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Nikon D5200 topic
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  • @adventsam The AA script worked great for my D5100 videos but the D5200 has little to none aliasing problem so it's not nessesary but it sure does help in the denoising process and also add a bit of detail to the footage.

  • Squig and Samuel are working together!

    It is something like when, in Matrix, Morpheus says: "Neo is fighting for us"

    It is time to let things flow and to wait for the "Dynamic Duo" do the job, I mean: "Dynamic (range) Duo"

  • Video review about the noise and moire/aliasing difference between the Nikon D800 and D5200. Resulting that the D5200 is the better camera. In the D800 footage moire is badly visible but in the D5200 footage it's gone!

  • @apefos

    I found someone who says he could load the FLAAT profile into the D5100...

    Please stop hyperventilating! The D5100 does not support Nikon Custom Picture Controls and I see no evidence that the D5200 does either.

  • @LPowell I loaded the FLAAT profile into my D5200 and it worked.

  • @Craftwerk What procedure did you follow to do this?

  • @LPowell

    I thought that you could load profiles into the D5100? I loaded TassinFlat into it once...

  • @LPowell search this guy in google and you will find he did it: "slickroyalz flaat"

    also Samuel and Squig are working on a flaat for D5200. I am talking to Samuel by email.

  • I hope Samuel don't mind I post a copy of the email he sent to me:

    "Thanks for the heads up. And for the "targeted" donation :)"

    (I sent him 5.20 usd donation as a symbolic meaning for his work for the D5200)

    "I see Squig is in that thread too. I already talked to him about testing a 5D3 with HTP on, and maybe creating a custom Flaat profile for that combo. He's bought the D5200, so we'll have a go at that one too. First we have to see if the D800 profile works well on the D5200 (it should, but it might not) and how much DR it delivers. If it doesn't work as well as it should (for example if those stripes appear in Portrait as well as in Neutral), I would create a specific profile for the D5200, since it's looking like a mighty competitor so far."

    I also sent an advice to them both to not worry about this stripes issue because this can be an unreliable feedback, and to do their own tests.

  • @mojo43

    I thought that you could load profiles into the D5100?

    OK, pretend I know nothing about the D5100 and spell out the procedure for me, step by step?

  • @LPowell I don't have the cam in front of me, but will in a couple of hours. I'll outline the steps then. It has been a while since I did it, but it was pretty easy.

  • @Craftwerk (Hans Zijffers on vimeo) I think this is the time for you to say if your feedback about horizontal strips/banding is true or not, because serious people are getting into work for the D5200.

    Sorry to say this but the first videos you uploaded to vimeo showing banding problems seems to be shoot with other camera, not the D5200.

    There is a whole community looking at this, so do more scientific tests and be sure about what you are saying.

    The video you posted about lifting shadows is a completely bullshit. So It make me think this banding issue is another.

  • @apefos There are a few videos on Vimeo that were denoised, it is the video about the Art Expo and the low light street footage. Those were denoised and resulted in a nice clean image. Then there are the raw video files at 1080p to download. These are straight from the camera and when you load then into an editor and raise the brightness or gamma, then you begin to see these lines. Sometimes more, sometimes less. Ive also seen these lines in the raw @noddydog video file, the kid behind the screen. Not very much, just a little here and there. It also depends I think in what ISO youre filming.

  • @LPowell Just put the file onto the SD card (in it's own map called: NIKON/CUSTOMPC) and place it back into the camera. Then in the Profile menu you can import this new Profile, voila.

  • who will believe this bullshit is serious feedback? the original footage is too much crushed to be lifted that way and it seems the original footage was crushed in post intentionally. (video from Craftwerk) So I do not trust any banding feedback from him until I see other tests.

  • @apefos please slow down and watch your language. Don't accuse me falsely! I do my best for the video guys out there to take the camera out and shoot useful stuff to look at and experiment with. Your face will turn red when I upload a dark video like that again so you can experiment yourself with the brightness and gamma, oke? You can not pull the information out of this video anymore because it's already recompressed!!!! Do the math! Your name should be Tomas...

  • @apefos Agreed. Chill....

  • @Craftwerk

    Then in the Profile menu you can import this new Profile, voila.

    Profile? Is that all this "Custom" Picture Control hype is about? The D5100's picture controls are little more than Nikon's version of the GH2's Film Mode selections. They are simple user settings based on built-in gamma curves that are no more "flat" than setting the GH2 to "Smooth 2,2,2,2".

  • @mojo43 Not even a hundred tests can convince apefos I gues.

  • @mojo43 I am just relaxed... When we use to work with video for a long time we can see what is true or not. Provoke is just a way to dig true.

    @Craftwerk freaking afraid. LOL. will you punch me? I will just offer the other side of my face as Jesus did. We all just want the truth.

  • @apefos What are you talking about punching? How old are you? You buy this camera yourself, start doing tests and then you'll know the truth! The only thing you're good at is complaining. I'm too old for this type of conversations...

  • @LPowell Why you so grumpy?

    D5200 looks like a great camera and about time we had a apsc type cam that can rival the competition.

    Mines on order...when I get it I will post my thoughts.

  • No problem man. Life is too short to waste time in this kind of talking. I just would like to say even Andrew Reid did not believe in that video as everybody can read in the vimeo comments.

  • I prefer to waste my time listening Kimbra singing as a bird near my window. Stop motion is a great art!

    by the way, off topic, but... just one scenario, just two people, not fast cuts... no shallow dof... and amazing emotive face expressions, and a story telling in the music lyrics...

  • @apefos Once again, I will put another video on my Vimeo channel, from the same spot, same time, same low light situation and hope you will find some time to play with that. You should have known, being a video guy, that these re-compressed videos are loosing information. To lift detail from dark and bright areas you'll need the original footage that comes from the camera. (My video was rendered as a Divx file)