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GH3 rumors topic
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  • They should have remove the Lumix logo, that 'L', is very ugly.

  • But the GH3 looks great!

  • @Manu4Vendetta Not a removal, but Italic font would have been much better. In dark red color :)

  • Anyone see Jim Jannard in the video?

  • what is the silver connector shown @ 2mins 23 secs ?

    Is it for linking up to an external flash ?

  • Ok, so it got wifi...suddenly I want the new iPhone 5 with retina display...and a way to mount it to my rig...and a loupe to put on top of it!

    EDIT: Would only suck if a friend called during a shot and his ugly face would suddenly show up instead of the liveview lol

  • I'm very happy with what I see:

    1) The Olympus pro lenses will work - they used the 14-35 in one shot (really nice lens).

    2) The body is bigger, but not much higher (lens centre to top) and will still fit in my rig.

    Now I want one - but only the body. Hope the price won't be to high.

  • Trying and failing to see much of the sides of the camera to assess connectivity.

    @ 1:52 you can see a round port on the upper left corner of the body - likely the 3.5mm input. @ 1:53 seems to be two additional doors below that circular port. Perhaps one being HDMI and USB? The other...

    Really curious about the still vague "audio out" spec and what that will actually be.

  • Or that round port is ...?

    One door being separate audio in and out and the other hdmi/usb...?

  • Am I the only one who thinks the new look GH3 looks just like a EOS? :-D

    All I want to know much will it be. Promo is guessing this video was for Photokina

  • Re-watching that video, he is actually using a macbook to monitor not an ipad. Also the shot at 2:54 in the diner, looks a solid DR improvement to me but I could be wrong.

  • If you are expecting better than hacked GH2 all I frame then you will be disappointed. They still have to warranty this camera and with today's memory cards that isn't going to happen. It still will be better than everyone elses 28 mb/sec 1080p @ 60 FPS though.

    I just hope Panasonic doesn't do something stupid and remove something that was needed like when they took away 25p and focus tracking for video.

    They wouldn't do something bone headed like remove 24p would they? The rumors site only lists 60/50/30p/25p(I know don't believe everything you read on the internet). However, I wouldn't have believed they would get rid of those other things before.

    I still will be disappointed if it does not have some form of 120 FPS or 250 FPS. That will be much better for slow motion.

    I guess the 35-100mm F2.8 is going to get over shadowed on Monday. Is anyone else more excited about the new lenses than the new camera bodies?

  • No, I don’t think they’ll remove 24p. The promo video is at 29.97fps. If you step through some of the shots frame by frame (like the sports car sequence), you’ll see the frame doubling (and frame blending @ 2:32, for instance) that is the result of putting 24p material on a 29.97fps timeline.

    Now, I can’t know for sure that everything (anything?) we see in the promo video has been shot with the new GH3, but it it has, that’s your proof.

  • In case another YouTube posting of the promo video is pulled down, Vimeo presently has it:

  • There are also some new memory cards.

  • I hope DR will be improved. Doesn't look much like it so far. Low-light seems superb though.

  • Amazing. And come on, we can't judge the dr from this video. Oh, I love the song. Btw, where are my red letters? I need me some red letters on this beautiful black monster.

  • Panasonic Engineers are the best. Panasonic Marketing and Distribution are the worst. :-) Better than the other way around. I'm expecting even more surprises on the hardware side.

  • looks like they took our wishlist and made the camera with it.

  • The DR is the key here for me, hope its a significant improvement over the gh2/gh1

  • Those evening / night time stills from india look stunning. (hdr?)

  • I dont think we see the final cut of it, but the promo is grate. Its very Japanese, as the music is refined, technologicaly advance and playfull. Fits perfectly the video. By showing the pros shooting content, and showing its versatility, GH3 will stablished indeed as the best mirrorless system available for now. Im pretty shure about it. I dont think any OMD series, not even canon or nikon competing here with GH3.

    What i get from this video is that is a mature product, finally available. The problem was that by being first in line you have to handle what you cant predict, so after 4 years its here to use it for what it was intended to be at first. A versatile compact system camera.

    If it finaly makes up to the "specs", true to what the rumors says, then this will be a massive change in market for several reasons.

    -Native Lenses line is very good, perfect for PRO series like to emerge with mature product as it is. -Nikon D4, even if its full frame, still is 16mpx, so... only IF, dynamic range and iso performance is what we expect, then taking pictures will be really good for pro aquisition, as any lens fits the camera. -Video wise is a no brainer for what we know is capable of doing, it cant be worse hardware than GH2, no what panasonic has show us in GH series in time. -The light weight in the system istelf is really amazing, compared to typical DSLR line, and if now GH3 give almost same performance, then is a very compeling pro camera. -Body is almost what we all wished for between DSLR t2i like and GH1. So weight and feel also improved by ergonomics i see on pictures.

    So, I spect good solid and calm marketing from panasonic on GH3 line. Its no GF, GX, LX, line any more. Its mature and must be taken little bit away from its little broders and sisters its what i think.

    Time code, All i frame, XLR accesorie, beter DR, matured body, and solid line up. Pretty darmn good for a small camera.

  • The blown out highlights didn't look so nice inside the train.

    Love the music but New Order's 'Bizarre Love Triangle. would have been more appropriate :-)

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