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Official TZ10 Hack Project Discussion
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  • hello I'm new here, I have a TZ10 and I was wondering if it was possible someone post the best configuration for AVCHD Movie? Or Maybe someone can share some pictures, with all the best settings/changes to apply in pTool for TZ10?

    I'm a bit noob when it comes to shooting video, but if it is possible to improve it and liked someone help me to choose the best settings for that.

    By the way, I already have pTool 3.66d, and the original firmware (TZ10_V12) I'm just waiting for some tips from someone more knowledgeable for the the best changes to make! AC3 compression is worth it?

    Excuse my english I'm Portuguese...

    PS: By the way, can someone share an optimal settings for shooting?

    I'm a little disappointed with my photos, they are too grainy ...

  • Hi Vitaly, Would it be possible to add an option to the firmware to make the self timer setting permanent until changed to off again. Now, after setting the timer to 2 secs and shooting the pic, the selftimer is set to off again. I need this option because I shoot a lot of panorama's on a tripod with the TZ-10. Still a great camera. But to keep the shots steady, I need the permanent shutter delay of 2 secs. I believe it could be easy to fix for you as an expert.

  • May be, but it is quite hard thing. Even to find related parts.

    If you ask me - it is simpler now to just buy new camera with such feature.

  • Why does PTool 3.66d beta not remove the European time limit for Quicktime / Mov recording? It did so, for AVCHD recording but not for Mov.

    Card formats to exfat so it should not have a problem with file size.

    Thank you

  • @pavgoust

    I really do not remember. Most probably it is another check.

  • Can i use exFat with my TZ10? If i format with my pc, camera want to reformat all time :(

  • @robinhugy

    You can't. It is old camera :-) But very nice one.

  • Its sad but thanks for the info! :(

  • Sometimes i try to record a video but the camera says my sd is too slow or something similar (i dont use english language on it). My sd card is a uhs-1 u1 32gb sdcard (kingston sd10g3/32gb)