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Nikon D5200 topic
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  • ( QuickHitRecord ) Please note that the Canon T4i has a denoiser on board, the Nikon D5200 has not so it's not a good comparisson. With the Nikon you have to denoise it in post.

  • Andrew Reid reminded me that this YouTube user posts fake videos. Now that I think of it, this was the same guy who was posting footage from the 5D Mark III before anyone had any footage -- and all of it was fake.

    So disregard this video!

  • Yes, I've seen this video and wondered how bad the D5200 footage looked. I am going to make a few more tests in low light with the 35mm and 50mm and 85mm F1.8 lenses, see how that's going to look. Believe me, it's going to be delightfull!

  • I just had a very few minutes in a shop to try the D5200 with my Atomos Ninja2...and the good news is that HDMI out is clean (if correctly set up in the menu) and records nicely on to the Ninja's ProRes HQ codec.

    Unlike the HDMI/Ninja set up with the D800, the advantage with the D5200 is that auto exposure (via S shutter priority) appears to be functional during Liveview output/HDMI recording.

    My subjective impression about the internal codec (recorded to SD card) is that the image quality is better than my hacked GH2's...much less noise and cleaner colors. Sharpness appears to be at least as good...but need to do a side by side test. Auto focus during video is better than D800 (which is hopeless anyway) but nowhere as good as GH2. Overall...decent video from the internal 24mbps codec...but obviously better from Ninja (@ProRes 4:2:2). Wasn't able to test for color banding (e.g. blue sky)...but hopefully better than GH2.

    I'll be getting my D5200 in about a week's time and will evaluate the camera (relative to the D800 and the GH2) more thoroughly. Looks like it's going to be a GH3 replacement for me for underwater work, particularly since GH3 bodies are still not available in Australia (the $4,500 body+lens kits are...but who gives a shit about that). Screw Panasonic Australia...I'm totally fed up with them.

  • @GH2UW Excellent to hear about the HDMI I recently bought a Ninja and was looking for a replacement for my 5n (which does not have clean HDMI). D5200 will definately be my next purchase!

  • @QuickHitRecord

    So disregard this video!

    Then you might consider editing your previous post and delete the link to the fake video...

  • Hi guys, done another test:

    Filmed with the nikon 18-200 F3.5-5.6 lens at 1600-6400 ISO. Lots of noise because this lens should normally not be used in very low light conditions. Nevertheless the image quality looks realy good. This camera has fantastic dynamic range.

  • how long does the battery last in D5200, shooting video, ENEL 14 if not mistaken? craftwerk, could you shoot some human faces in normal lighting in neutral mode, please? do you have full manual control in exposition, in D5200? thank you in advance!

  • Oh...forgot to mention. Not only is HDMI out clean for use with external recorders, but it also carries audio. So no need to use the analog audio in on the Ninja.

    This is the cherry on the nice new Nikon cake!

  • @GH2UW

    Hi, I see you have the GH2 and will get the d5200. Two comparison tests I believe everybody would like to see is DR and ISO.

    A shadow/highlight situation in daylight with d5200 set to neutral and contrast dialed down and GH2 set to Smooth contrast dialed down. something like a shadow under a three against a blue sky with clouds

    night shoots with iso 1600, 3200, 6400 with noise reduction dialed down in both cameras and/or set to default settings. something like street cars with the dark sky in the image.

    and of course, upload raw footage, or just edit some cuts to put them together.


  • @apefos I'm getting my D5200 from H.K. so not sure when it will arrive...and am looking forward to comparative tests with a view to retiring the GH2's.

    I won't generalize too much based on the limited experience with the D5200...but my subjective impression is that DR and ISO noise is certainly better than my hacked GH2's internal codecs; and marginally better than the GH2 recording to the Ninja.

    Even completely dialed down the GH2 IQ is somewhat contrasty and noisy (even at 200 ISO). I was shooting the D5200 indoors (but filtered daylight in a well lit shopping Mall) at 500 - 800 ISO and the noise was minimal. The DR seemed decent. I rarely shoot higher than 1000 ISO so it's definitely good enough for me. I am more concerned about color banding in current 8 bit cameras. The GH2 is very poor in this regard...remains to be seen how the the D5200 performs (the D800 shows very little if any banding).

    The D5200 is cheap and widely available so I think there will be many tests posted very soon, even before I get my camera.

  • This information below depends if the downloaded footage is really from the D5200.

    I downloaded the raw 1600 iso footage available on vimeo and to my eyes it is not an improvement which would worth buy it if high iso is your goal.

    It needs Neatvideo to be acceptable quality. It cleans good, and with a small sharpening in Neatvideo resolution is pretty good.

    Considering just the 1600 iso performance, if you do not have a camera it is a good choice (with denoising), but if you already have a camera, the amount of improvement you will get do not worth the money.

    high iso is a territory for the FS100, 5DMarkIII and 6D

  • Sometimes I keep looking just for Vimeo and forget Youtube can be a good source also. Problem is Youtube compression hurts the possibility to get sure conclusions.

    I found this (you can use to download the 1080p version):

    Edit post (including information): In his review he says 1600 iso and below the cameras are almost the same. The D5200 gets better just in 3200 and 6400. Between D5200 and T3i or T4i, the dynamic range probably will be almost the same, Canon has worst image, but it has the unique Magic Lantern HDR video feature.

  • Hi all, shot some footage this evening at different ISO's, form 400 to 6400 and even in Hi1. All done with the Nikon 50mm F1.8 lens and can only say that, besides the noise, the quality is amazing, especially at 6400 ISO, when denoised and sharpened a little. I am uploading raw clips to Vimeo for you guys to do some denoising test yourself and to see for your self that the dynamic range on this camera is very good indeed.

  • @Craftwerk I hope you used the NEUTRAL image profile with the contrast dialed down to the minimum setting so the dynamic range will be the best possible.

  • Here is something I shot on my D5200 with a DX 35mm f1.8 lens (open at f1.8) this evening. The file is straight from the camera and untouched (other than anything Vimeo does). The ISO was set to Auto, but capped at 3200 hence the reason the exposure alters. However it was using the full 3200 on my son's face. As you can see the only illumination is from the two monitors he was using, the rest of the room was pitch black.

    As mentioned I'm not sure if Vimeo compresses it, but you can always download the original.

  • @noddydog If you want to use Auto-ISO to set the appropriate ISO, but keep it fixed while filming each take, here's how to set it up:

    1. In the Custom Settings Controls menu, set "Assign AE-L/AF-L button" to "AE lock (hold)"
    2. Enter Live View mode.
    3. Before pressing the movie Record button, press the AE-L button to hold your ISO and exposure.
    4. After recording each video clip, press the AE-L button to re-enable auto-exposure operation.
  • Thanks LPowell. I do have it set up like that already, but deliberately didn't lock the AE/ISO in this case. If I had I wouldn't have easily been able to pan from the monitors to his face and have reasonable exposure for each. The idea was to show folks an approximation of the illumination source. With low light demos like this it's hard to find a source that most people can relate to, monitors seemed a reasonable bet.

    I'm uploading a couple of other video clips shot in church tonight. They were both locked at 3200, so within an hour or so I'll have them up.

  • The 6400 and 3200 iso unedited footage from Vimeo made me change my mind. If your goal is low light this camera worth buying. It cleans very good with Neatvideo. Best results in low light among all APSC and M43 cameras I saw until now.

    Denoised 3200 iso looks like it was shoot at iso 100, just perfect even in dark areas. In dark areas denoised 6400 seems to be even better than denoised 1600 from GH2. GH2 denoised high iso video is full of tremble in the image. There is no tremble in denoised video from D5200 until iso 3200. Small tremble just start to show in dark areas of 6400 and Hi1. In areas with light denoised 6400 from D5200 looks like iso 800 in GH2, no tremble.

    I just would like to see a face at 6400 iso to be completely sure.

  • @apefos When I use the Neutral style it looks as if there is more noise in the form of horizontal lines. When I choose Standard style it looks a bit better. In ViewNX2 software from Nikon there is this program Picture utility to create or modify all the picture styles. I used the Standard style as a basis to reduce the contrast to -3. Works good.

  • Thats good information. Play with the Styles is a good feature.

    Who knows if someday this camera get hacked to increase the datarate a little.

  • @Craftwerk Do you have an example up that has these horizontal lines, or have you been able to eliminate them?

  • @noddydog Looking great! lovely dynamic range and color rendition. Doing a test right now with Neat Video... looks promising!

  • @QuickHitRecord There are a few videos up at Vimeo.