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Driftwood ClusterX series 2:│moon│ЅріzZ│nebula│drewnet│Slipstream │Redshift
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  • Just tried to get a cinematic look as the movie snapshot and it was actually very easy.

    Here is the original picture:

    1920 x 1080 - 1M
  • Here is a video that I shot with the GH2 using Drewnet V8 and my Panasonic GH3 as a B-cam/crowd cam.

    Clients wanted the feel of a old school telecast of a Mo-town concert, so I kept the lens flares, some zooms and blurry singer shots.

  • @producer Seems you were able to perfectly match/replicate the image style from Snitch.

    @johnhizzle That opening graphic reminded me of a 1978 Sunday afternoon turning on the TV...and bam!-somehow Soul Train is always on. Very cool.

  • @matt_gh2 Do you really think so? And why? Really interested to know.

  • @producer The way the metal from the trucks on each shot had a certain "gloss" to them(both yours and the Snitch shot), made me initially think you got the match. I then watched a trailer for Snitch and the image style there also matches frame grab of red truck. Also, a lot of the better moon footage tends to match or be very similar to the Snitch look. I think it's a modern look. It's a smooth form of digital. I'm partial to more traditional film stock looks from the 80s so I use Intravenus II and Lomo lenses, but I think we're seeing a lot of digital looks/styles both in theaters and also from what people are experimenting with here. Although not to my taste, a lot of people like these new digital looks, and they come across as pro. Have you posted any footage using Moon - I'd be curious to check it out? One of the biggest reasons I like GH2 is that given the many choices of compatible lenses and the many choices for hack settings, you really can create a variety of image types/styles.

  • @matt_gh2: Thank you for your opinion!

    I tried Moon 5, but I got much noise at almost every ISO higher than 500, so I replaced it with Drewnet 8 - much better surprisingly.

    Anyway, here the shock is: whatever I've tried, I never could reach even a bit of the real cinematic vision of the movie productions with GH2!!! I know some people doesn't like my opinion here because of saying some real facts that are not suitable for everyone about GH2 at all. I've watched no more than two or three GH2 videos getting closer to the movie look, all others are typically videoish. Yes, some crystal and brilliant, excellently graded but still videoish, no matter which patches are used.

    Is there anyone who really think that such a movie look can be reached from GH2?!?

    Ok, the surprise: the frame grab with the red truck I used is actually a picture taken with iPhone 5(!!!). Nothing connected to Lumix. The color processing and grading were so easy and convenient like a butter for getting a look so closer to the real movie production - just in few minutes. With GH2 such a result... hmm. Try it, use every possible patch for bitrate and details - nothing.

    By the way, I didn't use the "Snitch" or other movie for any reference point. Also I never use histograms, scopes, etc. I only count on my own eyes, that's how they see.

    Sorry for playing, nothing personal to anyone. Just felt so tempted to do it :)

  • @producer man, the fact that you can get such "cinematic" look even with your iphone should be enough reason for you to go outside, shoot your f*cking movie and stop trolling every post with your bullshit.

  • @Flaaandeeers: no comment... useless...

  • @producer Interesting re iPhone shot. I was thinking the red truck was Moon T6 and the other truck was from Snitch. If iPhone works, cool. If you're looking for classic film look with GH2 I would recommend trying out Intravenus II (with a vintage lens like a Lomo 50, which is quite inexpensive. ) It's quite good to my eye. What camera and lens combo do you like for film look?

  • I had a hard time believing that was shot with a gh2 and that lens from the beginning. Why don't you shoot some video with the iphone and try the same thing. Also if your only purpose is to bash the gh2, why are you here? I really don't get it.

  • @matt_gh2 , @vicharris: Thanks for the response and suggestions! I don't bash GH2, I just found this iPhone 5's picture from the internet, downloaded it and decided to spend 2-3 minutes with it, that's all. Because the picture itself can never be taken with such a colors and nuances with GH series. Actually, Sony Alfa DSLR series make pictures very close to that picture concerning the colors and their balance, shapes, density, etc. GHs are different style. About lenses: I use vintage analog lenses only (although I have 14-45mm). FD 50mm 1.4, 24mm 2.0, 28-105mm 2.8-3.8, 8-48mm 1.0, etc. I don't have LOMO, but an anamorphic lens is what would make me satisfied with GH2. And Sigma 30mm 1.4 and why not a low contrast or ultra contrast filter as a physical "patch" for GH2 against its sharp/contrast.

  • @producer You've obviously got a lot of time on your hands. The moment you posted most people here assumed it was a hoax. You're building a solid reputation for yourself. Fire fire, pour on water, fetch the engines...


  • @producer "Is there anyone who really think that such a movie look can be reached from GH2?!?"

    Judge for yourself.

  • BURN! (sorry couldn't resist) :)

  • @Jim_Simon the movie looks fantastic. But it sure is strange! (Watching it now)

  • @UpstreamColorPost Yes indeed. This movie is also a testament to the work of VK and Driftwood. (they used a driftwood setting)

  • Walking along the Southbank (London) yesterday when I came across this talented lady. Shot with Cluster X Spizz T5. 24H setting.

  • Can anyone explain in layman's terms the differences one would expect to see in Moon T5 vs Intravenous II. They both are high bit rate patches, so what are the nuances between the two? Thanks in advance.

  • IV II has more the look of an (older) film stock while Moon T5 has a (newer) more neutral digital look.

  • Drewnet Trial 8 & GH3

    Can you spot which is which? they are pretty heavily graded though. and of course, filmconvert :)

    please vote for us if you like what you saw!

  • A little something I shot yesterday using @driftwood's Cluster X Spizz T5. Download for best quality.

  • @Bozzie Looks great man! What lenses were you using? color profile?

  • Thanks @x_worpig_x! Sigma 30mm with Smooth profile. -2 setting all the way, bud.

  • @Bozzie looks nice man! like a slipknot horror tale!

  • @jhonnyskulls Thanks! Wanted something dark and atmospheric :)

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