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2K BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera, active m43, $995
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  • Ouch - funny : ).

  • What's even more painful is that they choose to send the one and only camera by boat rather than air... no wonder its taking so long - and its not even packaged very well. ; )

    That's it, I'm going to order that other $1000 camera with RAW recording. Seems like all the balls are in Blackmagic Designs' court (for now).

    All joking aside, if I get my BMPCC by the end of August, I will have no complaints.

  • lol@JimmyKorea (troll!) funny - who cares when the "new cam" comes out lol really? no really? so David Bowie The Who Rolling Stones and Muse (and sox Vangelis) this week moaned about RAW? no! no really no!

    P.S. sorry subsequently hopefully jimmyKorea is kicked to the kerb!

    Also - due to non thread reading - to bring you up to speed - you do Know we are graced by John Brawley who is THE BM tester!) giving us direct news here and now - I'm bemused that so many Chinese whispers propagate - ladies n gents if it's out Aug Sept Dec who cares - fucking hell it's like a games pre release forum from my past! Lord it's a camera - not your talent if you have it! I'm gripped to see what the worlds community is gripped and on the edge of producing to the extent it needs it RIGHT NOW - pants off!

  • So it's August, Any unboxing videos out there? Pics of the boxes stacked at a store? Downloads of original ProRes and RAW files? Camera reviews? Anybody with a shipping notice with tracking info?

    Doesn't seem like anything came out in July.

  • As it's not Andrew et al on EOSHD no - wait enjoy and grab the lovely little brick when you can - it won't stop you making your dream - lord they take the piss saying Vitaly's refreshingly harsh site is bad but man if there's people who do and people who don't, but talk about it ….

  • Well, that's why i never pre-order anything anymore. Last time I preordered anything was the 'Mac Classic' when I was in college - I damn near killed myself waiting for it. If we had the interwebs back then I would have been Jimmy USA - LOL

  • Seems like all the balls are in Blackmagic Designs' court (for now).

    Yep. Not too hard to see why either. Although, the good part for us... is that I DO believe they have people's interest at heart... they DO want to deliver these products. If they were just after playing the same game as the other guys... these cams would be $10,000 for the Pocket, $25,000 for the 2.5k, and $40,000 for the global-shutter 4k model. It sucks they're not shipping in full quantity yet... but the BMCC has proven that these are not vaporware cams. They WILL be available... and MUCH sooner than any other comparable options from other manufacturers. Just be patient. They're blazing a new trail that has the potential to change allot in the marketplace. Plenty of great options to shoot on in the meantime, GH2 is still great... GH3 is amazing... The 2.5k BMCC model is not too hard to get.

  • Just got an email from MBD indicating that shipping has commenced! I hope it's true!

  • It is true, and those looking to get the 2.5K camera just got a nice surprise too. Wow!

  • @caveport Lucky one... :-) Hope it's true. How many days will the shipping take to get BMPCC to your home?

  • Might have to go to that NYC seminar next week, I'm in town. Bold move with the price reduction, and going to be dangerous for my wallet if the pocket ships in any quantities.

  • i wonder if an active 2.5k MFT mount is in the horizon with this price cut.

  • @ivanlee Live at Leme, work in Andaraí. :)

    On topic: I think that probably this comparison was not made due to very restricted availability of the BMPCC even to beta testers, but there is some comparison shot beteween BMPCC and a m4/3 camera with the same lens, regarding field of view and depth of field?

  • @MRfanny that is exactly why I am not going to jump and by one...regardless of what they say now they could surprise us later and I am perfectly content with the pocket aka my future B cam(Unless I get a set of Super 16 PL mount ultra-primes from Santa)... signs point to not

  • On Wetpixel a member posted a partial letter received from BlackMagic. It's an interesting reading. Various info inside.

    FYI on several Blackmagic Design camera updates:

    Blackmagic Cinema Camera Price Reduction: We have worked very hard over the last year to be able to build the Blackmagic Cinema Camera at a lower cost, and we wanted those savings to translate directly to customers to boost the creative possibilities among a wider range of cinematographers and photographers. From today the Blackmagic Cinema Camera EF and MFT models will be reduced in price to US$1,995. All orders placed that have not yet been filled can be reduced to the new lower price. The advantage of the 2.5K sensor is that it has enough resolution to eliminate the bayer resolution loss of an HD sensor, but when shooting RAW, it produces files that are not too big to store and work with easily. The full press release is below my signature.Camera Update: The new Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera is now shipping, and there is a software update for it posted on our website on the support page. U!

     sers can now focus by pushing the focus button when using an active MFT lens. This makes it very easy to accurately focus. The focus peaking feature is still there, and you enable it by double pressing the focus button. The focus zoom feature is enabled by double pressing the OK button. The Blackmagic Production Camera 4K is not yet shipping, as we need some more time. Our first batch of sensors was delivered only this week, so we have not been able to complete the software for the camera. We expect to start shipping in about three to four weeks once the final software work and testing are completed.We also have several updates on associated production / post technology:HyperDeck Software 3.8: This update adds 6G-SDI support on the output for HyperDeck Studio Pro and adds on screen menus to both HyperDeck Studio models, where users can set formats and other features. New ethernet remote control support has also been added. This allows users to connect HyperDeck to a network!

     , set the IP address of the HyperDeck in the menu and then Tel!

     net into the HyperDeck to get control. If you type play, the HyperDeck will play and if you type stop, then HyperDeck will stop. You can get clip lists and all kinds of control functions. Additional details can be found in the instruction manual. This update is free of charge and on our website now.DaVinci Resolve 9.1.5: We have a small software update for DaVinci Resolve 9 that adds improved compatibility with Avid Media Composer 7.0 round trip, supports reel names in Final Cut Pro X XML, adds support for Avid EuControl Software Package Version 3.0, improves handling of multi track Quicktime audio files and adds improved Cinema DNG file format support. This update is available for download from our website.Desktop Video 9.7.7: This new software update now adds support for the 4K DCI modes and adds improved compatibility for HDMI on the UltraStudio 4K and the DeckLink 4K Extreme models. We have also improved support for Avid Media Composer for the UltraStudio Mini Recorder  and DeckLink Mini Recorder models. This software update is available now for download from our website

  • I wonder how many more times someone will post that email that BM sent? :)

  • RedShark News just wrote a great article on why a manufacturer may miss their shipping dates: 'Why Products are Delivered Late' (

    It's clearly inspired by BMD, but they don't mention them by name. I think if you read it you'll be able to cut the company some slack. Do you want to wait a year for your camera to ship? Hell no! But a month's slippage isn't a disaster for such a small manufacturer, and what they are delivering right?

    This is the key quote:

    "If you're under pressure (which can mean time or financial, or both) it's tempting to make a large batch the moment the manufacturing prototype is signed off. This would have two advantages: if you build in bigger batches, your costs are lower, and it means that you can satisfy more of your eager customers sooner rather than later.

    But what if there's a problem that you missed, or something that is introduced by the mass-manufacturing process that wasn't present in the prototype? What happens then is that you have a warehouse-full of products that you might never be able to sell. At the very least you'll have to do retrospective work on them to fix them and that will wipe out your profit in this large first batch, to say nothing of the bad PR from having a huge number of disappointed customers.

    So it's better to build early products in small batches. But that leads to the familiar scenario where you meet a delivery date on paper (ie "we'll be shipping in Q3) but, in reality, only a few products find their way out and you'll still be left with large numbers who have to wait longer than they expected.

  • @_gl

    Thanks for posting that. A breath of fresh air.

  • @vicharris sorry to have wasted bandwidth. I'm subscribed to this thread but I missed that email.

  • @LongJohnSilver No worries. I've only seen it posted a few times here but over at bmccuser, I think I saw it posted at least 10 times within hours!

  • @Chaos123x

    Sorry for the late reply man!

    Is the sensor size of the BMPCC the same as the BMCC???

    At the moment, is there any solid indication (now) that is uses the same chip or a different once perhaps?

    Either way, a hack would be absolutely fantastic if it could unleash the full resolution of the camera and that we could capture it RAW :D

    I haven't been through all 60+ pages of this topic, but I gathered there is some great dislike towards the camera? If I am correct, why so?

  • @gh2_fan

    The chip is the same size but only has a active window for HD cut into it. It is also positioned off center so just that part is exposed. So a hack would neither change its position or make the window bigger. But people are saying its totally different.

  • Cool. Don't see them on his website though, sure these are legit?

    Downloading them now.