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Nikon D5200 topic
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  • Holy crap that is awesome! Dammit, I really don't need another camera....

  • it does look like a pretty good camera.
    I would like to see some 5200 vs EOS M test lol

  • From DXO Mark they say lots of positive things about the Sensor in the D5200. It seems like despite some limitations it's overall a very good camera for an APS-C. Nikon seems to do a good job with high Pixel Sensors. You'd expect them to have some issues, but overall they do better than you'd expect for such densely packed Pixel Sensors.

    Nikon DXO photo Nikons_zpsea4dbe9a.png

  • @adventsam

    I downloaded and had a look at the original file and I'd describe it as "promising". Certainly not enough to make any conclusions.

    It looked a bit soft to me. It's not the lens since it was at f8. Also, the panning image "shudder" was terrible.

    Since I'm now shooting with a couple of D800's I'm interested enough (and hope) that the D5200 will come close to the output quality of the D800...but so far I'm not seeing anything that comes close. I will try to borrow a D5200 and do a comparison as soon as I can. Trying to make an evaluation of IQ from Vimeo or Youtube is a bit pointless...and it never ceases to amaze me how people develop firm conclusions about a given camera from funky, compressed web-stream videos...:-)

  • No conclusions yet, just a heads-up that Nikon-Toshiba have developed something very interesting, the original files don't appear to show any judder, only vimeo is doing that, some are 30fps. I find this very encouraging to be honest, what's more the stills appear to be every bit as good as the FF Niks lol. This camera is £500 in the UK, it has time-lapse, mic input and audio levels, swivel screen, 24/25/30 progressive fps, it has an awesome phase-detect af system for stills, a reasonable raw buffer and I believe almost unlimted jpg buffer. 1.5x crop and acess to all of the super 1.4/1.8 primes etc.

  • Is there a possibility to put canon fd glass with an adapter to it? I know Nikon is always difficult with m43 or other old legacy glass.Thanks!

  • I think there are a number, I dont own any but here's an example;

  • @ GH2UW

    You can download the source from vimeo so it's not based on vimeo compressed files...

  • Looks even more promising!

  • In Nikon website there is a feature which can make this camera just perfect: Active D-Lighting. "Reproduces brightness in highlights and shadowy areas as you see them — Active D-Lighting with improved image quality."

    Take a Look: (scroll page down)

    I dont know if it works for video.

  • I actually didn't like the dynamic range test. The denoising looks really bad imo. The moire test was great though...

    You could just apply a flat profile to the camera and use that instead of Active D-Lighting?

  • Edit post: after a more careful look at these d5200 shoots I prefer to wait to see more footage to say something. It seems impossible to me to lift the grass that way. there is no image information to lift in the original footage or there is an error in editing which made the original footage to be so crushed after editing.

  • @Mirrorkisser Nope, Nikon F-mount has the longest lens flange distance among DSLR's, which means that neither Canon FD nor any other type of lens can be adapted to focus at infinity. Additional limitations of both D5100 and D5200 are that vintage Nikon AI-S lenses are incompatible with the light metering system, and AF-D lenses will not auto-focus.

    @apefos I've tried Active-D lighting in video tests on the D5100. While it does bring out shadow and highlight detail in high-contrast scenes, it's only usable when you have both camera and lighting locked down, and none of your subjects cast moving shadows. With any kind of dynamic scene, Active-D will react in an unnatural manner. But as you surmised, it can work well in still shots.

  • @LPowell So if I understand correct you say it is possible to enable the ADL in camera menu in video mode and shoot a video using the feature. Is that correct? If it is possible, it can be used in some situations where there is not too much movement, like two people talking to each other in a dialogue, or a someone inside home looking through a window. I just would like to use it in video, not stills.

  • @apefos Yes, virtually any of the Nikons' still-frame features can be used in video mode (except for viewfinder focusing). I'd recommend you try Active-D at its lowest setting and underexpose the highlights. That will restrict the Active-D's effect to the shadows, where it looks more natural to my eyes.

  • @LPowell Thanks for clarifying me.I did some more researches about the ADL and it improves 1 fstop in DR, something like the Canon HTP and Panasonic iDynamic. It seems the only way to get 3 to 5 fstops increase is the Magic Lantern HDR for Canon cameras.

  • I'm still not sure about the sharpness and detail in the footage i've seen. Can't tell if it's the camera, lens or Vimeo/YouTube processing that is causing things to look soft in some footage.

  • Screen grab comparison with GH3:


  • Interesting, about the same from this? d5200 is in another league for stills and its a £500 body in the UK.

  • @mojo43 I clearly said that I downloaded and looked at the original file...and it had bad shudder during pan.

    @QuickHitRecord This is great! This is the sort of comparison that actually means something. Slightly higher contrast of D5200 image could facilitate a perception of resolution...but it looks good nonetheless.

  • I can see some faint aliasing in the lines of the cars in that screenshot. Look at the lines for the hood and fender on the car on the left and in the edge of the brake light on the car on the right. The lines on the GH3 are Cleaner. Still not bad for the D5200.

  • Flashframe mania:

  • @lpowell, cheers for the info. I started to get interested in the camera, but i guess i wait and see then if the olympus om-d em5 will get a better codec and 24 or 25p. I dont want to change my whole lenspark.

  • Just to say I edited the posts I did in this topic because I will prefer to wait more d5200 footage to get my conclusions. I need to see some raw footage (straight from camera) instead of edited, lifted or denoised.

  • This camera comparison is FAKE:

    I don't know what he is using but it is not the D5200.