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Official GH2 "Stalin" hack development topic
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  • Is there anyway of adjusting the ETC mode in Movie mode so that instead of cropping to 8mm it crops to say half the sensor 11mm. I would like to use 16mm cine lenses but the sensor crop is too much really to justify the use of old c mount lenses...Is it possible?

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev

    Is this something that is not physically possible or just something you can not do?


  • Is this something that is not physically possible or just something you can not do?

    No one except Panasonic enginners knows if it is physically possible . Most probably not.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev

    Ok Thanks I was just wondering if this operation was compiled in a piece of code that we could maybe manipulate

    Thanks Anyway

  • hello! vitality.... am so great-full for the work you have done to improve on my Panasonic g3 by your powerful ptool software . please my point as to why am writing this is to inform you that am ready to be better tester for g3 if thier is still more patches and hacks i have three bodies that are working very very well and are all patched with the new ptool you gave us. my email address is and am from Uganda in East Africa may God give what you want..

  • are the film modes for GH2 still being worked on?

  • I have a US version of GH2 - is it possible using the hack to record 1080 50i?

  • Yes, it is. Your camera can be made PAL/NTSC switchable with the hack. In PAL mode you can chose between 24p, 25p and 50i. The only limitation is that an SD card that has files recorded in NTSC mode needs to be reformatted after switching to PAL.

  • thanks zigizigi

  • Hey

    I have quite possible a silly question exactly do you know after you hacked the gh2 that you in fact have that exact hack. I recently got the cbrandin's mbp's 44 and when I shoot on 24fps the file comes out in (average) 30000 kbp and when I choose high bit rate the file comes out as (average) 20000kbp...does anyone know why is that?

    Also can we have more than one hack in the camera?

    Thanks in advance.

  • @levidrums, the actual bitrate you get depends on the content - some footage compresses much better than others. Fine well exposed detail & movement will take more bitrate, so try to shoot sharp footage of eg. foliage, trees, complex detailed patterns and move the camera a bit. There are also stress-test PC patterns out there that you can film to push the bitrate (and also test if a hack is stable).

    Some hacks can be combined (eg. a 720p hack and 1080p hack) but it's complex as (IIRC) some settings are shared between modes, so if you want that I'd look for someone who's already done it. You can't have multiple hacks for the same modes without reflashing. Some people carry different hacks on different cards and just flash on location to whatever they need.

  • Not sure if this was just me but I was unable to get the original firmware back onto my hacked Gh2 but I finally figured it out. Here is how I did it. (I am using the bog standard firmware as I need to shoot a 5 day seminar 8 hours a day :))

    I struggled to DOWNGRADE to the stock firmware, v11 from a hack / upgrade I did to my GH2 a year or so ago: Got the firmware here:

    Camera complained about no image found - looked like it just ignored the firmware file. Tried download it on a windoze machine too. But I also noted if the version you are trying to upgrade to is a lesser version that what you have in the camera then it may give that message too :)

    See PDF.

    So, I launched Ptools3.ext and loaded the firmware V11 from panny - it automatically incremented the version for me and then I just saved it without loading a patch.

    So still had a virgin version of the latest albeit 2011 version of the firmware but now incremented. Now I was able to load it using the prescribed method, holding down the play button after turning the camera on.


  • The gent who asked how you know if you got the hack loaded. Well if you look at the time from a 64Gb card you'll see perhaps 2 hours or less but with the regular firmware on 24p I see 6 hours available on the card. (bottom right of display window). Very unscientific but perhaps useful.