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2K BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera, active m43, $995
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  • Maybe that's got something to do with digital projectors that almost all theatres have nowadays. Film projectors used to project each image twice, and this coupled with the light flicker/pulse, makes for a very pleasing motion on the big screen.

  • @xntrggr

    I thought that might be it, for the FS100 footage I had a GH2 running at the same time, we were trying to decide between a run-n-gun camera for a 24 hour project coming up and were taking it way too seriously (haha), the GH2 Hack's motion looked really good on the same screen, same frame, etc.

    Edit here: Now that I think about it, if you have any interest in trying to put something on a large screen, it's a good reason to enter a festival. A lot of them actually take the time to secure venues and projectors, it's really cool to finally have an answer first hand.

  • @kholi Rookie here, so I may have misunderstood. Are you saying when actors or other objects in the frame move too quickly that it looks bad on the big screen? What makes for good motion on a big screen and what makes for bad motion on big screen? I thank you for your patince with this rookie. We just finished shooting feature and are about to start editing, so any tips are much appreciated and will be imolemented.

  • What are you thoughts shooting for export at 2:3.5.1 as apposed to 16:9?.. Do people like the panavision look for a more cinematic feel or do they find the loss in screen space and ultimately resolution to restrictive?

  • @matt_gh2

    When anything moves with the FS100/Sony Cameras, it's like part of the Sony look outside of the F35 and F65. F55 also looks better.

    You can see it on large or small screen.

    Also no worries, I'm a rookie as well and just learning. I haven't shot anything major haha.

  • @xntrggr

    Generally film projectors have three blades so each frame is actually flashed three times, making the refresh rate 72hz

  • I'm not sure if this is the right topic, but here's a question.

    I'm planning to shoot a feature film for theatrical release. I have a choice of two cameras: the Sony VG20, or the BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera. The lenses are Rokinons, with a LA7200 anamorphic adaptor and various diopters.

    Which camera is likely to give better results? What special considerations do I need to take into account if I'm planning for a 2.35:1 aspect ratio?

    Naturally, I will be running some tests during pre-production, but would love to hear what others think.

  • Every camera is better than the VG20, so is BMPCC.

  • @Kholi

    Funny you mention the CRT thing. I've noticed it too. I've yet to see an LCD monitor look as good as my archaic 19inch NEC CRT. I was shocked at how good my Panasonic HMC150 stuff looked on it back in 2010.... and I damn near had a panic attack when I saw the same footage on different lcd monitors.

  • How is it i've only just found this place now?

  • @The Captain, hell you're a bit of a local hero in these parts....

  • Welcome over here Captain!

  • @CaptainHook This is a sacred place.

  • welcome Mr Hook =)

  • @Captainhook What a coincidence! Just downloaded the LUT today and can't seem to figure how to get it to show up in Resolve? Running Windows 8.

  • Thanks for the welcome!

    @vicharris - i had actually been here a while ago after a google search but the layout of the site made me think it was a reddit type site and i moved on.

    @theconformist - easiest way in resolve is in project settings go to the look up tables tab and choose the open lut folder button and put it in there, then update lists.

  • Here's a 5 minute rant video shot in RAW. Shot with the Panny 14-42, and got burned a few times by the focus resetting... I'm shooting my next one on a Switar. For a "one man show" I can't be constantly worried if the focus is going to do something unintentional.

    As for the video itself, every singer in the world is going to hate me for this. :)

  • @OzNimbus Don't use the autofocus.

  • Hey guys, did anybody shot a resolution chart with the RAW feature? I´m curious to see that against the ProRes one. Thanks.

  • As for the video itself, every singer in the world is going to hate me for this. :)

    @OzNimbus jajaja terrific dude, just terrific XD

  • success with early tests working with Compressed DNGs from BMPCC - Blackmagic Pocket Camera!

  • i didnt think the pocket had continuous autofocus. the one button autofocus is hit and miss though ha.

  • @MikeLinn

    Thanks for the link to KickStarter with respect to conversion of BMPCC RAW files. I've already pledged $50 on the batch version.

    This guy still needs $121 for the whole project. So, PV members might help him out :-) At least, pledge around $19 to get the The v1 of RAW 2 CF RAW (not a batch version).

  • Shopping in Edinburgh

  • @MikeLinn This indeed looks to be a very interesting project; I also pledged $50..... who follows? to complete the $800 asked for....

    There is currently only $121 missing..... but also only 32 hours left!, better hurry up if you want to join this development...