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Driftwood - Experimental Series 2: Low Rider, Cluster v8, V9, Intravenus II, GH3onaGH2, AN, Boom
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  • @driftwood You do it to me? I'm fine, just a lot of people complaining that all the videos from hacked gh2 can not be processed in the program for video editing, digital out for rain.

  • I don't get that. Probably not installed setting correctly, not got correct codec players installed (K-Lite Codec pack for Windows Media Player, Movist for Mac) or bad transcoding from whatever proggie they use. And they maybe attempt everything straight from SD card (always problematic) when they should copy over entire Private folder to hard disk first and then commence doing whatever they do.

    Could be badly exposed, shutter problems.

    2541 x 1389 - 1M
  • Sedna AQ1 B & Cluster v7 "Apocalypse Now" + Gamma recovery in post and GoPros.

  • @driftwood They get it from the fact that the operating system is wrong decoder, can the program itself is its own decoder, which incorrectly shows a picture. I ran into this once when importing video into DGAVCIndex, did these raindrops. I ask the local people is one such video, where there is a real problem. I want to artificially create a problem with it, and then try to solve it :)

  • Cluster v9 Boom.4444 Matrix.

    GH2 + Yashica 28-105mm f2.8-3.5

    Profiles used: Vibrant, Smooth & Cinema.

  • Intravenus II (test) - prores 422 grade - fcp x - iso 500 - instudio light - 14-140 lens - @thepalalias

  • @Shon @driftwood the "rain" problem isn't related to any patch. It's a transcode thing. Some folks are getting it in CS6-PPro, I get it in CS6-AE, when rendering out a timeline that directly accesses the MTS files. The problem goes away if the same editor/renderer is used with transcode files. This problem also occurs with the same app, same clips, regardless of whether it's Windows or OSX.

    The problem is there's so much noise on the subject from people just guessing, that don't know how to solve problems, the first being recognize what's already been removed from the list of possibilities. They're making it tougher to pinpoint the exact culprit by continuing to promote disproven ideas about whether it's this patch or that patch.

    I'm pretty sure that there have been isolated reports of the artefact coming from FCPX users and a few folks with simple playback programs seeing the phenomenon. I've yet to see one report of the problem persisting if the MTS file is transcoded with 5DtoRGB (I can't be positive on clipwrap but I'm pretty sure it works too).

    It would be a shame if these Chicken Littles succeeded in making any of the patch developers waste time on trying to solve a problem they're not responsible for, that already has an easy-enough fix until the the Adobe connection is solved.

    Personally, I'm curious if all of the folks that are seeing "digital rain" in their footage have ATI graphics or NVIDIA graphics.

  • i'm not gonna lie, dude singing scares me

  • @BurnetRhoades Ta for the update on the rain info. I'm sure someone on the rain thread will get to the bottom of it. No problems here on a couple of Nvidia based hackintoshes/pc dual boots.

  • @driftwood that's good info. It happens on both my PC and OSX systems which are both ATI.

    @GravitateMediaGroup I'm not gonna lie, I was expecting "Chocolate Rain" when I hit play ;)

  • Cluster v8 grades so well! its a joy ;) I guess anything with cbrandin Cinema Smooth or Boom 4444 matrix will :)

    Cluster v8 Graded.png
    1440 x 900 - 2M
  • @luxis that looks great.

  • @proaudio4 thanks! its the cluster8 really! ;) btw look at the white car and the wall behind it(or any of the solid colors in the picture), usually with so much grading and the banding would get crazy, but not here. It is becoming one of my favorite settings.

  • @luxis what lens? and what are the basic details of grading (software, plugins, & filters?)

  • @GravitateMediaGroup 20mm 1.7-iso400(?), smooth -2x4, custom wb, then: premiereCS6 , manual grading - rgb, contrast, etc (no plugins:)

  • @luxus looks good, I assume a video will be posted eventually?

  • @crowbar thanks for the tests. How long is the musical performance you are recording? I'd recommend recording straight off the mixer and syncing in post rather and using our onboard mics as a backup -- If the performance is less than an hour you could choose a patch that spans, and mark it. Plural eyes might also be able to do it for you.

  • Hi, I've just tried Cluster v9 Drewnet 12/15GOP but crashed several times during recording. It said that recording stopped due to limitations of card writing speed. It is a Sandisk Extreme HD Video card (45MB/s) which handled 150mbit/s settings earlier. It wasn't span with that settings, but never crashed. What shall i do or what settings should i try? It was able to complete the recording for a few times, but when crashed, I had to remove the battery from the camera, it totally freezed. Thanks for the settings anyway and for your answer as well in advance, its quality is awesome! Regards, Tom

  • @Tomee21 Cluster v9 Boom will be adjusted shortly to cater for your problems.

  • @driftwood Intravenus II has Auto Quantizer set to Motion, Does it captures enough Details like Quantum v9b or Sedna A??

  • @rajamalik If you haven't yet, don't forget to try Cluster X VK. Footage looks like it captures a ton of detail and looks beautiful. Check the video on the Cluster X thread posted by @keller42 to see what I'm talking about.

  • I found an owl on the morning dogwalk so I thought I'd share. intravenus II , EX-24H, exported to 720, curves and shadow/highlight applied in premiere

  • @weomck Nice work. Looks good.

  • that owl looks pretty tired from the night before. hard work hunting mice and what not