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12mm f/1.6 Noktor
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  • Adorama didn't pack my lens tight in the box, so it was moving around in there, which might explain why the rear glass element came off when I opened it and held it in my hand.

    Glad SLR Magic got way better packaging now!

    And I noticed their 58-77mm step-up ring has a gradual incline up design on the front side instead of the simple step up design third party rings all have. I admit, it does look good, and probably why it is $80!!

    SLR Magic 12mm w_ ring.jpg
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  • No reason at all to buy that step up ring. Non at all. Buy the one I posted up above. It actually puts the filter or hood further back than this thing they made. I just do not understand it's purpose and price. My lens has the slightest bit of vignetting on it with nothing added and once I add the step up ring, filter and hood, there's just a slight bit more which I actually like and it's easy to punch in just barely to get rid of it. Check out my promo video that's up on here. 75% of it is shot with this lens, a 77mm .9 Tiffen ND and wide angle hood. I'll post a pic.

  • Here ya go

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  • @vicharris Why not just a 77mm thin upring?

  • @stonebat What do you mean? There's one on there that was $5 instead of $80

  • Thanks for the posting the pic vicharris and the link to the step up ring, I am thinking going with Tiffen 77mm Variable Neutral Density, Would love to hear if any one is using this filter on this lens.

  • I don't know about a Vari ND, those things are pretty thick. I think you might be playing with fire there. I'll check when I have a chance. I have a LCW and Genuis

  • Thanks @Vicharris for checking up on it :)

  • Also the SLR has some pretty cool colors and flares to it and I'm not sure if a Vari ND would screw that up with the two polarizers and all. I'll mess with it tomorrow and let you know.

  • @vicharris Never mind. The perspective distortion made the upring bigger. I got a super cheap one too.

    @apix I've used LCW and Heliopan vari ND filters. Both were fine without stacking filters.

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  • Thanks Stonebat, heliopan is a bit out of my price range, maybe I'll get the Light Craft Workshop 77mm Fader ND Mark II Filter =) Thanks for the quick response vicharris and stonbat

  • Wow guys, this looks cool! Argh! Now I'm confused between this and Tokina F/2.8 for Gh3. Recommendations/perspective with video taken into account? Chromatic abberations an issue or factor between two lenses? I like that Tokina goes to 16mm, but I would really like a wide for night. I'm going to be shooting an art film in LA that relies on a lot of building photography. Thanks!

  • @apix Just a heads up, that LCW 77mm Fader is crap past 50mm. I used it on my Rokinon 85mm Cine and an old Nikon 105mm AIS and it turned the footage to shit. I've been trying to sell it on craigslist for a month and can't get rid of it. Think I might use it as a mini Frisbee!! Go for the Genus HD or whatever it's called. There's a good review on it here in the Vari ND thread. Make sure you don't get the base one though.

  • @stonebat, yeah, I can see that now. I put a UV filter in there just to show what a ND plus step up ring plus lens hood looks like. Nice Helio Vari btw. One day I'll grab one.

  • @jfilmmaker This and the Tokina 11-16 are completely different beasts. There's tons of research on this board about the differences. I have both as well as the Tokina 12-24 now and they all have their purpose regrettably :( I'm in LA too if you ever want to try all three out. I'm in Culver by Sony Studios.

  • @apix LCW is fine. Usually vari ND filter's lowest and highest ND settings are bad. Use the good middle region to avoid "X" shaped vignetting. e.g. 1~8 vari would be useful around 2~7. That applies to Heliopan filter, too.

    @vicharris I heard Fader Mark II improved on tele range. Heliopan is nice. Built like a tank. Order it directly from German reseller site.

  • @jfilmmaker I wouldn't use SLR 12mm for taking buildings. It's not rectilinear. Only Olympus and Panasonic M43 lenses are rectiliner. Lumix 14mm, 7-14mm, M.Zuiko 9-18mm, etc.

  • you guys are quick =) i think i will go with 77mm LCW Fader Mark II, i will let you guys know once I have it, hopefully it will all work out, thanks again Vicharris and Stonebat.

  • @all

    Please, check title topic from time to time.

  • SLR 12mm is nice for close-up wide angle shot. Often it's important angle for storytelling purpose. Its short minimum focus distance is good trait for the shot.

    Lumix 14mm is rectilinear and good for capturing architecture.

    Horses for courses :)

  • @stonebat @vicharris Thanks for info, I'll PM.

  • Probably stupid question, but anyone knows if Adorama is selling the "latest" version of this lens? Anyone bought it lately to confirm that copies are quite OK? Thanks!

  • @flaaandeeers Not at all, I was wondering about the same thing a month ago. I emailed Noktor about Adorama having the latest version, and they confirmed they do. I ordered it, and they were right. They have the latest versions in stock. Hope this helps!

  • @daisuke Thanks a lot! That's very helpful.