, for high ISO performance, I found an old patch named CANIS MAJORIS. How does it compare to Moon T7 in this aspect? Congrats for the great work!

  • @mariocons There was a Canis Majoris 'Night' patch that was tuned for low-light, IIRC. It was good from what I remember, but I think Moon Trial 7 would be just as good. If you're shooting anything over ISO 6400, seriously consider putting the camera into black & white mode. Yes, it's baked in, but the grain all the way up to 12800 is actually very nice. Depending on the black & white profile you choose and the scene, you can pull more out from the shadows.

  • Thanks @powderbanks, my idea is to shoot at max ISO 3200. I have not tested the camera in this particular ISO, under low light conditions, but as I told, I thought Canis Majoris had better ISO performance. There are so many patches and each one of these especially designed for different purposes, so I really got confused with them.

  • I'm on 'DREWnet' T9 and having problems with Sandisk Extreme 45mb/s and willing to buy a new card, my options are:

    1.Transcend 64 UHS-3 2.Sandisk Extreme 95mb/s card

    Does anyone know if the Transcend is going to be reliable enough?

    According to Crystaldiskmark: Sequential writing speed: Transcend is: 63mb/s Sandisk is: 67mb/s

    But the 512k, 4k are mixed results: Transcend is: 23 and 0.6 mb/s Sandisk is: 7 and 2 mb/s

    As you can see the Seq writing speed is the same, while 512 is faster on transcend and 4k much faster on sandisk, I believe that only the Seq parameter is the most important, can anyone enlighten me on this issue?

    So far the Transcend looks to be a good option and a bargain for 50$, but would it blend? Any insight would be appreciated! thanks!


  • I'm not sure if it's gonna help you, but I have two 64 GB Transcends 1. 64 GB Transcend "600x" speed 2. 64 GB Transcend "300x" speed

    They both work with Moon T7 without a problem. Haven't tried the DREWnet hack. Sorry! Hope it helps a bit.

  • @rostilav, currently I also own a Sandisk 16 45mb/s and I dnt know why, but sometimes it was freezing the camera and playback at the camera LCD was not possible, when I was running Drewnet T9. Using the same card with Moon T7, it is working fine, without freezing and playback is normal.

  • @marciocons I've read that somewhere here (perhaps your post) that while DREWnet T9 will cause problems where Moon T7 works fine... my only issue with Moon T7 is the increased filesizes, i'm not sure if the extra quality is worth it especially once a clip would be uploaded to youtube

    Perhaps Nebula would be a good compromise?

  • Moon T7, Old Nikon AI lenses 28mm & 50mm Mostly in green screen. Thanks Driftwood you´re the best!

  • @rostilav, if file size is a issue for you and you are not concerned with max quality, I think you should give Sanity 5.1 a try.

  • Moon T7 samyang 16mm f2.0
    separate audio on a Tascom with a Sony lapel mic

  • @marciocons Both of these I shot with Moon Trial 5. And I'm 99% sure they were both shot at ISO 3200, if not 6400.

    This one I didn't bother to grade it, I liked how it looked as it was.

    This one I had run some light noise reduction, but looking at it now I don't think it was really necessary. This was with an SMC/Takumar 55/1.8

    I don't think the noise is that bad at those high of ISO's. The noise pattern isn't that bad, especially if you can get enough light in a scene or a fast enough lens, it should be fine.

  • @marciocons, unfortunately there is no magic patch to work in low light condition, high iso will bring you noise/grain, if you don't want to manage to much noise try to work with fast aperture (so lower you iso), or bring light for your subject. In the video below I shoot everything with a 50mm f/1.4 and I tried to not set iso over 1250 but for the birds sequence the light was from a projector and it was very hard to manage in post (lot of flickering, and bad global illumination), for the final sequence it was dark but the fair was full of flashy bulb, so no need to go above 320 iso. Try to set NR to 0 when working on high iso and set it back to -2 when working under 800iso.

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