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GH3 ordering and availability topic
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  • Anyone know if there's any PAL GH3s up for sale?

  • @azza_act

    Nope. Our next batch of PAL cameras is also not available yet.

  • Thanks VK for the update.

  • Adaroma is backordered now @Vitaliy_Kiselev B&H has a target date of the 28th for their next shipment

  • The Driftwood deal is still in operation at the Brighton Panasonic Shop! I just ordered a GH3 with 12-35 lens, spare battery and shotgun mic for £2209.97

    The next best deal I found from an online retailer I felt I could trust was £2228.77 from

  • Hi - ok - so apparently my listing some ebay thing was not cool because my addition to this thread was deleted. Sorry, i am learning the ropes. I love this forum and yes, i am engaged in getting a GH3. I have the Lx7 and GH2 hacked edition ;-) Certainly i am happy for this site and the great work and anyway i noticed that the ebay listing was from a real store and it still seems to have stock so perhaps you won't mind me mentioning this ... i am not affiliated, just a shmo buying a camera. I don't want an EU rec time limited edition of GH3 so i go the NTSC (such a joke this NTSC reference to 30/60fps)

  • My Fellow Australians

    Has anyone managed to get a PAL GH3 from a retailer yet (in Oz)?
    I'm being dicked around by Gerry Gibbs Camera Warehouse and my pre-order and want to cancel it and find a unit elsewhere.

    When Panasonic announced the cameras were shipping here (23 Jan) I asked GGCW to udpate my order and was told that I Panosonic only released 30 units of which they got a few and that I was 3rd on the list for the next batch due 6 Feb. So after 6 Feb came and went I asked for an update to find out that I'm 1st on the list for the next shipment - they're not sure when it's due but think 22 Feb. I've asked them to confirm that they only got 2 units in the last shipment and complained that at this rate I'll just get it along with everyone else in Australia and what was the point of pre-ordering.

    They've been silent. I appreciate that this camera is in hot demand but really, can't they just confirm (after finding out from Panasonic) when the camera is expected to ship. I've already had to make different arrangements on one paid gig I was going to use this camera for and now it looks like the next one is in jeopardy.

    Why is it so hard for both Panasonic and GGCW to be up front about shipping dates - I can wait if I know but the lack of transparency and updates is not doing the reputation of either of these companies any good!.

    If anyone out there has any info on shipping I would greatly appreciate it. thanks

  • @plusone got exactly the same issue. I'm a little worried about Gerry Gibbs because i have a deposit with them too, have now for a couple of weeks. Digital camera warehouse has the same problem too, I've called them at least 5-6 times this month. But someone did tell me that the 28th of this month is looking good for shipping but as history has shown us, that could change. I've got a couple weddings on next month and foolishly I sold one of my GH2s; thinking it was going to be replaced with the GH3... it's a long wait indeed.

  • Why is it so hard for both Panasonic and GGCW to be up front about shipping dates - I can wait if I know but the lack of transparency and updates is not doing the reputation of either of these companies any good!.

    It is Panasonic GHx. They all have same fate.

  • hey @azza_act you in Canberra? me too! anyway - here's an update I got from Panasonic after posting on their Facebook page

    "globally there has been huge demands for this model and we are now fulfilling back orders. Panasonic Australia is receiving weekly shipments and we expect to clear the majority of back orders by the end of this month"

    I guess that's something. Though they haven't yet responded to my follow up comment...

  • I got my camera from my pre order in dec from gerry gibbs last week. I ordered a battery grip with it. they sent my order to someone else in townsville and i got their order of just the body. tracking number showed it delivered in townsville and the order number on the parcel did not match my order. so theres some lucky bugger in townsville that scored a free battery grip. If they had not have cocked up my order I would have praised their service as they were quite accurate on stock and delivery date.

    Its just not enough supply and demand unfortunately. Im sure if they could all get more they would to make quick $$$.

  • I really need gh3, but im from indonesia and not available in here.. ;( Somebody can help me to order gh3

  • Availability of the GH3 in Germany seems to be no problem at all: Ordered mine on Monday, it went out at Panasonic Hamburg the same day, picked it up at a local shop on Thursday. For comparison, the GH2 was virtually unavailable way into spring 2011, so this does seem to have improved. I paid 1998 € for the GH3A bundle, the body alone would have cost 1099 €. According to Heise Preisvergleich, the cheapest Internet shops asked 2059 € for the GH3A bundle. This baffles me, since when are local shops cheaper than Internet shops?? Checked Heise Preisvergleich again today and now there's a single shop listing the GH3A bundle for 1994 €, so prices do seem to come down a bit. I envy US citizens who get to enjoy gigantic rebates like the recent GH2 $500 sale at Amazon. It seems we're paying a premium over here.

  • I bought mine in Belgium (i'm from the netherlands) for €854,33 (for non business customers or business customers outside the European Union it is €1029,-)

    As a Dutch entrepreneur I can buy the camera in Belgium without VAT. (i think when you buy outside your country but within the European union you don't have to pay VAT for business purposes.) All they do is ask for your VAT number (or whatever you call it) and they check if it is legit.

    Below is the website but for this deal you'll have to write them an email, it can't be done through their webstore...

    Website: ArtenCraft.Be

    I believe they still have them in stock...

    NOTE: i can't guarantee this deal, i've done it twice and could be limited for customers of the Netherlands but I believe it has got something to do with European legislation. So write them an email and find out if it applies to you.

  • For Australians trying to get a GH3 try Digital Camera Warehouse. They phoned me a few days ago that mine had come in and I had it the next morning by overnight express shipping. I don't know if they have any left...but they are very efficient people to deal with online. I can not believe that some Drongo at Panasonic Australia decided to PUT TOGETHER GH3 + 12-35mm + 35-100mm KITS and use buyers desperation to flog the much more expensive kits (and at $4500 the kits are no real saving over buying separately).

    What really pisses me off is that the kits are purposely assembled here in Australia from individually imported/boxed GH3 bodies and lenses. These should have been made available individually in the first the lack of bodies is actually a cynical Panasonic Australia creation.

    @MbhuyKo Where are you...Jakarta? All my friends just get a very cheap Lion Air ticket to Singapore and buy there:-)

  • Just bought mine here;

    PAL and English menus. Is a couple of hundreds dollars more but I was desperate. This might be helpful for any other Aussies looking for a GH3 quick fix.

  • @GH2UW agreed...this whole kit ploy is a joke. The reason why I cannot get my replacement grip is because they don't have any individually. The store said they needed authorisation from panasonic to break up one of those kits so I can get it. seriously, they need to wake up and smell the coffee.

  • Adorama still doesn't have them in so I preordered. I got their Diamond extended warranty because I said I'd never buy another Pannasonic Consumer camera without an outside warranty.

  • Bodies batch also appeared at Amazon (via Samy's)

    Seems like things are getting normal, but slow.